7 Best And Free Weight Loss Apps For 2023.


Details about the best and free weight loss apps. Detailed ratings and features of individual applications. When you are on a weight loss journey, it is very important to keep track of what you are eating and how much you are progressing in your journey. These free weight loss apps help you in keeping a record of your little achievements through the journey.

When trying to build habits or achieve goals, it often helps when we have someone to hold us accountable. Keeping track of our progress inspires us to stay consistent with our efforts. Weight loss is a journey, one that requires persistence and patience, and having a medium such as weight loss apps to track our progress, journal our experiences, and interact with communities inspires us to remain consistent. 

Many apps are now available in the market that helps people in their weight loss journey. When it comes to weight loss, there is no textbook rule to follow. While intermittent fasting works for some, some may find exercising yields faster and healthier results. Hence, choosing the right app that suits your weight loss plan is essential.

Best Free Weight Loss Apps

Let’s explore various weight loss apps that are available for free on both Appstore and Google play store. Each of these apps also has a paid premium version which offers more benefits such as customized meal plans, online consultations, etc. 


MyFitnessPal is a leading food-tracking app that helps you journal your daily food habits and make changes to achieve your desired weight loss. It helps you keep track of your macronutrients by scanning the barcode of the food you’re consuming. Based on your goals, it also offers a menu of expert-backed recipes to choose from with a food database of 14 million.

MyFitnessPal is one of the largest online fitness communities with over 1 million annual users. Apart from diet, it syncs data from various exercise-tracking apps on your phone such as 5k Runmeter, BTFit, RunKeeper, MapMyRun, etc. 


This app helps you reach your weight loss goals with the help of various tools such as a food tracker, workout tracker, sleep tracker, etc. It helps one remain fit by offering no-equipment home workout videos including yoga and breathing exercises. This media is a hub for various online fitness enthusiasts who come together to participate in live video classes.

Additionally, it has a calorie counter tool that helps you log your daily consumption of calories and nutrients and offers a suitable diet plan to achieve your fitness goals. HealthifyMe is an affordable and accessible tool for everyone looking to maintain a fit body while cutting down on stubborn calories.

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Lifesum is a diet-centric weight loss app that helps you build a healthier life. After logging your fitness goal into the app, you can choose your desired meal plan such as Keto, Vegan, etc. The app also provides hundreds of affordable recipes made using 5 ingredients or less along with their respective nutritional information. 

Tracking your progress is simplified by the provision of a barcode scanner that logs all the nutritional information pertaining to your meal. The weight loss meal plans are flexible, including high protein, keto, Scandinavian, etc. meal plans with customized shopping lists to help you determine what you need from the grocery store. 

Moreover, with the premium version, this app has a designated meal plan for weight loss that claims to give you guaranteed results within 3 weeks. However, there are plenty of free tools to use in this app that helps you build and stick to healthy habits. 

Lose it!

Lose it! offers the best free plans for weight loss including water tracking, macronutrient tracking, Device integration, barcode scanner, etc. Lose it! takes into account various information from synced apps, logged calorie counts, and food and water consumption to create a personalized report of your progress and eating habits. 

A unique feature in Lose it! is that of its smart camera. This feature assesses the pictures of your meals and determines their type and portion size using image recognition technology. However, this information may not always be accurate. 


Cronometer is a weight loss app with over 6 million users, having a diet-centric approach, with special emphasis on micronutrients. It helps the user lose weight with pre-planned meal plans, nutrient tracker, and exercise tracking. The calorie tracker helps the user understand their calorie requirement and keep a tab on their daily calorie intake. 

Cronometer also helps the user log various recipes and provides a food database of over 300,000 foods. Features such as barcode scanning are useful in keeping a track of the nutrient quotient of consumed foods. Cronometer can help us track up to 84 nutrients including both macro and micronutrients. It also has a fasting timer to keep a check on your fasts and syncs data with various other apps to give you a personalized report of your health. 


FatSecret is one of the best weight loss apps that offer users a community to interact, connect and support each other. They believe that weight loss is more efficient when done with friends.

 Along with peer support, it tracks calorie intake, water intake, calories burned, and barcode scanning to help you understand your progress and daily consumption. You can also log your meals, recipes, and exercise routines, and get a report to understand your progress. 


Informed decision-making helps users stick with habits for longer. Fooducate is an informative weight loss app that provides the user with extensive information about the number of calories consumed, the quality of calories, macronutrients, various meal plans, and dietary recommendations.

It analyses ingredients in meals and offers healthier alternatives. This app allows us to log our meals, water intake, and exercises.

The barcode scanner feature also reveals information about the nutritional quality of various products.

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Weight Loss App Ratings

Here is the chart of these free weight loss app ratings on Apple Appstore and Google play store.

Weight Loss AppApp Store RatingsPlay Store Ratings
MyFitnessPal4.7 Star Ratings (1,615,583 Reviews)*4.1 Star Ratings (2,596,844 Reviews)*
HealthifyMe4.6 Star Ratings (5720 Reviews)*4.5 Star Ratings (484,937 Reviews)*
Lifesum4.7 Star Ratings (130,808 Reviews)*4.3 Star Ratings (330,336 Reviews)*
Lose It!4.8 Star Ratings (583,956 Reviews)*4.5 Star Ratings (132,459 Reviews)*
Cronometer4.7 Star Ratings (45,054 Reviews)*4.5 Star Ratings (26,706 Reviews)*
FatSecret4.8 Star Ratings (9,890 Reviews)*4.6 Star Ratings (473,515 Reviews)*
Fooducate4.6 Star Ratings (73,676 Reviews)*4.3 Star Ratings (17,603 Reviews)*
* Ratings Are From The Day Of Writing This Article


While there are various weight loss apps, choosing the right one for you makes all the difference. A few features to consider while choosing a suitable weight loss app are as follows: 

  1. Features 
  2. Ease of use 
  3. Fitness goals.

Users who want to make informed decisions about their diet and meal planning would find fooducate to be a great choice, whereas those looking to prioritize micronutrients and compounds would benefit from a cronometer.

Apps such as MyFitnessPal and Healthify provide all-around features to cater to a larger group of users. 

Choosing an appropriate weight loss app and staying consistent with your efforts are bound to bear fruitful results. 

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