David Krumholtz Weight Gain. Is Bernard From Santa Claus Transformed For Oppenheimer?


There have been a lot of speculations about David Krumholtz weight gain. Many are speculating that he has put on some pounds for her Oppenheimer. He has been cancer-free for more than a decade.

David Krumholtz is a household name when it comes to Hollywood comedy and is known for playing solid roles both in the genres of drama and comedy in big-banner Hollywood movies. He played the role of Mr. Universe in “Serenity“, and starred in the “Harold and Kumar” movie trilogy as well as the “Santa Clause” franchise of films. 

Krumholtz has acted in numerous comedies such as “Addams Family Values”, and “10 Things I Hate About You”, dramatic films like “Wonder Wheel”, “Hail, Caesar!”, “The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs”, TV series and miniseries like “Numb3rs“, “The Deuce“, “The Plot Against America“, and “White House Plumbers“. He was also a part of the smash hit biographical thriller of 2023, “Oppenheimer“, wherein he portrayed the character of Isidor Isaac Rabi the famous physicist.

David Krumholtz Weight Gain. Has He Gained Weight For Oppenheimer?

Along with his massive talent as an actor, David Krumholtz is also reckoned for his extreme passion and dedication to his craft – as such, there have been many times that we have seen him gain or lose weight as per the demands of the roles he plays.

Recently, he has again been in the headlines for gaining weight – and that has been a major physical transformation that has captured the attention of his many fans and followers. The actor gained a whopping 300 pounds for the character he plays in the HBO series titled “The Deuce”. When the first episode of “The Deuce” aired on TV, the audience was fascinated by Krumholtz’s massive gain in weight to play his role – at that time he had put on 300 pounds. But then by the second season of this series, he started losing weight and shed almost most of it to weigh a little over 100 pounds. 

That was not the only time David Krumholtz bowled over his fans with his dedication towards his craft – for, he had undergone a weight gain transformation once more in 2013. That time, he was going to play some character in a movie that demanded that he put on weight – and got in touch with a nutritionist to monitor the calories he was consuming. 

But the rapidity with which Krumholtz gained and then lost weight has baffled his fans and followers and impressed them to no end because of how committed he is to his job as an actor. Their puzzlement has been enhanced by the actor choosing to keep quiet on how he lost that much weight – people speculate that he might have adopted the same diet plan as Penn Jillette the magician, and Kevin Smith.

His Latest Health Update

Back in the year 2011, David Krumholtz was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid gland – it was an accidental discovery of a lump in his neck during a massage session in Arizona. He recounted how masseuse Bethany Gialelis found a swelling in the front part of his neck, after which he consulted with a doctor and had to undergo a thyroidectomy. Investigations revealed that the deadly disease had already spread to his lymph nodes, so the doctors promptly advised him to undergo surgery. After the operation, he went ahead with radioactive iodine therapy and was declared completely free of cancer by the beginning of 2012.

Today the actor-comedian is absolutely healthy and lives cancer-free, but the overall experience, from start to scratch, put things into perspective for him and turned him more compassionate towards others. He expressed his forever gratitude to masseuse Bethany Gialelis forever, and decided to use his position to help others – he went ahead to raise funds for those in need and has been actively involved in philanthropic endeavors ever since.

In 2022, when he completed 10 years of being cancer-free since his diagnosis and surgery, Krumholtz posted on Instagram with a caption that expresses that he will forever remain grateful to Bethany – had she not discovered the lump, he would never have had children, and he would be gone!

He Also Played Bernard In The Santa Clause Movie

David Krumholtz was only 16 years old when he played a cameo in the movie “The Santa Clause“, released in 1994. And then he played the role of Bernard in “The Santa Clause 2” – he has credited his return to this movie franchise to the love and support showered on him by all his fans.

And then after he skipped “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause” in 2006, Krumholtz decided to play Bernard the elf, again. He says that he knows people want it badly enough and this is what garnered him all the recognition even today and he is extremely grateful for it. 

Playing Bernard the adorable elf, with his ever-changing wig, has been his most iconic role and has brought him the maximum amount of joy. He has felt so much love from everyone that he feels like he owes “the universe a debt of gratitude for the privilege of being popular.

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