Erika Jayne Weight Loss 2023, Ozempic Use, And Surgery Reality.

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Erika Jayne weight loss is definitely a hot topic in recent times as the RHOBH star is looking slimmer. Erika Jayne has been accused by many of using Ozempic for quick weight loss but the songstress always denies the speculations.

The internet is flooded with celebrities coming out in support of Ozempic, and how the wonder drug had helped them lose weight in just a few weeks or months – something they couldn’t achieve in even years previously. With the recent rise in the use of these drugs and other surgical treatments, we cannot tell who is losing weight naturally and who isn’t. The recent interest in Erika Jayne weight loss had us wondering if the RHOBH star had succumbed to Ozempic too.

In this article, we’ll explore her staggering weight loss and everything that helped her in her journey. 

Erika Jayne Weight Loss.

Erika Jayne is a popular American singer and actress who rose to fame with her first single “Roller Coaster” which was placed at number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. In 2015, she also starred in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which gained her widespread acclaim.

However, the actress seemed to have lost a significant amount of weight in her recent pictures that are trending everywhere on the internet. Erika flaunts her slim and fit body on the recent Homeless Not Toothless Gala red carpet, and her fans couldn’t help but wonder, how did she lose all that weight? 

Erika Jayne Before After Picture
Erika Jayne Before And After Picture – Source: Instagram/Erika Jayne

What Might Have Helped Erika Jayne In Her Weight Loss?

Many factors affect the weight and shape of a person, the most important ones being exercise and diet. Consistently breaking a sweat in the gym and monitoring what you eat can help you get your desired results, but it requires patience. It is due to this reason that many people do not stick with these habits for long as they tend to look for quick solutions.

Moreover, negative factors such as stress, and chronic illness also contribute to weight loss, but it is not a healthy way to lose weight

The various factors that could have helped Erica Jayne lose that extra weight are: 

Consistent Exercise

Being an actress is no easy job. Erika had mentioned once in the past that the busier you get, the less time you get to work out. We couldn’t help but agree. However, despite such hurdles, she faces every day, Erika manages to log some hours in the gym every week.

Her weekly exercise plan includes at least 3-4 days a week of working out, where she does both cardio and strength training. This combination helps her lose weight or keep a check on her existing weight and also helps build lean muscle. 

She started training with Alfonso Moretti in 2017 and claims that he put her on a vigorous workout plan that helps her exercise every part of her body, right from the head to toe. As a performer, it is necessary that she works out and remains in good shape to give her best. 

Choosing The Right Diet

Erika claims that she is on a sensible diet plan and has a very disciplined approach when it comes to consuming food. Her average day looks something like this: 

  • For breakfast, she has some egg whites, avocados, and grilled tomatoes. 
  • During lunch, she mostly sticks to something with loads of chicken. 
  • For dinner, as she mentions, she is not supposed to eat as much as she does, but she enjoys a great meal of pasta anyway. 

She might not compromise on her daily quantity of meals and she doesn’t seem like she would restrict herself from enjoying the foods that she likes all that much.

However, she makes it a point to not consume processed foods and sugary items that just add empty calories to the body and bring in no significant nutritional value. Like most fitness enthusiasts, Erika understands the importance of healthy living and eating to remain in your best shape. 

Handling Stress

Being a celebrity is a busy and stressful job. Many of her admirers have been showing concern for her ever since her split with her husband, following which she appeared to have lost quite a few pounds. Erika had been through an incredible amount of stress post her divorce due to the never-ending legal battles, which could have contributed to her weight loss as well. We hope that isn’t true because weight loss due to stress is never a good way to cut that extra fat

Did Erika Jayne Use Ozempic? 

When you’re a public figure, you often have to face the pressure of looking perfect in front of the camera. Online trollers and bullies don’t make celebrities’ lives easy either. Hence, there is a rise in people opting for Ozempic, which is helping them lose weight quickly and efficiently.

Ozempic is a medical drug that is used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus, however, it is now being used by many people to reduce their weight. It is an expensive drug and not everyone has access to it, hence we commonly see only celebrities and popular personalities use it to help them in their weight loss. 

Erika Jayne Weight Loss
Source: Instagram/Erika Jayne

Following her drastic body transformation, fans are suspecting if their favorite celebrity had succumbed to using this miracle drug. However, there is no evidence to prove Erica has been using Ozempic, nor has she publicly made any statement in its favor.

A few days back there were also rumors about Erika’s other co-star from RHOBH Kyle Richards’s Ozempic use. But like Erika Jayne, Kyle also didn’t accept anything about using Ozempic.

Did Erika Jayne Undergo Weight Loss Surgery? 

Bariatric surgical procedures are on the rise, especially in people struggling to lose weight. It is an efficient treatment option that can help achieve great results in a short span of time. However, Erika Jayne did not publicly reveal that she had opted for this course of treatment. 


The RHOBH fame’s before and after pictures have definitely piqued her fans’ curiosity as to how the actress had managed to lose all her weight. While few suspected that Erika Jayne was using Ozempic, few others are speculating if she had undergone weight loss surgery.

From what we gathered, the actress had succumbed to neither and had instead been following a great diet and exercise regime, and had consistently put in efforts to remain in good shape. Despite being a busy person, she makes time to show up to the gym at least 3-4 times a day and makes sure she gets the necessary nutrition to remain healthy.

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Did Erika Jayne use Ozempic for weight loss?

It has been speculated widely by people but Erika Jayne has not accepted using Ozempic for weight loss.

Did Erika Jayen undergo weight loss surgery?

Erika Jayne has definitely a significant amount of weight but it is unconfirmed whether she has taken the help of surgery or not yet.

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