Shark Tank Keto Gummies Reviews. Scam In The Name Of Weight Loss


People are getting scammed in the name of Shark Tank Keto Gummies. Weight loss supplement sellers are using falsely using big names to sell their weight loss gummies. Read how you can find a scam by yourself.

Welcome to Shark Tank, The initial dialogue of every shark for every Pitcher who comes into Shark Tank. After the great response, we received from readers on our previous article About fake Shark Tank Keto Weight Loss Gummies. We received tons of emails in responses and requests to write a more detailed review of this scam to aware more people about this.

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Claim: Got The Biggest Deal On Shark Tank
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Shark Tank Keto Gummies a Scam

It all started in 2019, The keto gummies promoters started promoting ads of their Keto gummies using two women’s pictures standing on the Shark tank show with using the headline “Keto Gummies got the biggest deal on the Shark Tank history Till then the scammers have used a name of various celebrities who have achieved success in losing weight on their own. These scammers have tried to take credit for their hard work as they have lost weight using these weight loss gummies. The celebrity’s name includes Kelly Clarkson, Oprah Winfrey, Trisha Yearwood, and many more.

In the women’s photos, these scammers were using they actually had a children’s dance company. The real fact is that there were no keto gummies on the stage of Shark Tank ever. This scammer also uses random photos of all sharks saying “All Sharks Invested in the deal, It is the biggest deal of all time”.

Shark Tank Keto Gummies On YouTube

There are lots of results you will find on google if you type “Shark Tank Keto Gummies” There were also tons of videos of the fake review available on YouTube as well, but now YouTube seems to be taking action against all these fake reviews videos and removing them from search results. So, Finally, someone is taking action against these scammers. YouTube also suggest some article breaking down the truth of these scammers as well to aware people of these scams and stay away from them.

Shark Tank Keto Gummies On Social Media

There are thousands of promotional posts we have found on social media regarding these fake Shark Tank Keto Weight Loss Gummies. Almost all of the posts have been removed from social media and it indicates on the post that these posts were providing false information and misleading people. This Video was posted on Facebook on March 14, 2021. If you visit the link then you will see Facebook itself has blocked the video by saying “This video is providing false information”. There is a long list of videos or posts uploaded to Facebook in the name of Shark Tank Keto gummies to mislead and scam people.

Fake Advertisemnet On Facebook

Shark Tank Keto Gummies On The Internet

There are tons of websites promoting these keto gummies in the name of Shark Tank. Where none of these products have ever even been featured on Shark Tank. There respect websites with huge domain authority like Tribune-India, OutlookIndia, Mid-day, and many more. All of these websites are taking sponsored posts from affiliate marketers who are promoting these fake gummies from various affiliate marketplaces and making thousands of dollars in commission per day via these bigger websites.

Shark Tank Keto Gummies Fake Reviews

How Shark Tank Gummies Scammers Scam People

There are primarily two to three types of scams currently running on the internet.

  • Scamming People into the name of Shark Tank and Other Celebrities as well.
  • Tricking People into buying fake products.
  • Scamming People with hidden charges in the name of free offers.

1. Scamming People In the name of Shark Tank

The main modus operandi of these scammers we have found so far to scam people is, So many scammers buy old expired domains which were respected domains already in the eyes of Google.

These kinds of websites are easy to rank higher in Google search results and get more clicks. Usually, scammers prefer expired Government domains that are already high in authority and also genuine in the eyes of Google.

The business depends on Google and these scammers have found a way to fool Google into thinking that they have legit websites. It helps them rank higher in Google search results easily.

Redirecting Authorative Domains

Like this one, the domain clearly says It’s an Indian Law Resource Centre and when you click on it you will be redirected to a series of different websites each time you click on it. But you will see no mention of Shark Tank on any website the only thing they will be promoting is their fake keto gummies. There are tons of redirecting websites on the internet, successfully fooling google into thinking that these websites are legit, and till Google finds out it’s a scammer website the scammers would have already scammed thousands of people.

Tricking People Into Buying Fake Products

The scammers use to copy the layout of big named websites like The People magazine, Fox News, USA Today, US Weekly, and many more. These scammers easily copy the layout or buy the exact same theme as the website. This easily tricks people into thinking that the genuine website is offering a genuine deal from the official Shark Tank.

Fake Fox News Article

As you can see in this screenshot of the website. The summers have stolen the complete layout of Fox News’s official website, to trick people into thinking that this product is marketed or approved by Fox News but its a scam, Because when you look at the URL of the website, It is not the official and original Fox News Website. These scammers use these same tricks to scam millions of people online. Fox News and any other big reputation website have nothing to do with these weight loss keto gummies.

This is how exactly these scammers trick people into buying fake products and scamming people successfully for years now. The only precaution you need to take is to always keep your eyes open. Whenever you see some website with a high reputation promoting offers like these. Always check out the authenticity of the website and offer as well. Never forget to check out the URL and verify it from google.

Fake Gummies Endorsement

When we saw this post for the first time we were certain that this is another scam and to break it down we took a screenshot of the post and searched for the photo with Google lens, and we were not shocked after we found out the true reality of this photo.

