A Lot Of Speculations Around Katy Mixon From Weight Gain To Pregnancy To Losing Weight.


Katy Mixon is an American model and actor who attained instant stardom for her appearance in the CBS comedy show “Mike & Molly”, where she starred opposite the famous Melissa McCarthy. People’s favorite gossip magazine “Vanity Fair” described Katy Mixon’s character as the funniest aspect of the entire sitcom.

Mixon was born in March 1981 in Pensacola, Florida; she went to Alabama School Of Fine Arts, located in Birmingham, Alabama, and completed her graduation from the Pensacola Private School of Liberal Arts. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. 

After completing her studies, Katy Mixon bagged her first job as an actor in 2001 by portraying the role of Calipurnia, in Utah’s Shakespearean Festival’s adaptation of the original “Julius Caesar“.

After relocating to Los Angeles in 2003, she kicked off her acting career by appearing in smaller supporting roles in movies such as “The Quiet”, “State of Play”, “Four Christmases”, before finally bagging the leading role in “Eastbound & Down” the popular comedy series on HBO. During her initial acting days, she also starred in the premiere of “American Standard”, the interactive theatre play. 

Katy Mixon is a versatile and incredibly talented actor, who has been a part of many Hollywood films such as “Drive Angry“, “Take Shelter“, “Hell or High Water“, and also lent her voice to Tina Nelson, in the famous film “Minions“. She has been a part of TV projects, one of the most notable being her role as the main character Katie Otto in “American Housewife”, the smash hit ABC sitcom.

Being the first lead character role in her acting career, Mixon garnered positive feedback from critics and was even mentioned in People magazine’sOne To Watch” list.

How Did She Gain Weight?

While she was shooting for “American Housewife” for the role of Katie Otto, Katy Mixon rapidly gained a lot of weight – this transformation has generated a crazy buzz among the people who all want to know what happened to the actor. Many sources observe that people have gained a renewed sense of curiosity about Katy Mixon after they found out about her weight gain transformation.

In many of her before and after photos, Mixon looked practically unrecognizable; she had put on so much weight. So it is natural for her fans and followers to feel outright curious about the reasons behind her dramatic weight gain. However, it was later found that Katy went on her journey of gaining weight because she was keen to get into the skin of her character and accurately portray Katie Otto in “American Housewife”.

In an interview, she spoke about this physical transformation; that going a size or two larger was not a problem for her – she is a very positive person when it comes to her body.

The fact that she is super comfortable in her skin and does not let society or media dictate her decisions, is proof of her intense dedication to her work. Whether she is a size 2 or size 12 did not come in the way of her commitment to portraying the role of the main character accurately in “American Housewife“.

Was She Pregnant In “Mike & Molly”?

In her career spanning at least twenty years, Katy Mixon has played the roles of mothers such as April Buchanon the quirky art mentor in “Eastbound & Down” and Katie Otto in “American Housewife”. In real life, she is the proud mother of a girl and a boy – Elektra and Kingston – with her husband Breaux Greer who is a retired Olympic track and field athlete.

Katy Mixon and Breaux Greer met in 2014 and tied the knot two years later in 2016, which is the same year Katy kick-started her acting career with “American Housewife”. When she was into filming the first season of this series, she got pregnant with her son Kingston – she filmed that entire season carrying her baby in her womb, and the crew went out of their way to make the task easier for her in that stage.

When asked about her experience, Mixon said that both she and her husband have always wanted to have babies, and they were pretty flexible about whenever they would become parents. She commented that she tends to “tackle a lot of things at once” and she has done a “doozy deal” this time because she had always wanted to be a mother. The crew of “American Housewife” was super supportive during her pregnancy as she was filming they decided that she would wear bigger shirts to hide her bump. 

Much to her surprise, within 6 months of giving birth to her first child, when Katy Mixon was filming the second season of the same series, she found out that she was expecting her second baby!

Has Katy Mixon Lost Any Weight Recently?

After her pregnancies and weight gain, people observed Katy Mixon to have lost weight significantly in 2018 – this also got them speculating and wondering about the reason behind her weight loss. Ever since Katy played the role of Katie Otto in “American Housewife“, she garnered skyrocketing fame and became a household name. And with great fame comes the scrutinizing public spotlight – so the slightest changes about her appearance set off the biggest waves of speculations.

She was the epitome of body positivity and has always been highly confident about her body, so her sudden weight loss transformation confused her fans. Many people started spreading rumors that the actor must have resorted to cosmetic surgery procedures to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape. However, according to some sources, Katy went on a dairy-free diet and consumed Thin Zone Keto Boost, which helped her shed those unwanted extra kilos.


Katy Mixon, with her loads of confidence and elegance, looks stunning in every possible body size – whether it is after gaining weight or shedding weight dramatically. She says that she is “kind of rock and roll‘ and that we do not need to compare ourselves to stay confident and cool.

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