Nikocado Avocado Weight Loss And Illness 2023. Is He Dead?


Nikocado Avocado weight loss is a topic that millions of people want to know about. The YouTuber has struggled a lot with his health issues. Even there were rumors about his death but they were all baseless.

Born Nicholas Perry, Nikocado Avocado is a popular YouTuber and American internet celebrity who has made a distinct name for himself by consuming vast quantities of fast food on camera. And this is all while discussing his personal life and relationships in the videos. Over the years, we have seen Nikocado’s journey from veganism to non-vegan mukbang videos, capturing millions of people’s attention online.

Unfortunately, this enormous attention from millions of people online has led to several major controversies that have made the YouTuber center of attention over the years. In this article, we will go over the exact truth behind all the past and ongoing rumors about Nikado Avocado weight loss journey, his health struggles, and the challenges he faces in the public eye.

Who is Nikocado Avocado?

Nikocado Avocado, whose real name is Nicholas Perry, is a YouTuber and social media personality known for his “mukbang” videos. Mukbang originated in South Korea. In which individuals consume large amounts of food on camera while engaging with their viewers on various topics.

Nikocado Avocado’s content often features him eating excessive amounts of fast food and discussing various topics, including his personal life and relationships. As a vegan YouTuber, Nikocado started his YouTube journey around 2014. However, he later changed his eating preferences and transitioned to a non-vegan diet, and started making mukbang videos, which gained him significant popularity. 

His videos are often characterized by their dramatic and emotional nature, attracting fans and critics. As of April 2023, he has over 3.56M subscribers on his main channel, but it doesn’t feature other channels on YouTube anymore.

Did He Lose Some Weight?

Nikocado has been in the public eye for his weight and health struggles for a long. A major part of this public personality has even led to many rumors spreading online regarding this overall weight loss journey. Despite these rumors, it looks like he has not lost any amount of weight.

In recent years, Nikocado has opened up about his struggles with his body weight and health, revealing that he finds it difficult to walk properly and that he has had several physical issues, including frequent episodes of diarrhea and crying in the bathroom. 

Despite facing these challenges, Nikocado has been consistent in posting videos for his fans. He can still be seen consuming large amounts of unhealthy and junk food on camera but the same thing has now led to multiple serious concerns among the online community regarding his health. However, it clearly seems like the YouTuber has not made any noticeable or significant changes in his diet and overall lifestyle.

Health Problems

The online personality, Perry, who rose to fame for his food-eating videos, was not always indulging in fast food on camera. However, Perry eventually gave up being a vegan and explained his reasoning in a video he posted back in 2016. 

He cited his changing beliefs about consuming animal products and his frustration with the “vegan community” as the reasons for his decision to stop making vegan-related content.

Years later, in a conversation with Trisha Paytas on her podcast, Perry talked about the health problems he faced as a vegan. He revealed that he had a rotted tooth, a vitamin B-12 deficiency, and hypoglycemia, which he believes might have been related to his veganism.

 Although he did not confirm a direct link between his health problems and being vegan, he admitted that he had never experienced these issues before adopting a vegan diet.

Is Nikodo Avocado Dyeing?

In July 2022, rumors began circulating online that Nikocado Avocado, a popular YouTuber known for his mukbang videos, had passed away at the age of 30. The rumors took no time to spread everywhere on social media, which took many people who were his videos on a regular basis shocked and in complete disbelief.

There were a lot of reports and rumors but there was no official confirmation or proof to support the claim that Nikocado Avocado had passed away. Still, the subscribers kept on wondering whether the rumors were true or if it was just another malicious hoax.

While some fans speculated that Nikocado Avocado’s absence from social media for a long period was hinting at something sinister, others pointed out that it might be possible that Nikocado may simply have been taking a break or dealing with personal issues.

However, with time it was revealed that it was nothing but just a baseless and false rumor. Nikocado Avocado continued to post content on his YouTube channel, and there were no official reports of any incidents or accidents that would have led to his passing. 

The rumors are still a reminder of why it’s important to always verify the information before sharing or believing it, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like death or illness.

In the end, Nikocado was able to weather the storm of rumors and continue to entertain and engage with his fans through his popular videos. While the experience may have been difficult, it ultimately reinforced the importance of staying true to oneself and not giving in to unfounded speculation or gossip.

What Is His Weight Now?

Nikocado has recently made headlines after opening up about his health issues in a video. In a recent video he uploaded on his YouTube channel, the internet celebrity can be seen discussing all the challenges he has been facing related to his body weight and overall health. 

He revealed that he currently weighs around 135 kg. He further added that this significant body weight gain was obviously due to all the excessively unhealthy food he has been consuming in his videos, which took a significant toll on his body and overall health.

According to Nikocado, he was not obese before he started making mukbang videos. Yet his weight gradually went up to a staggering point in 9 years which even makes it extremely difficult to even walk properly. He stated that his obesity has made him wealthy and famous but has also caused him many physical problems.

Despite his health issues, Nikocado continues to create content for his fans. In his most recent video, he took on the Spicy Noodle Challenge, where he ate an incredibly spicy dish. The video received over a million views within just 3 weeks!

Nikocado also shared some of the unpleasant side effects of his food-eating videos, such as having diarrhea numerous times and frequently crying while sitting in the bathroom. Despite all these situations, he has been uploading regular videos on his YouTube channel that never the less receive a lot of attention which eventually pushes him to new limits. 

While Nikocado’s videos have gained him a large following and significant financial success, his revelations about his health issues have sparked a conversation about the potential consequences of mukbang videos on a creator’s well-being. 

Nikocado Avocado Weight Loss (Video)


The entire story of Nikocado Avocado serves as a cautionary tale about the potential consequences of internet fame and the content we consume. Despite his struggles with weight and health issues, Nikocado continues to create videos that entertain millions of fans. 

However, his journey also raises important questions about the impact of mukbang videos on creators’ well-being and our responsibility as viewers. As his story continues to unfold, let’s hope he can find a balance between providing entertainment and prioritizing his health.

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