6 Accessible Entry Points into the Healthcare Sector: Finding Your Place In The World of Medicine

Healthcare Professional

The healthcare sector offers a wide range of rewarding career opportunities. But some positions may seem out of reach due to educational or financial barriers. However, there are several healthcare positions that have a relatively lower bar for entry, making them accessible for those who are looking to start a career in healthcare.  In this … Read more

The Role Of Couples Therapy In Blended Families And Step-Parenting

Couples Therapy

Blended families are becoming increasingly common in today’s society, and with them come a unique set of challenges. Navigating relationships with ex-partners, establishing new family dynamics, and managing step-parenting can be difficult and overwhelming.  A 2021 Forbes article highlighted the increasing prevalence of blended families in the U.S., with approximately 1,300 new blended families being … Read more

The Reality Of Shark Tank Keto Gummies And Oprah Winfrey Gummies Reviews: [DOCODED]

Shark Tank Gummies Cliams Check

There are lots and lots of advertising going onto the internet nowadays about Shark Tank Keto Gummies or Oprah Winfrey Gummies, especially on social media platforms like Facebook. In this article today we are going to crack down on that, is this a genuine claim that the product is being endorsed by the official Shark … Read more

What Is Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed? 15 Easy Ways To Trigger It With Examples.

How To Trigger Hero Instinct

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Understanding the hero instinct could be the key to unlocking a deeper level of intimacy and connection with your partner.  Whether you’re looking to reignite the spark in your long-term relationship or attract the right partner into your life, tapping into your man’s inner … Read more

10 Most Successful Women In The Medical Field. [Past To Present] All Over The World

Successful Women In The Medical Field

Men have historically dominated the medical field, but women have shattered the glass ceiling in recent years and achieved remarkable success. From surgeons to researchers, women in the medical field have made significant contributions to healthcare and have proven that gender is not a barrier to success.  In this blog, we will take a look … Read more

History Of Women In Medicine From Different Times To Different Cultures.

History Of Women In Medicine

For centuries, women have faced an uphill battle when trying to break into the field of medicine. They have faced discouragement and discrimination both within society at large and in the medical profession itself.  But despite all the challenges, there is a rich history of courageous female doctors and nurses who have helped pave the … Read more

Linda Brodsky Obituary


LINDA BRODSKY, AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED PEDIATRIC ENT SURGEON, DIED ON FEBRUARY 13, 2014 AT AGE 61 IN BUFFALO, NEW YORK. Dr. Linda Brodsky was the daughter of Zelda and Milton Brodsky. She is survived by her devoted husband Saul Greenfield and their three children Jeremy, Dana, and Rebecca. Born May 25, 1952, in Long Island, … Read more

How Much Should The Healthcare Workplace Change To Accommodate Women Physicians?

Women Physician

ENOUGH TO GIVE US FLEXIBILITY, PREDICTABILITY, AND CONTROL. A dichotomy has emerged as we consider the best way for women physicians to realize both their potential and their dreams in the service of patients and society.  One position states that women have to internalize behaviors that are known to result in success and are based … Read more