The 21 Days Smoothie Diet Reviews. [2023 Updated]


The 21 days smoothie diet has been helping people in weight loss for years. It comes with a variety of healthy and tasty smoothie recipes and preparation instructions included in it. From diabetes-friendly recipes to recipes for kids, the 21 days smoothie diet has a lot to offer.

The weight loss journey is full of ups and downs and can be stressful for anyone. Which weight loss diet to follow, which exercise routine to adopt, which weight loss supplements to start and which homemade recipes to prepare for faster weight loss results? A person on a weight loss transformation journey goes through many confusing questions like this in his/her journey. But a smoothie is the one thing that no one is confused about because everyone knows that a smoothie diet definitely helps in weight loss.

But what is this 21 days smoothie diet for weight loss? Let us take you through this article’s detailed 21 days smoothie diet reviews.

What Is 21 Days Smoothie Diet?

The 21-day smoothie diet includes replacing two meals of the day with healthy smoothies without sugar and other products with high calories. By the name of it, many people might be wondering how a smoothie can help in weight loss as it is full of milk, soy, sugar, and other kinds of syrups.

However, if you want to go on a weight loss journey and include a refreshing smoothie in your diet, it will help you lose weight to a great extent, and that too in just 21 days! 

Healthy smoothies are made up of whole fruits and vegetables and a little bit of soymilk which is wonderfully healthy and nutritious. We all know that liquids have fewer calories than solid forms of foods. Hence, when you turn your blender on and mix every ingredient, your smoothie becomes healthier and keeps you full longer. 

This keeps you from eating junk then and now and eventually helps you in your weight loss journey.  

But if you want to lose weight, there are other factors that you should consider along with having healthy smoothies. It would be best to stay clear of any beverage containing high calories and sugar. Instead, you can go with some fizzy juice for weight loss.

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How Does This Smoothie Diet Work?

As we all know, the idea behind a smoothie diet is to replace one or more meals a day with a healthy smoothie so that your overall calorie intake reduces while you can still get all the nutrients you would rather have in a normal meal. Smoothies are mostly a combination of macronutrients, such as healthy fats, carbs, and proteins. Apart from this, they may also contain vitamins or superfoods that provide additional nutrition to your diet. 

Green Smoothie Glass

While the smoothie diet might be a healthy method to lose weight, ensuring you get all the nutrients your body requires is crucial. This entails selecting a range of fruits and vegetables and ensuring that your smoothies are balanced and have adequate protein, healthy fats, and fiber. However, before beginning any new diet or fitness program, you should also speak with your doctor, especially if you have any health issues.

Who Created The Smoothie Diet?

Many people think starving oneself can lead to weight loss and improve their physique. However, this is a myth as starving makes one weak as the intake of healthy proteins and vitamins is lacking from the body. Hence, Drew Sgoutas developed the 21-day smoothie diet plan to encourage weight loss without starving and enjoy delicious healthy smoothies simultaneously.  

This program by Drew Sgoutas is aimed to help you shed extra weight within 21 days with just smoothies. Many studies have been done on the 21-day smoothie diet recipes and their effects, and they have also received worldwide accolades from thousands of happy and satisfied consumers. Drew Sgoutas, with his experience as a health coach and the learnings he got from his client, successfully made the 21-day smoothie diet program that provides rapid and long-lasting results.

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You can also take benefit of this amazing, healthy, and natural formula for weight loss.

What Will You Get In This Smoothie Diet Plan?

A monotonous and unhealthy lifestyle leads to weight gain as the intake of calories each day is very high. The main reason behind this is the intake of calories more than what is burned, which causes the excess to be stored as fat. 

Hence the reason behind the 21 days smoothie diet plan by Drew Sgoutas is to address this issue. This plan considers how many calories you can consume daily by replacing solid foods with smoothies. 

Thus, with the number of calories being reduced in your diet, you can soon start seeing amazing results in your body. However, healthy and nutritious smoothies not only help in weight loss but also increases the overall glow and quality of your skin since there is no oil, junk food, and other foods with added preservatives in your diet which usually causes acne problems in sensitive skin.

Here are the details about what is included in the 21-day smoothie diet recipe plan

1) Schedule

The three-week smoothie diet program comes with color-coded charts. The charts mention the schedule for when to drink and avoid drinking smoothies and the recipes.

2) List

The shopping list is the second most important thing in the 21-day smoothie diet package. It is a detailed weekly shopping list of ingredients that you will need to prepare your tasty and healthy smoothie recipe.

3)- Recipe Cards

The third important thing in the program is your smoothie recipe cards. These simple printable recipe cards are recommendations for nutritious, healthy, and tasty smoothie recipes. These cards come with information about the nutrition of your smoothie recipe with instructions on preparation.

4)- Healthy Eating Guide

The healthy eating guide has three very important and effective chapters. You can gain a lot of knowledge using this guide.

  • Chapter 1: The Introduction To A Healthy Eating.
  • Chapter 2: The Basics Of A Eating.
  • Chapter 3: 7 Meal Plas With Healthy Eating Tips.

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Other Smoothie Guides In The Program

The 21 Dyas smoothie diet program also includes some other beneficial smoothie recipes. Here is the list of other recipes.

Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies Recipes

This diet plan is specially created for those who have diabetes and wants to lose weight. While creating these smoothie diet plans for diabetic people, it has been kept in mind that these smoothies don’t increase blood sugar levels. This guidebook includes about 42 diabetes-friendly smoothie recipes.

