Donald Trump Weight Loss 2023. Effect Of Indictment


Donald Trump recently become the first US president who has been charged with a crime after a NY jury indicted him in a hush-money case. But Donald Trump weight loss is also trending on various social media after this.

Recently former US president Donald Trump has been indicted by a New York jury in the crime of giving hush money to a p*rn star named Stormy Daniels. Trump’s former Lawyer was the one who paid this amount to Stormy on behalf of Donald Trump. This has made Donald Trump the first US president to be charged with a crime. According to Trump’s attorney, Trump is likely to turn himself in next week.

People are searching for various things about the former president after the Jury’s decision. But one unusual search is trending on the internet and that is Donald Trump weight loss. After noticing that numerous people want to know about the health of the former president and whether he trump have lost weight or not. So, let’s have a look at Donald Trump weight loss.

Donald Trump Weight loss

In 2018, when trump was in the white house and serving as the 45th president of The United States, white house doctor Ronny L. Jackson ran a few tests on President Donald Trump and said that Trump is 6,3″ tall and weighs 239 pounds.

The white house doctor even said that the President has very good genes and can live up to 200 years. But in 2022, he was advised by Dr. Mehmat Oz to lose some weight as Dr. Oz thought Trump is too heavy. In response of the DR. Oz’s suggestion of losing weight, Donald Trump said that he doesn’t have time to lose weight.

Here is a video of Trump shared by someone on Twitter. In the video, Donald Trump can be seen saying that he weighs around 208 pounds or more and Dr. Oz advises him to lose weight but he doesn’t have time to lose weight.

The 45th President of the US Donald Trump is quite famous for his bad choice of food. KFC, meatloaf, and Big macs are his favorites and even some reports suggested that when Trump was in office, the former white house doctor Ronny Jackson had to hide vegetables in trump’s food like he was a 5-year-old kid.

In an interview, Ronny also said that his goal was to help Trump with his health. Ronny wanted Trump to lose at least 10 to 15 pounds of weight. To achieve this Donald Trump weight loss goal Ronny wanted to bring an exercise bike or elliptical machine into the White House residence but his plan never passed. He further added that they were working on Trump’s diet so the former president can lose weight. Dr started putting cauliflower in Trump’s mashed potatoes and tried to make ice creams less accessible for Trump.

Donald Trump Weight Loss On Twitter

There is no official news about Donald Trump’s weight loss in 2023. But when we searched in deep we found a plethora of recent tweets on Twitter on Donald Trump weight loss.

The actual story of Donald Trump’s weight loss started from one picture posted on Instagram. Trump’s attorney Alina Habba posted a picture of him celebrating her birthday after a hectic a in Texas started all this. Actually, when we saw that picture, even we are convinced that Donald Trump might have lost a few pounds.

He is looking young and a little bit slim than in his previous public appearances. Here is the picture look at it.

People are sharing their thoughts on not yet official Donald Trump weight loss. One Twitter user wrote,

"The left having meltdown over Trump’s obvious weight loss. All that golf is paying off. He’s ready to fight the deep state.
Another user wrote that Trump lost weight and it looks like a stress weight to her.

There are a lot of Tweets and people are quite confident about Trump’s weight loss. But nothing can be said confidently about Donald Trump weight loss unless we receive an official statement from his side.


After some recent updates about Donald Trump, people were forced to believe that he has lost some weight. Even some of his pictures say the same but they might be due to some camera angles, too. Nothing can be said with surety about Donald Trump weight loss until he himself or anyone from his side releases any statement on the former president’s weight loss.

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