Ariana Grande Is Going To Debut In Movie "Wicked"

She Posted Some Pictures With Her Co-star ON Her Instagram

In Her Recent Pictures She Is Lokking So Skinny

People Are Even Speculating That She Might Be Anorexic Or Suffering Eating Disorder

What Is The Reason Behind She Being So Skinny And HEr Drastic Weight Loss?

She Even Suffred Hypoglycemia, A Condition In Which Person's Glucose Levels Drops THan A Standard Limit.

She Has To Manage Her Energy Levels After Suffering From Hypoglycemia

Ariana Grande Walks 12000-14000 Steps A Day To Maintain Her Health.

She Also Eats Only Healthy Foods And Avoid  Eating Junk Foods At Any Cost.

To Know More About Ariana Grande And Eating Disorder