Gayle King Weight Loss 2023. Ozempic, Surgery & 6 Steps That Helped Her.

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Gayle King weight loss is a hot topic of discussion in recent times. The journalist has lost 28 lbs previously with Weight Watcher’s diet and later lost 7 pounds on a 5-day soup fast. In 2020, she shared on her Instagram that she has reached 165 from 172.2 pounds. A healthy diet and consistent exercise are the reason behind her healthy weight management.

Gayle King is an American journalist and media person popularly known for her morning show on the CBS Network. In the early part of her career, she worked as a correspondent on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She is also a close friend of Oprah Winfrey and the both of them often hit the tabloids for staying on top of the game, both work and fitness-wise.

Gayle King looks fabulous as ever in her recent Instagram posts and we’re curious to know what keeps her so fit and healthy!

Gayle King And Her Weight Loss

Gayle King is an active fitness enthusiast who often shares her dieting or weight loss journey on social media. She had made the headlines quite a few times in the past for her staggering weight loss and how she achieves it. Over time, we’ve seen her try out different weight loss strategies such as soup fasts, working out multiple days a week, staying physically active whenever possible, etc.

However, Gayle had also struggled with weight gain in the past, especially during the pandemic when she had called her weight gain to be a ‘crisis’. As most of us can relate, due to the covid restrictions, she struggled to stay physically active. However, she took this time as an opportunity to try out different diets and fasts. In this period, she managed to lose 7 lbs with a 5-day soup fast. She shared on her Instagram that she reached to 165 lbs from 172.2 lbs.

Previously, she had also mentioned losing 28 lbs while on the Weight Watchers diet plan. Apart from trying various diet plans, Gayle also does not compromise on her daily workout, which must be the reason why she’s able to stay so fit. 

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How Did Gayle King Lose Weight? 

There are 6 steps that Gayle King took that helped her in her weight loss journey. You can also follow these ways to lose weight.

1)- Consistency In Working Out

Gayle King is an active person who puts in consistent effort in exercising. Her weekly workout plan includes working out for 5-6 days a week for at least an hour. Half of that time is spent on cardio, while the other half is spent on strength training.

She alternates between training her upper body and lower body and doesn’t look like she would skip leg day. After all, strong legs are essential to maintain the balance of the body. She also trains her abdominal muscles every now and then. 

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2)- Strength Training

Gayle prioritizes strength training as much as cardio. She claimed to have seen great results only when she started lifting weights or tried resistance training, and seldom saw any significant change with just cardio. It is a known fact that stronger muscles help in burning fat faster.

Moreover, losing that extra fat while building some muscle is a healthy way of achieving your desired weight loss.

3)- Does Not Deprive Herself Of Anything

Many people struggle with sticking to their weight loss plans as they are often unpleasant. While it is important to remain disciplined despite witnessing small hurdles along the path, it is also necessary to make sure you are not making drastic changes to your daily routine.

While Gayle spends the necessary hours working out at the gym, she does not deprive herself of any food that she enjoys. While she does try various diets, they do not pose great restrictions. That is quite an ideal way of losing weight and one that helps you stay consistent!

Gayle King Transformation
Gayle King And Oprah Winfrey – Source: Instagram/Gayle King

4)- Achieving Weight Loss And Maintaining It

Most of us focus so much on losing weight that we do not understand how important it is to maintain our ideal weight after achieving it. Stopping all our practices and habits after the desired goal is achieved is going to take us back to where we started.

Gayle’s trainer has got the best advice in terms of weight loss, and we couldn’t help but agree: “Maintenance is just as much work as, if not more than, losing the weight.” Rightfully so, Gayle abides by this notion, which helps her from springing back and forth in terms of her weight. 

5)- Diet Plans

Gayle makes the most out of the options available to her in terms of dieting. She once shared on her Instagram how she had lost 7 lbs while she was on a 5-day soup fast, where she only consumed soups for five days, to ensure she could fit into a dress that she planned on wearing to the election night coverage. 

She was also part of the Weight Watchers diet plan along with her friend Oprah and managed to lose a whopping 28 lbs. Although she is big on dieting, she also savors most foods when she is out for a party or a vacation but makes sure to make up for them in the gym. 

6)- Staying Active

Although she may not necessarily enjoy working out every day, she tries to stay fit anyway because it is necessary. Whenever she is out on a vacation, she tries to remain active and tries out different activities that can help her burn some extra calories.

Overall, she has a very positive approach to losing weight, which includes making small changes in her everyday life which eventually give her fruitful results. 

Does Gayle King Use Ozempic? 

Ozempic is an anti-diabetic drug used to control the sugar levels in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. In the recent past, this drug has been misused by various celebrities to lose weight and battle obesity. However, Gayle King doesn’t seem to be on the list. While Ozempic does help in losing weight, its risks far outweigh the benefit of burning some calories. 

Did Gayle King Opt For Weight Loss Surgery? 

Weight loss surgeries or bariatric surgeries are now commonly performed procedures in people with obesity. There are different types of bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, etc. By decreasing the portion of the stomach, these procedures help in reducing one’s appetite, thereby leading to less calorie consumption.

However, Gayle King doesn’t seem to have opted for this line of treatment and instead focuses on losing weight in a more organic way i.e. through diet and exercise. 

Gayle King Weight Loss Strategy (Video)


Gayle King had often struggled with weight gain such as during the pandemic when covid restrictions couldn’t let us be physically active. However, she puts in consistent effort to not only lose but also maintain her desired weight by working out every week and being mindful of what she eats. While she tries out different diets to stay healthy, she doesn’t deprive herself of food.

She has a positive approach to losing weight and makes sure she remains fit by building some muscle and staying active whenever she is out doing the things that she loves. 


Did Gayle King Use Ozempic?

There Are Speculations But Gayle King Has Not Accepted That She Used Ozempic For Weight Loss Ever.

How Did Gayle King Lose Weight?

Gayle King Lost Weight With A Healthy Diet And Consistent Workout Plans. She Started Her Journey With A Weight Watcher Diet Plan And Lost 28 Lbs Initially Then She Started Soup Diet And Later Lost 7 Pounds.

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