Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery: What About Her New Nose!

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From her Fatal Accident to her plastic surgery speculations, Jennifer Grey has been in the public eye for a long.

We all know American actor Jennifer Grey from the cult hit 1987 movie “Dirty Dancing“, where she played the role of Frances “Baby” Houseman opposite Patrick Swayze. She shot to global stardom after acting in this iconic romantic drama film and also earned a nomination for the prestigious Golden Globe Awards. 

Born in New York City in 1960, Jennifer Grey is the daughter of Academy Award Winner actor Joel Grey. Though we all know her from the iconic movie “Dirty Dancing“, Jennifer made her acting debut with the film “Reckless” in 1984. Apart from these two, Jennifer Grey has acted in many other films and series and also took part in the hugely popular dance reality show “Dancing With The Stars”, where she even won Season 11. Some of her most well-known feature films include “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “Red Dawn”, “The Cotton Club”, “In Your Eyes”, “Duck Duck Goose”, “Bittersweet Symphony” and others. Last year, i.e., in May 2022, Jennifer Grey’s memoir called “Out Of The Corner” was published by Ballantine Books.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery. Has She Undergone Any cosmetic surgery?

In her memoir “Out Of The Corner“, our very favorite “Baby” from “Dirty Dancing” has openly talked about her life experiences. Starting with the fatal accident in Ireland with her then-boyfriend Matthew Broderick that killed two people on the spot, to her stardom and the stall in her career after “Dirty Dancing“, Jennifer got candid about everything. She also talked at length about her experience with rhinoplasty and how it shaped her mindset and life.

The massive success and recognition that “Dirty Dancing” brought to Jennifer instantly put her in the public spotlight w without really allowing her any time to prepare herself to face it. Since her parents and their parents were Jews who fled from Ukraine to America, it was in vogue then to blend into the American culture and “look like” Americans. Jennifer’s parents sought to enhance their facial features by opting for rhinoplasty, to which she had no qualms.

Jennifer Grey In Her Young Days

But after Jennifer Grey became America’s sweetheart post “Dirty Dancing” success, her mother consistently insisted she get a nose job, with hopes that Jennifer would get more film offers. The actor says in her memoir that her mother and many eminent plastic surgeons, kept insisting that she should get her nose altered, and they convinced her that that would open up more acting opportunities for her. 

While she was completely happy with how she looked, Jennifer eventually gave in to their persuasions and went for not one but two rounds of rhinoplasty. However, contrary to her expectations, her nose jobs did not open up a world of acting roles to her, and her career went stagnant, as she was left completely unrecognizable. In her words, her nose jobs made her “completely invisible” in the eyes of the world. 

Her Nose Job

Since Grey’s parents were both successful actors, she had also set her sights on making it big in America’s entertainment industry, just like them. So she had no option but to follow in their footsteps after her mom and cosmetic surgeons kept finding faults with her nose shape and convinced her to get it changed.

The first time she went for a nose job, she was very specific that she only wanted to “fine tune” its bumpy shape and not change it completely. There was a lot of “self-loathing attached to our natural noses“, she mentions in her book, and chooses to call her nose jobs “Schnozageddon”. 

Jennifer Grey Nose Job

She was quite excited about how photogenic her nose looked after the first round of surgery, though it was a tad bigger than her original one; but the bump was corrected. But within a year of the first surgery, Jennifer noticed a teeny bit of cartilage visible under her nose surface – an irregularity that she wanted to get rid of. 

So she went for a second round of nose job to correct the problem – but that was when everything changed for her, for the worse. She looked completely unrecognizable and felt invisible to the whole world that was once infatuated with her. Even the paparazzi failed to recognize her when she attended a “splashy event” a few weeks after her rhinoplasty – an experience that she considers extremely hurtful. She stopped getting acting roles, and the public stopped recognizing her as the “famous Hollywood actress” with her swoon-worthy appeal.

Jennifer Grey With Her New Nose

This experience pushed her away into the “dark night of the soul“, says Jennifer Grey in her memoir.

She Chose To Seek Freedom!

However, Jennifer was not one to stay stuck in suffering – she chose to seek freedom and revelation from her nose job experience and emerged filter-free and courageous. Grey wants women to learn to embrace self-love, stop chasing perfection, live life to the fullest, and enjoy the second half of their lives without any fear or regrets.

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