Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss 2023. Diet And Gummies Scam


Kelly Clarkson weight loss is inspirational for many busy women like her. Even some scammers are using her weight loss transformation to sell their fake gummies. But Kelly Clarkson has lost weight with her properly balanced diet and not by using any weight loss gummies.

Today we are going to discuss the 37 pounds weight loss journey of the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. There is no doubt that Kelly is an amazing singer, but everyone also knows that Kelly is a nice talker and has always been open about her diet and weight. There is a lot to discuss in Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss story.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

If we believe Kelly Clarkson her weight loss was not her main goal, Her weight loss is just a side effect of what she was doing. In her interview with ExtraTV at CMT Music Award 2018 Kelly Clarkson revealed that she is not working out, she had to change her lifestyle and diet plan because she had an autoimmune disease and thyroid in 2006. The changes in her lifestyle resulted in a healthy life and 40 pounds of weight loss as well.

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Gummies Scam

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Gummies is nothing more than another weight loss gummies scam. We have decoded these gummies scams in previous articles in detail. All of the A-label celebrities who have lost weight this gummy scammer just take the name of that celebrities and start scamming innocent people on their name to make big and trustworthy easy sales.

There will be no mention or name of any celebrity on the final product page you will find. No celebrity among these is selling these fake weight loss gummies. We request readers to stop wasting their money on nongenuine products in just a name of a scam.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Gummies
Source: Instagram/Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s AutoImmune Diseases And Thyroid

It was 2006 when Kelly found out that she had Autoimmune diseases and Thyroid. Autoimmune disease is a kind of condition in which our immune system mistakes our healthy cells and tissues for harmful bacteria and starts attacking them. Usually, our immune system guards our body against foreign invaders and protects us from any infections and diseases, but in autoimmune diseases, the body’s immune system attacks its own cells and tissues thinking they are harmful elements to the body.

Usually, the body’s immune system knows the difference between our body cells and foreign particles. But, in autoimmune diseases, our immune system fails to mark the difference between our body cells and foreign invaders. In autoimmune diseases, our immune system can mistake any part of our body as foreign invaders and releases the protein called autoantibodies that attacks our own body’s healthy cells.

There are more than 80 kinds of autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Every kind of disease is different from another and according to experts, it’s not important that what worked for Kelly Clarkson will also work for you. Every different autoimmune disease affects a different part or organ of the body.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Workout

In her interview when asked about what her secret is Kelly replied,

"I am not working out, I think people think that I am working out but I am like don't think I am gonna come like play some sport Because I have been asked like, Hey, do the celebrities something like, I don't do sport no. I literally read this book and I did it for this autoimmune disease I had, and I had a thyroid issue. Now I am on all my levels back up. I am not on medicine anymore, cause this book is called The plant paradox but, Its basically about how we cook our food like non-GMO, no pesticides, and eating really organic. And then I don't you know medicine it's supposed to be like slight I think in our country we overuse pharmaceuticals and this book is all about like holding back until you absolutely need it. so all of that literally I haven't worked out at all."

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Diet

There is no workout schedule in Kelly Clarkson’s busy schedule, and workout plays no important role in Kelly’s weight loss. In her interview with Kotb the singer clearly stated the goal was never weight loss.

In talks with HodaKotb kelly talks about the book again. When the interviewer asked her about the book, is it all about veggies? Kelly replies “no it’s not about food it’s actually about what we do with food like spraying, pesticides, genetically modified, and it is also about how pharmaceuticals have ruined the body and kind of like everything itself. I really don’t take medicine until I absolutely need it.

Getting further in the conversation Hoda Kotb asked Kelly about her diet “what is the typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Just so I can” Kelly replied,

"honestly It's just the same stuff you eat. I still have a cake, But like I literally eat everything even fried chicken. I use tapioca or almond flour, and I use like Normal chicken you know like no pumped chicken. And honestly, I am gonna be real with you it's really expensive to deal with. I really wish the government would back some humanity on this coz it's really hard to find. I was poor when growing and there is no way my family could have to afforded this, and it tells us so much just like I said my autoimmune disease is gone"

Clearly, Kelly followed a plant-based food diet and also included random food according to her taste but also made sure to take care of her health as a result, she is now illness free and healthy and lost 37 pounds of weight as complementary as well.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss
Source: Instagram/Kelly Clarkson

The Plant Paradox For Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

The Plant Paradox book is based on the health benefits and side effects of plant-based foods. The book is written by Steven Gundry, a cardiac surgeon and medical researcher. The book was published in 2017 and gained so much publicity in the health and wellness industry.

The main concept of the book is to spread awareness about the side effects and benefits of some harmful elements found in plant-based food. If we believe the book some plant-based food contains a harmful element named Lectins in them.

According to studies, Lectins are a protein that binds to carbohydrates this is the nature of Lectins that uses this feature in plants to defend themselves. This nature of Lectins may cause digestion problems in the human body. They resist being broken down in the gut and are stable in acidic environments, features that protect lectin-containing plants in nature. Studies suggest that the consumption of the active form of lectins can cause negative side effects on the body.

Kidney beans are especially that kind of food that contains the harmful type of lectins called phytohaemagglutinin. If the kidney beans are consumed raw or not cooked properly, it can cause several side effects like causing red blood cells to clump together.

These clumped blood cells can cause various health problems like Irritation in the inning of the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, and diarrhea.

To prevent this kind of side effect the food needs to be cooked or boiled properly to break down the phytohaemagglutinin in it. In some cases, it can also happen that the food can cause mild side effects like bloating and gas this happens because kidney beans also contain oligosaccharides, a type of complex carbohydrate that can be difficult for the body to digest.

In short, the book features Plant-based food’s side effects and benefits. The book also faced so much criticism accusing Dr. Gundry of proving his point. At the same time, there is still more deep research needed on this topic to clarify the claims of the book.

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In the end, we would like to tell you that when a celebrity tries to change his/her look, it becomes inspirational for their followers. Kelly Clarkson lost weight and became healthy using simple and healthy food choices and a better and healthy lifestyle routine.

But many people are trying to cash out Kelly’s weight loss transformation by selling their fake gummies in the name of Kelly Clarkson. So, be aware!


How much weight did Kelly Clarkson Lose?

Kelly Clarkson Lost 37 pounds of weight.

How Kelly Clarkson lost weight?

Kelly Clarkson lost weight using a plant-based food diet based on the book “The Plant Paradox”.

What disease Kelly Clark had and when?

Kelly had Autoimmune disease and thyroid in 2006.

Which book did Kelly Clarkson Use for Weight Loss?

Kelly Clarkson used The Plant Paradox book for weight Loss.

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