Lance Bass Plastic Surgery. Singer Is Suffering From T-2 Diabetes.

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Popular yesteryear NSync band singer Lance Bass is still a favorite for many. Suffering from Diabetes has forced him to change a lot of things in his life. As he is following a healthy lifestyle, many have noticed changes in his appearance. People say that this is the effect of Lance Bass plastic surgery. But all these are just rumors and have no reality in them.

Lance Bass is no stranger to all those who grew up in the 90s; he was one of the members of the hugely popular American boy band NSync, alongside Justin Timberlake and the others. The song “Bye Bye Bye” from NSync was the key to the overnight success of the band, and it was one of the significant chartbusters that also garnered a huge global fan following.

Born in May 1979 in Laurel, Mississippi, Lance Bass joined NSync as their bass singer, while the band enjoyed its phenomenal success all over the world, selling more than 60 million records worldwide. He is the perfect example of a highly successful and motivated person with versatile talents – apart from being a singer Lance is also an actor, producer, entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and cosmonaut. His music career highlights include multiple nominations for Grammys, two RIAA diamond awards, American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and People’s Choice Awards, among others. 

While he is primarily renowned for his stellar success in music, Lance also earned many fans after his European dance single “Walking On Air” back in 2014, along with many guest appearances in the movies and TV shows. He is also a notable ally of the LGBTQ community and is associated with various philanthropic organizations.

Some years ago, Lance Bass grabbed much attention after dropping a comment that NSync had made him famous but not rich. However, allegations of him going under the knife turned him into a hot topic of debate.

Did Lance Bass get plastic surgery at all or not? Let us find out in this post today.

Lance Bass Plastic Surgery Speculation And Change In His Appearance

Plastic surgery rumors about celebrities are not uncommon anymore, in fact, we can say that they are the ones who created greater awareness about it and popularized this practice. So, when people notice the slightest change in the way a celebrity looks, the first thing that comes to mind has to be suspicions about them getting cosmetic surgery

Lance Bass has also been the target of the public’s scrutiny many times, and for several years now with some reports dating back to the year 2008. Since then, people have observed some changes to facial features, especially his nose, however, to date, the singer himself has never addressed any of the speculations.

Lance Bass Plastic Surgery Speculation Before After Image
Lance Bass Plastic Surgery Speculation Before After Image Image: Instagram / Lance Bass

But the public has been super curious about what he had done to his nose, after seeing his before and after photos. The internet and social media have been rife with comments on his photos, with someone in the press officially claiming that the singer has indeed undergone a nose job. However, later on, it was proved to be a false claim, when people saw him make an appearance on the hit show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and comment that “I am all what I am”. 

However, the difference in his nose before and after, is quite easily noticeable, especially because his nose used to be much longer, earlier. Besides it also used to have a hump-like deformity and the tip was kind of bulbous and droopy. But if you see his recent images, you will notice that at present his nose looks much smaller and chiseled with a pointier elevated tip. He definitely looks good even after his alleged nose job or rhinoplasty; prompting the public to believe that the job has been done by a very expert plastic surgeon. 

Apart from his elevated and refined nose tip, people also claim that there are slight differences in his nose bridge. But the differences are very subtle and not dramatic at all, which has certainly worked in his favor enhancing his overall appearance. However, none of these speculations have been addressed by Lance Bass ever, so these are all rumors.

Lance Bass With Partner Michael Turchin
Lance Bass With Partner Michael Turchin Image: Instagram / Lance Bass

Details About His Diabetes

In various interviews and reports, Lance has declared that he loves to eat, and being born and bred in Mississippi, he loves Southern dishes. During the holidays, he enjoys meals cooked by his family, especially his mother’s Key lime pie and pecan pie and his grandma’s Thanksgiving stuffing. But he carefully watches what he eats on holidays because Lance has Type 2 diabetes, so these are more like treats that he allows himself once in a while.

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic health condition in which our body’s ability to process blood sugar or glucose gets hampered. It can be diagnosed and treated by consulting with an authorized medical practitioner, and you have to make lifestyle changes and start insulin therapy to keep this condition under control. 


Though some people feel that his rhinoplasty has somewhat ruined his good looks, we cannot agree with that. Lance Bass looks way more chiseled now – but whether he underwent plastic surgery or not remains uncertain as of now.


  1. Has Lance Bass Undergone Any Cometic Enhancement?

    No, That’s not true. Singer and performer Lance Bass hasn’t opted for any plastic surgery. He is all-natural looking.

  2. Is Lance Gay?

    Lance Bass has openly accepted he is gay and he has been living with his partner Michael Turchin.

  3. Is Lance Bass Suffering From Diabetes?

    Yes, he has been suffering from Type-2 Diabetes.

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