Camila Cabello Weight Gain.

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Seeing your favorite celeb going from fab to fat hits hard. Many people are searching for Camila Cabello weight gain. The singer has gained a little weight in a lockdown period. But currently, she has gained her lean figure back.

The pandemic has altered our lives in more ways than one, and its prevalence is a daily reminder to us. The lockdown and stay-at-home orders had inevitably impaired our daily mobility and posed restrictions on our monotony. As the quarantine period ended, most of us could go back to our routine, while few struggled. Many celebrities have come forward to share their quarantine experiences, claiming that one of the main consequences emerged to be unexpected weight gain. With gyms shut down, many struggled to stick with their habit of remaining physically active. Many complained of deteriorating mental health as well. 

Camila Cabello is one such celebrity who has openly spoken about her weight gain during the lockdown. The popular singer was previously seen in a leaner shape, however, she now appears to have put on a few pounds and accentuated her curves. In this article, we’ll explore all the latest updates about Camila Cabello’s weight gain.

Who Is Camila Cabello? 

Camila Cabello is a Cuban-American musician and songwriter. She was born in Cuba but later moved to Florida when she was a child. She discontinued her studies in ninth grade to become a singer, however, she later earned a diploma in high school studies. Camila has had a successful musical career, and she was particularly famous for infusing Latin music into modern-day pop. She rose to prominence with her association with the girl band Fifth Harmony where several of their songs had topped the billboards. 

She had ventured into independent projects as well, such as collaborating with Shawn Mendes, whom she later started dating, for songs such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Señorita. Her work has garnered widespread appreciation and she has several accolades to her name, including five American Music Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, and Billboard Music Award. Earlier in 2021, she had even ventured into acting by playing the titular character Cinderella

Camila Cabello Weight Gain

With great popularity comes the cons of being in the public eye more frequently than one would prefer. Inevitably, privacy will be compromised and the slightest change in your appearance can trigger numerous rumors. A similar incident had occurred in the case of Camila Cabello as well, where several pictures of her time spent by a beach had surfaced online. While it was not out of the ordinary, the pictures have sparked a debate online as the singer had seemed to put on a few pounds. She looked different from her earlier lean physique and this prompted her fans to raise several speculations of her weight gain. 

Since this was rumored to have occurred after her break up with long-term partner Shawn Mendes, many of her fans were worried if that had a role to play in her weight gain. Her sudden weight gain had sparked various rumors on social media, where few even suspected that she might be pregnant! However, Camila had never infused any truth to these statements, letting them remain as mere rumors. 

Camila Cabello Before After Picture

How Camila deals with comments about her weight gain

Camila had several times mentioned in the past how comments about her weight gain had deeply affected her and oftentimes made her feel conscious of her body. 

Every time I go to this beach club in Miami, I get papped, she wrote. “Somehow when I check in, paps know and get me in my bikini, and every time I’ve felt super vulnerable and unprepared-I’ve worn bikinis that were too small and paid no mind to how I looked, and then saw pictures online and comments and been so upset.” 

She took to TikTok to address this issue and posted a video that soon turned viral garnering over 4 million likes. In the video, Camila says, “I was just running in the park, minding my own business, trying to be fit, trying to keep it healthy and I’m wearing a top that shows my belly and I wasn’t tucking it in because I was running and existing like a normal person that doesn’t tuck it in all the time. But then I reminded myself that being at war with your body is so last season. I am grateful for this body that lets me do what I need to do.” 


Camila Cabello is a popular songwriter and singer who has been making news about her weight gain for several days now. Following the pandemic, many people suffered from drastic weight gain due to restrictions on moving about and hitting the gym. Camila seems to be one such celebrity who had faced similar issues with managing her weight and this had inevitably sparked debate on the internet. Various rumors emerged and Camila had opened up about how she had felt conscious and vulnerable when her pictures surfaced on the internet. 

She claimed that she was grateful for her body and that it lets her do all the things she wishes to do and emphasized the need for body positivity, as it is impossible to constantly meet the changing beauty standards of the industry. Irrespective of her weight gain, we know for sure that Camila Cabello continues to look her best and do fabulous work as always.

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