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ANNOUNCING She’s Doing It: 9 Ways Highlights You

This week’s woman who makes no excuses is Linda Brodsky M. D. because she’s Expediting the Inevitable.

Brodsky took her anger and frustration at discovering she was paid less than her male peers and turned them into a full blown social media-driven campaign for gender parity in medicine. A pediatric otolaryngologist based in Buffalo, N.Y., she was part of a prominent, decade-long gender discrimination lawsuit and is an advocate for female surgeons. She’s just launched a new website, Expediting the Inevitable, and invites both doctors and the rest of us to join up.

One Note

  1. , From the dying we learn how to live. I guess I have alot of living and leniarng to do. I have learned alot from my patient and families. I have been in nursing over 40 years. It’s been like a journey for me.


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