We have found plenty of pitchers’ photos from shark tanks with the caption Their Weight Loss Gummies or weight loss supplement got the biggest deal in Shark Tank history. Where the reality is these both girls are sisters and were promoting their women’s swimwear in the shark tank.

Their name is Shelly and Kara they both also run their separate Twitter handle name, Shelly & Kara and the Women’s swimwear brand they were promoting is Raising wild. The other thing we noticed while scrolling this website is that you can not click on any other post except for the product page. The scammers have not done any hard work on developing their websites except for the home pages of the websites.

According to the post published in Mirror, both girl’s photo is also been used in the Beauty cream scam as well. This simply proves that these scammers are trying their best to scam people in the name of famous shows and celebrities.

Scamming People with hidden charges in the name of free offers.

We all know that people buy trust not the product and scammers take the most advantage of this. In the name of brands and celebrities, they make people believe it’s a legit product. In the beginning, they start by offering a free sample and collecting your credit card data. There will be no mention of hidden charges they are going to charge you for that free sample.

Usually, the bottle shows the charge of $40 per unit as the final price of the order or they offer it for free. Where there could be hidden charges in their term and conditions which they don’t disclose clearly on their websites and eventually every customer is charged an average of nearly $200 per order. Which is the biggest scam going on in the name of the famous tv show shark tank or other famous celebrities.

No Keto Gummies Have Ever Been Featured On Shark Tank

You can go to ABC the official website of Shark Tank and browse as much as you want but you will not find any information on these keto Gummies. You will not find any pitcher pitching the business of keto gummies into the shark tank because no keto gummies have ever been featured in the shark tank. We have gone through the whole official website of the shark tank and have not found any company featuring their keto gummies in the shark tank.

Keto Companies Featured on Shark Tank

Only two Keto products have ever been featured in the shark tank. The first brand was NUI And the other one was Honest Keto Diet.

NUI was a keto diet-friendly cookie company. Kristopher and Victor the two founders of the company presented their product in the shark tank in episode no 1007 in November 2018. Later in 2018 Honest keto Diet was also featured in the shark tank. The Honest Keto diet was a Keto Weight Loss supplement that claimed health benefits and helps in weight loss.

NUI Keto Coockies On Shark Tank

Both of the founders of NUI had a weakness for cookies but they also wanted to be healthy as well so they began to research and came up with the idea of NUI keto cookies. which supports the keto diet.

FTC Warning For Scammers

On February 17, 2023, The official website of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issued a warning against the fake and false promotion of products and the use of the name of the shark tank.

The blog of the FTC mentions various fake products like diet pills, weight loss supplements, brain pills, and muscle builders. The website clearly states that “Deceptively using someone’s name or image to sell your product is a violation of the FTC Act and state laws.” All of the scammers who use celebrities’ photos and famous TV show’s names are now warned by FTC that if they are caught doing false endorsements then according to Federal law they are liable to pay $50k to millions of dollars in penalties.

The Federal Trade Commission’s website also provides a link for reposting any scam you are seeing online you can report it by visiting the official website of the federal trade commission.

Sharks Know About The Scam

Lori Greiner is one of the sharks from the investor of the tv show shark tank. When Lori came to know about these fake scams running ads and using her photoshopped photos Lori has to warn people about these scams Lori took a stand and posted a video on several sites including her own website.

In the video, Lori requests everyone not to trust any of these fake ads and said

"Hi all, I need your help. There are tons of fake ads out there. They are on Facebook and Instagram using my image and the other shark's images. For keto or diet products, they take our images and photoshop their products into our hands, and make it look like we are endorsing or behind these products. But no we are not, I have never done a keto or diet product ever. If you have any doubts please go to my official website. Any product I am affiliated with is listed on my website. If it's not there it's not real. Please it hurts my heart for all these people that are getting scammed out of their money with these fake ads using my image Please help me stop these scammers. Share this with everyone you can on your social media platform, and I thank you so much in advance. I really appreciate you helping me to stop them, Thank you."

Mark Cuban Also Tweeted About The Scam

Mark Cuban is one of the most favorite sharks of all and when came to know about the scam that is been running for years in the name of shark tank and scamming people successfully and websites like Google, Facebook, and even the Federal Trade Commission are not doing anything serious to stop these Mark Took the responsibility and Tweeted about the scam and also did not forget to tag every major brand or authority who is capable of putting a full stop on these scams.

Not only Mark Cuban but All the sharks in shark tank came forward to aware people of the ongoing scams in the name of Shark Tank. All the sharks tried to warn everyone to verify every product By visiting the official website of the shark tank.

Every product that is ever featured in the shark tank is listed on its official website of the shark tank. You can Check out the list here before buying any product that claims that it’s been in the shark tank.

Lawsuit Against Fake Endorsements

The American actor and director Clint Eastwood did file a trademark lawsuit against a Lithuanian company that falsely claimed he endorsed a line of gummies. Later the star amount of $6.1 million. The products were using fake images of Mr. Eastwood to promote their product and build easy trust with the customer.

