Alina Habba Plastic Surgery: Trump’s Female Lawyer Looks Different. Sued For Being Racist.


Alina Habba was sued by an ex-employee of her own organization for using the N-word and singing inappropriate songs while being in the office. Trump’s female lawyer came into the public eye after the incident. People noticed a change in her looks. Many are speculating about Alina Habba plastic surgery.

Alina Habba was a regular civil litigation lawyer based out of New Jersey, who rapidly shot to fame and recognition after being recruited by Donald Trump, the former US President, back in the year 2021.

She is an Assyrian American by birth and currently belongs to the civil legal team of the ex-president of the USA and is also the managing partner of the New Jersey-based legal firm Habba, Madaio & Associates LLP. 

Who Is Alina Habba? Trump’s Female Lawyer

Alina Habba is the lady attorney in Donald Trump’s civil legal team who is known to be one of his most trusted lawyers. She was first hired by Trump back in September 2021 and was recruited as a replacement for senior lawyers including Charles Harder and Marc Kasowitz, who had been a part of Trump’s team for many years.

Habba shot to the news headlines after she lodged a lawsuit on behalf of Donald Trump, worth 100 million USD. The legal case was filed against The New York Times and Mary Trump, his niece, right after the newspaper published his tax -returns in 2018 and articles that claimed Trump and his father used to avoid paying taxes by employing schemes.

Alina Habba With Donald Trump

However, immediately after Alina Habba filed this lawsuit, associates of Donald Trump remarked that though he has had a fine team of highly experienced attorneys to support him, he has been employing an inexperienced lawyer in this case. Some unnamed sources close to the former President feel that he has “fallen prey” to inexperienced attorneys to just hear what he wants to hear. But Alina responded to such comments calling it “a sad day” when the press belittles someone. 

She played a key role in defending the embattled former President of the United States as his legal counsel during the time of his prosecution and helped secure his exoneration with her efforts.

Where Is She From? Her Ethnicity And Career

Alina was born in March 1984 in Summit, New Jersey; she has two siblings who were also born in Summit. But originally she is from Iraq – her Assyrian parents were emigrants to the USA in the early phases of the 1980s, who wanted to escape persecution in their country. 

After graduating from Kent Place School in 2002, Alina Habba completed her bachelor’s degree in political science from Lehigh University in 2005. Initially, she worked as a fashion executive with luxury brands like Marc Jacobs, but soon she decided to pursue her post-graduate studies and got her JD from the Widener University Commonwealth Law School in 2010. 

Alina Habba

She worked with different legal firms and also became the equity and managing partner of the law company owned by her then-husband. But in March 2020, she established her legal firm, Habba Madaio & Associates LLP, and acquired a license to practice law in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. 

She was hired by Donald Trump in 2021 after she got acquainted with the former President back in 2019 at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster. Shortly after, she represented Donald Trump in the defamation case lodged by Summer Zervos, in which she accused Trump of sexual harassment and for damaging her reputation by denying these allegations. 

After that, till 2023, Habba represented and defended Trump in various lawsuits that were filed against him due to alleged irregularities and controversies. 

Alina Habba With Her Kid

However, Trump and his legal team, including Alina Habba, have been marred in controversy – people say that they are supposedly winning legal battles, but nobody knows anything about it. And in the wake of intensifying legal embroilments faced by Trump, he keeps losing lawyers from his team.

Speculations About Alina Habba Plastic Surgery And Her Appearance Change

Alina Habba is not only famous for being Donald Trump’s closest legal aide but also a glamorous woman with flawless skin and appearance. Many haters of Trump believe that she was hired by Trump only for her glamour and appearance, otherwise, why would the ex-US President go for an unknown low-profile attorney when he can afford highly experienced expert legal professionals in his team?

Many people also believe that Alina Habba has recently undergone plastic surgery to enhance her looks. However, there is no evidence or statement to support such allegations. She is extremely dashing and stunning and still looks the same.

She Sued For Being Racist

In July 2022, Alina Habba was sued by an ex-employee of her organization who claimed that she used the N-word and sang inappropriate songs while in office. She also alleged that Habba made racist comments about Letitia James, New York’s attorney general, and called her “that Bla*k B*tch”. This racial discrimination case against Alina Habba was later settled out of court the same year in September.

Some sources say that Habba said on a phone call that could not be racist since she is originally an Arab, another minority community in the USA.


  1. Has Alina Habba undergone plastic surgery?

    Alina Habba has flawless beautiful skin. However, it is not confirmed whether it is the effect of plastic surgery or just natural glow.

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