Cortisol Mocktail For Weight Loss. Recipes And Ingredients Viral On TikTok.


In recent days a viral TikTok video has been noticed by many on the cortisol mocktail for weight loss. It has been noticed that some cortisol mocktails can have many health benefits. Here are some recipes with an ingredient list you can follow to maintain a healthy weight.

Cortisol mocktails have gained tremendous popularity in recent times; also known as adrenal cocktails, these drinks do not contain any alcohol but are rich in minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients that support our overall hormonal balance, which, in turn, influences our body weight.

Cortisol is a hormone that plays a highly crucial role in the way our body responds to stress; it also has an interesting correlation with regulating metabolism and weight loss. In some people, it has been studied that higher levels of cortisol can trigger a tendency to overeat and therefore gain weight. When external or internal triggers keep generating a higher level of cortisol production in our body for a very long time, it can lead to various health effects, including weight gain. This is because, in chronically high levels, this cortisol hormone enhances fat storage in our body especially in our abdominal region, leading to obesity in many people. 

What Is The Viral Cortisol Mocktail For Weight Loss On TikTok?

TikTokers have gotten lucky this time, for some of the simplest yet highly effective cortisol mocktail recipes have gone viral, proving to be game changers for many of us trying to shed those few extra pounds. Each of these viral cortisol mocktail recipes has garnered some whopping thousand likes and hundreds and thousands of views, with people going crazy in the comment section wanting to know the details of each.

Typically, these cortisol mocktails are like any other soft beverage, but the only major difference is that these are loaded with a series of natural and plant-based ingredients that offer truckloads of health benefits. The constituents of cortisol mocktails are chosen in such a way that these will help maintain our energy levels throughout the day as we carry on with our regular activities and also burn calories especially the stubborn abdominal fat that we struggle to get rid of. 

Best Recipes

Let us take a look at a few recipes of cortisol mocktails that are not only hugely popular but also highly effective in supporting our weight loss goals. 

  • Watermelon mint cortisol mocktail

We shall be exploring the original adrenal cocktail recipe first, i.e., the watermelon mint cortisol mocktail, which is ideal for nourishing our adrenal glands by relieving stress and balancing our hormones.

Preparation time: 10 minutes


  1. Take a watermelon and cut it into cubes. Add one cup of watermelon cubes directly into the blender
  2. Squeeze the juice of a lime, and add to it sea salt, honey or maple syrup, coconut water 
  3. Blend the ingredients well into a smooth concoction
  4. Take some ice cubes in a glass
  5. Use a fine strainer and pour the blend into the glass – this will separate any pulps or seeds from the juice
  6.  Stir about 1 tablespoon of fresh mint leaves into the juice
  7. Enjoy your drink immediately. You can also store the remaining juice in a glass jar and refrigerate it for up to 3 days
  • Sparkling adrenal cocktail

This cortisol mocktail is a great way to replenish your adrenal glands and supercharge your body with a dash of energy, and nourishment. It is a simple yet flavorful drink that you can stir up every day and keep your body weight under tabs.

Preparation time: 10 minutes


  1. Take 1 cup of orange juice, 1 cup of fresh coconut water, ½ cup of plain sparkling water
  2. Add these ingredients to a large bowl and add a juice of ½ lemon to it
  3. Then add ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt or sea salt to it (do not use flakes of sea salt though)
  4. Stir the whole concoction using a stirrer or whisk, whichever you find convenient
  5. Pour into a glass and drink it with some ice or at room temperature, and store the remaining in the fridge for not more than 3 days

Possible Ingredients

Starting from sodium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12, to magnesium, chromium, quercetin, turmeric, milk thistle, ginger extracts, ALA, lemon, and potassium, and more – the range of beneficial ingredients present in these drinks is just amazing. So we can only imagine the range of health benefits these non-alcoholic drinks are going to offer.

  • Most cortisol mocktails contain citrus fruits like orange or lemon juice; that is why they are high in Vitamin C content. 
  • Sugar is better avoided to keep these drinks healthy, but sea salt or Himalayan pink salt can be added for taste. 
  • Many recipes also mention cream of tartar which contains plenty of potassium and is easy to dissolve in juices.
  • Coconut water is also a popular add-in ingredient, owing to its high potassium content and natural sweetness.

Benefits Of Cortisol Mocktails

Adrenal cocktails are rich in essential nutrients and minerals that provide nourishment to our adrenal glands and help beat adrenal fatigue and balance hormones. These can help us feel more energetic and less stressed, and in the long run, prevent cardiovascular ailments, as well as problems related to mental health. 

Does it mean that we can lose extra pounds by drinking cortisol mocktails? The answer to this question is a yes and a no–no because cortisol mocktails do not directly impact our body weight. And yes, because these influence our adrenal glands that release stress hormones like cortisol, which is known to directly regulate our body weight. As we have already mentioned, cortisol is responsible for stimulating the metabolism of carbs and fats in our system and influencing weight loss.

In other words, cortisol mocktails are non-alcoholic beverages that are not only healthy but also help regulate our hormonal balance, which makes it easier to sustainably maintain a healthy body weight

You can drink cortisol mocktails for weight loss when it is time for your mid-day snacks or in the afternoon when you are craving something sugary or fried. As soon as you start feeling low in energy, you can quickly prepare these drinks using easily available ingredients in your kitchen and drink them as a health substitute to consuming unwanted calories.

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