Speculations About Angie Stone’s Weight Loss, Illness And Hospitalization Decoded!


Angie Stone is an American songwriter, singer, actor, and record producer who shot to fame during the latter part of the 70s as a member of “The Sequence”, the popular hip-hop rap trio. Professionally known as Angie Stone, she was born Angela Laverne Brown in December 1961 in Columbia, South Carolina. Her father was a member of the local gospel choir and Angie also took to gospel music initially at the First Nazareth Baptist Church.

When Angie was 16 years of age, during the late 1970s, she formed an all-female hip-hop band named “The Sequence”, which comprised Gwendolyn Chisolm and Cheryl Cook. This rap hip hop trio was signed up by Sugar Hill Records and garnered popularity after their single “Funk You Up” became a hit, reaching the top 15 of the Top Black Singles chart in the USA.

During the earlier part of the 90s, Angie Stone joined Vertical Hold, the R&B trio, and became the lead vocalist of the band whose popular tracks include “Seems You’re Much Too Busy”. Stone released her debut solo album titled “Black Diamond” in 1999 on Arista Records, which earned a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America and scored the popular single “No More Rain (In This Cloud)”.

Her second album, titled “Mahogany Soul”, was released in 2001, and contained the hit single soundtrack “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”, followed by more albums like “Stone Love” and her first ever number one album on the USA Billboard, “The Art Of Love & War”.

In the 2000s, Angie Stone debuted in the acting space and marked her debut with the 2002 comedy movie “The Hot Chick”. She marked her stage theatre debut back in 2003 in the Broadway musical titled “Chicago”, where she played the role of Big Mama Morton. Since then she has acted in supporting roles in various TV series and musical productions such as “Celebrity Fit Club” on VH1, “R&B Divas” on TV One, and movies such as “School Gyrls”, “Pastor Brown” and “The Fighting Temptations”.

Angie Stone has been nominated thrice for Grammy Awards and is the winner of two Soul Train Lady Of Soul Awards. 

Has Angie Stone Lost Weight?

Yes, 62-year-old Angie Stone has indeed lost a significant amount of body weight – reportedly, she used to weigh around 300 pounds earlier. Her remarkable weight loss transformation was spotted by her fans and followers after she posted some of her recent pictures on her social media handle.  

However, there came a time when she was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes, which proved to be a life-altering moment for her. For, it was then that she was seriously advised to take charge of her lifestyle and incorporate healthy changes, and lose weight. The medications she was administered for her diagnosis of Type-2 diabetes were also responsible for her immense weight gain. But Angie Stone decided to embark on her weight loss journey after she suffered from critical complications like hypertension that was triggered by diabetes, which she treated as a wake-up call. 

When she was 61 years of age, Angie Stone kick-started her journey towards weight loss – she accepted the invitation to become a participant in VH1’s reality fitness program called “Celebrity Fit Club”. However, being part of this program, she was able to shed only a meager 20 pounds which comprised a humble 8 percent of her body weight then.

While this outcome did certainly not meet her expectations or weight loss goals, it did not deter the singer-actor from achieving her target. She kept her motivation strong went ahead with crucial dietary changes, and even considered opting for a gastric bypass surgery as a potent solution for weight loss.

A couple of years ago, in 2022, she reportedly put on about 154 pounds and was also diagnosed with high cholesterol and hypertension, along with diabetes. But after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, Stone was able to get rid of a whopping 100 pounds, which helped her overcome her health challenges and embrace holistic wellness. 

Is She Sick And Hospitalized?

During her music career spanning decades, Angie Stone has been a frequent target of the public’s hate comments about her body weight and complexion. She has often spoken out about her experience with body shaming, talking about how she used to deal with such hurt and maintain her self-respect despite such emotional hassles.

Recently, speculations have been circulating all over social media, with fans expressing concern after hearing about the health status of Angie Stone. As we have mentioned already, Angie has been suffering from diabetes Type-2 for many years now – her first diagnosis happening back in 1999. The Grammy-nominated singer has been candid about her struggles with diabetes and how she has been trying to manage her condition and balance her work.

While there is no news as such about her hospitalization, she did comment about signs of sarcoidosis, an inflammatory condition that affects our lungs and lymph nodes, in an interview last year. But there is no further news on this matter that we currently know about.

Her Health Update

The concern of Angie Stone’s fans deepened after they saw a video on TikTok where Stone was seen in a wheelchair in a supermarket. Netizens started spreading rumors and filled social media with comments concerning her deteriorating health.

However, the good news is that Angie Stone is currently healthy and doing fine, contrary to the death hoaxes and rumors that we were about to believe. There is no official statement published by her team or any credible source of news mentioning anything to do with her passing – so there is nothing to worry about at the moment.

Much to the relief of her fans, Angie Stone even posted about the latest album launch on her Instagram account, in which she looked quite healthy and happy. And the best thing is that the singer-actor herself claimed that she is “too busy” to suffer from any illness, proving her determination to lead a healthy and happy life.

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