Everyone Is Talking About John Mulaney’s Plastic Surgery And Being Gay After Governor’s Awards


John Mulaney is an American actor, writer, standup comedian, and producer, who gained recognition for his work for the hugely popular NBC sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live”. John Edmund Mulaney worked from 2008 to 2013 as a writer for “Saturday Night Live”, creating several characters and sketches, especially the recurring character Stefon that was co-created by Bill Hader. After Mulaney exited this program, he returned to it several times as the host, and in 2022 he also became a member of SNL Five-Timers Club.

Some of Mulaney’s most special stand-up comedy programs include “Baby J”, “The Top Part”, “Kid Gorgeous”, “The Comeback Kid”, and “New In Town”. He has been the recipient of Primetime Emmy Awards twice in the segment Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special for “Baby J” and “Kid Gorgeous”. Born in August 1982 in Chicago, John Mulaney realized that he wanted to be in the showbiz when he was only 5 years old. When he turned 7, he became a member of “The Rugrats”, a children’s sketch group based in Chicago, and even got a chance to audition for the iconic role of “Kevin” in Home Alone.

He was an active participant in the improv group at school, where he met Mike Birbiglia and Nick Kroll. Later, Mulaney joined Birbiglia on his stand-up comedy tour that helped him overcome his stage fright. One of the most prominent comedian-actors in the present USA, Mulaney also released “John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch”, which is a kids’ musical comedy on Netflix. He also lent his voice to numerous iconic characters such as Chip in “Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers”, Andrew Glouberman in “Big Mouth”, and Big Jack Horner in “Puss In Boots: The Last Wish”, among others.

John Mulaney At Governor’s Awards

John Mulaney played host at the 14th Governor’s Awards on 9th January 2024 which was held at the Ray Dolby Ballroom, and he simply killed it with his impeccable humor!

The Governor’s Awards is an annual gala conducted by the Academy Of Motion Arts and Pictures, honoring lifetime achievements in Hollywood. This awards night is usually an untelevised, sociable event that draws in virtually all the contenders but presents the honorary Oscars to only those who were determined several months ago. This year, this event awarded honorary Oscars to actors Angela Bassett, Mel Brooks, and Carol Littleton the film editor, and also the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award to Michelle Satter of Sundance Institute. 

Mulaney kickstarted the show by saying that it was “an honor and a favor to be here“, and went on with his monologue on the year in movies and the honorees for this year’s gala. His polished humorous comments and comic timing kept the star-studded audience in splits. At some point during his speech, he kind of insinuated himself in front of the celebrity audience by commenting that he is not just another “goddamned stand-up comedian” who was there to make fun.

He added that he was a Hollywood actor who was much in demand and to prove so, he started reading an email from his agents asking him to attach and send them an audition for some role. Joking about his “strategic obligation” hosting this year’s Governor’s Awards, John Mulaney humored his audience saying that it was a “pleasure to stand here on this temporary stage”. 

Has He Undergone Any Plastic Surgery?

After his recent appearances on numerous events and TV shows, people have started gossiping and guessing whether comedian John Mulaney might have opted for plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is pretty common nowadays, and celebs are the most likely people to choose to go under the knife, which has prompted the public to believe that Mulaney might have gone for it. However, there is no evidence available anywhere on the internet to confirm the rumors that have been making the rounds on social media. Even Mulaney has not addressed any of the comments or shared any response or reaction that might indicate if people are guessing on the right track. 

Some of his fans and followers believe that Mulaney looks somewhat changed because he is aging, a process that is natural and brings with it various changes in our appearance. So any change in his appearance has got to stem from the change in his hairstyle, and him getting older, and nothing else. While it is common for many celebrities and public personalities to resort to cosmetic surgery upgrades, it seems highly unlikely that John Mulaney has also done the same.

Speculations About Being Gay

Apart from secretly believing that he has undergone plastic surgery, people also have suspicions regarding the sexuality of John Mulaney! 

Mulaney is the master of observational humor; his comedy very often revolves around personal narratives, and he is known to delve into self-deprecating jokes about his mannerisms and appearance. As a result, many of his fans and followers have sparked speculations that the standup comedian might be gay. And his many references to themes of relationships and love have further strengthened their suspicion. 

It all began when John Mulaney would joke about LGBTQ+ presumptions and stereotypes and leverage his platform to support LGBTQ+ rights – he is also engaged in charitable endeavors for fundraising for the LGBTQ+ community. 

However, the comedian is not a gay man – he is currently married to Olivia Munn, the actress, after the duo started dating in 2021; the couple even had their first child together in October 2021. 

The news of Mulaney dating Munn was shared with the public in the same month when Mulaney announced his split with his ex-wife, Anna Marie Tendler. John and Anna Marie were the power couple of comedy who fell in love in 2010 and married in 2014. However, they announced their separation in 2021 amidst rumors of Mulaney dating Olivia Munn.

So, going by his partner preferences, we can see that he has never been in same-sex relationships – so it is clear that the famous American standup comedian is a straight man.

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