Gluten-Free Smoothies Recipes

This guidebook has been created for those who are allergic and want to lose weight. This part includes a lot of Gluten-free smoothie recipes.

Smoothie Recipes For Kids

Even kids suffer from obesity. And losing weight using healthy smoothies is the best way to lose weight for kids. Healthy smoothies are created using all-natural ingredients, so it is a side-effect-free way to lose weight.

Does It Help In Weight Loss?

We all know that since smoothies are a liquid form of all the nutrients and proteins that our everyday meal provides, replacing food with smoothies can be an excellent tool for aiding weight loss due to the smoothies’ high nutrient density and low-calorie count. 

Natural Smoothie

According to Drew Sgoutas, who created the 21-day smoothie diet plan, this provides our body with around 1500 calories daily. However, an intake of 1500 calories per day can surely lead to weight loss, but this may vary from one person to another as everyone has a different body size, health status, and activity level, along with various other reasons. 

The 21-day smoothie diet plan highly encourages weight loss as they contain a variety of nutrient-rich foods ranging from different kinds of fruits and vegetables to nuts and seeds, which are dense in fiber.

The fiber-rich ingredients slowly move through the digestive tract, which helps keep your hunger away for a long time and helps in healthy weight loss. 

Overall, a well-designed 21 days smoothie diet plan can be a powerful tool for achieving your weight loss goals while providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function at its best.

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Benefits of the smoothie diet

There are several diet plans today on the internet, and some undoubtedly provide positive results depending on your goals. However, the 21-day smoothie diet plan created by health coach Drew Sgoutas offers many potential benefits for weight loss and improving health and wellness. 

Here are some of the benefits of the plan that you will get if followed diligently:

  • Increases your nutrient intake:  The recipe for healthy smoothies includes a combination of healthy ingredients from all food groups. The ingredients vary from whole fruits, leafy greens, and non-starchy veggies to fat-free or low-fat dairy products. And all these ingredients have different levels of nutrients. Combining and blending all these ingredients in a smoothie leads to a healthy, nutrient-rich diet. 
  • Leads to weight loss:  A person who is health conscious and has been following a balanced diet is aware that weight loss depends on the number of calories a person intakes in a day. And when this intake of calories increases the number of burned calories, it leads to fat. This is when healthy smoothies come into the picture, as they reduce the number of calories that you usually intake when you have a full-course meal, as smoothies aim at replacing one or two meals to help you restrict your daily consumption of calories. Hence the recipes of the smoothies contain only a certain number of calories so that the calorie surplus doesn’t lead to weight gain. 
  • Better digestion: Smoothies are typically easy to digest, benefiting those with digestive issues. Additionally, the fiber in fruits and vegetables can help to promote regular bowel movements and support digestive health.
  • Boosted energy: Since smoothies contain high levels of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins, they can help you improve your energy level, thus reducing fatigue. 
  • Better skin health: With the increased intake of ingredients that are good for health and immunity, the 21-day smoothie diet plan also helps improve the quality of your skin.

Pros and Cons Of 21 Days Smoothie Diet


  • If you follow the diet diligently without fail, positive results will surely come.
  • The 21-day smoothie diet plan comprises accessories and programs that make it easy to adhere to.
  • It is a healthy way of weight loss.
  • It doesn’t require much effort and is easy to follow even with a busy schedule. 
  • Depending on the type of fruit in your smoothie, it will also result in better health and skin.
  • You will come across many new healthy recipes to incorporate into your diet.
  • It satisfies the people who love sugar as the smoothies are filled with delicious juicy and sweet fruits.
  • A certified health coach develops it with years of experience in this industry and can be trusted.


  • It can take time to get used to having smoothies instead of full-course meals.
  • Smoothies might not be as fulfilling as solid and high-calorie food.
  • Available as a digital product only
  • The smoothie diet plan might not be suitable for people with diabetes.
  • Although smoothies are nutrient-dense, the plan may not provide all the nutrients the body needs, particularly if followed for an extended period.
  • The smoothie diet plan can be restrictive, and participants may get bored consuming the same smoothies daily.

21 Day Smoothie Diet: Price & refund

It costs a relatively reasonable $37 for everything with the plan. Moreover, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee included in it. If a person is not getting satisfactory results, they can contact customer care for a full refund. 

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Overall, suppose you do not have any health complications or other medical issues. In that case, you can start with this 21-day smoothie diet plan if you want to lose weight and are interested in dieting, as this program is among the most enjoyable and successful ones.

However, to see positive outcomes to the program, even after the first 21 days, you should continue living a healthy lifestyle. In conclusion, responsible adherence to this eating plan will produce the finest outcomes. 

Should you start a smoothie diet, then? Yes! But a healthy lifestyle complements the smoothie diet the best. 

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What is 21 days smoothie diet plan?

The 21-day smoothie diet plan is a three-week low-calorie program created by health coach Drew Sgoutus that helps lose weight.

Is there any 21 day smoothie diet PDF available?

Yes, in 21 days smoothie diet program, you get various ebooks, PDFs, printable cards and recipe books.

What If I don’t like the program?

If you think that 21 day smoothie diet is not suiting you, you can request a refund within 60 days.

This article is for only informational purposes and not medical advice. Please read the full disclosure at the bottom.

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