Later in the following year, Clint won another lawsuit for $2 million dollars from these same kinds of companies using his fake images and misleading customers. The case was filed against Los Angeles-based Norok Innovation Inc and its CEO.

According to the latest decision of the court of California, anyone who is scammed by these scammers like a person who is overcharged for the product or the customer who bought the product by thinking this product is endorsed or backed by the Shark Tank and got scammed eventually. Now they can file a legal complaint against the promoter and manufacturer of the products all the victims who got scammed by these scammers can come along and also file a complaint as a group as well.

The Free Bottle And OverCharge Scam

These scammers mainly target women as their customers because they know the fact that women over 35 years are the one who suffers from obesity and weight gain problems. The post shared in AARP about these weight loss gummy scams. It shares the story of two different women with the same story, both of them were applying for the free bottle for which they had to pay the shipping charges of $6.95. When the shipment arrived it was the whole bundle of the bottle for which they were charged over $200 and it was also auto signup for a monthly subscription of their product without asking their permission clearly the product was charging them monthly.

The comment section of the post was also filled with the victims of these scams and everyone’s story starts with a free bottle. That’s the main bait they are using to scam people. There are lots of reviews and comments from people who got scammed by these weight-loss gummies scammers all over the internet. The product is supposed to charge only $6.95 and after you submit your card details it immediately charges you twice the amount for the bottle of cleanse without asking your permission, and when the parcel comes to your doorstep the story turns out to be totally different and you will find out you have been charged more than $200 for these. almost every story follows this same pattern.

How To Identify And Avoid Keto Gummies Scam

There are several ways you can try to identify and avoid getting scammed by these scammers in the name of big brands and celebrities.

  • Verify The Product

There are plenty of ways to verify the authenticity of the product the first way is to check the official website of shark tank where every product ever featured in shark tank is listed there. If you don’t find the product that claims to be featured in shark tank then mark it a scam.

  • Promising Unbelievable Results

The real thing that matters to the authentic and genuine product is its image in the consumer’s brain. They never make false promises or overestimate their product’s potential. Where fake products got nothing to do with the image the only thing they care about is sales. They just promote these fake products by doing fake promises and posting fake results as reviews of genuine customers. Whenever you see some product promising unbelievable results in a short time just mark it fake and run from it. According to the Federal Trade Commission, these are the 7 best lies listed below that fake products always promise to make you buy their product anyhow.

  • Lose weight without dieting or exercising. (You won’t)
  • You don’t have to watch what you eat to lose weight. (You do)
  • If you use this product, you’ll lose weight permanently. (Wrong)
  • To lose weight, all you have to do is take this pill. (Not true)
  • You can lose 30 pounds in 30 days. (Nope)
  • This product works for everyone. (It doesn’t)
  • Lose weight with this patch or cream. (You can’t)
  • Identify the fake Online Reviews And Stories

Scammers often pay reviewers to post fake reviews of the product on the review website like trust pilot or genuine reviews. Whenever you spot a review praising the product completely and saying it has no flaws in it then mark it fake. Do not believe the before-after photos of real people, these are the people who have lost weight with their hard work and consistency and these scammers try to take the advantage of these people’s hard work by attaching a fake story with their photos and saying it was all done by their product.

  • The Free Bottle Bait

When a customer reaches the final product page. To convert this viewer into buying customers scammers offer the first bottle free and ask for your card details just take the shipping charges from you which they usually indicate as $6.95 only. Then they instantly charge you double for the bottle of cleanse as well without your concern, and the final charge on the product will be more than $200 as seen in every case.

So many people among them have automatically subscribed to the monthly billing program as well, without even knowing it.

Whenever you try to contact the company it will usually offer a 50% discount on the product. That simply means the product is not worth more that’s why they keep offering 50% discounts to everybody who ever complains about the product.

  • Verify The Supplier

To verify the supplier visit Godaddy/Whois and enter the URL of any website you are going to buy the product from. This website will tell you all the details available on the website like address and phone number etcetera.

This data will also tell you the domain was purchased when and through which service provider it was purchased. We ourselves wanted to do some digging ad we tried several weight loss gummies site URLs on this website. The results were as we aspected to see them. No domain was registered before 2023, we even found a domain which is just bought on 30th march 2023, and almost all of them were free domains bought from No further data from the website is provided for viewers.

  • Find a Propper Address And Contact Info

In so many cases when customers get charged for the second time and ask the banks for a refund, the bank usually asks for the receipt in which the customers have mailed the products back to the supplier, But how can you return the product when you can’t find the proper address of the suppliers. There are so many victims of these scams who desperately search for the address of these scammers in the name of suppliers but no one is getting anything.


How to spot fake keto gummies?

There are several points to notice in fake products like keto gummies. Promising unbelievable results, No proper contact info, offering free stuff in the beginning but asking money for shipping to get your card details, Newly purchased domain, and many more.

Is there any keto gummy that got investment from shark tank?

No, there are no keto gummies ever featured on the shark tank, and where there are no keto gummies ever featured on the shark tank how it can get any investment?

How many keto products have been featured in shark tank till now?

There are only two keto products that have been featured in shark tank till now, and they were not keto gummies.

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