Karina From Aespa: Rumors Around Her Plastic Surgery & Dating Life Decoded!


Yu Jin-min, more popularly known as Karina, is currently a global news sensation among her fans and lovers of Korean pop music. This South Korean pop star is the leading member of the very popular K-pop girl band, Aespa, which was created by SM Entertainment, in 2020. Karina is also one of the members of the South Korean “supergroup”, called GOT The Beat, which marked its debut a couple of years ago in January 2022. 

Born in April 2000 in the Suwon region in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Karina is a practicing Catholic with her baptismal name as Katarina, which is the inspiration behind her stage name “Karina”. She attended Seongnam Shingi Elementary School and later went to Hansol High School before earning her GED certificate. While still in school, Karina was very active on social media, which helped her get noticed and picked up by a talent scouting team from SM Entertainment. After that, she received her training for 4 years under SM Entertainment before finally making her debut. 

Karina was introduced by SM Entertainment as a band member with varied talents, starting from singing and dancing to acting and rapping. She earned supreme popularity for being a sultry rapper and dynamic dancer. In 2020, she was named the second member of the all-girl K-pop band Aespa, and the same year, in November, she marked her debut as the leader of Aespa with their hit digital track “Black Mamba”. She was announced as a member of the Got The Beat supergroup in 2021 along with her fellow band member Winter and other eminent stars such as Hyoyeon and Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, BoA, and Wendy and Seulgi from Red Velvet.

Last year in September, Karina released her single track “Sad Waltz” as part of “Song Of The Bandits”, which is a South Korean Netflix series. As per reports, she is also going to participate in the unscripted Netflix show, “Agents Of Mystery”, which is all set to go on air this year.

Recognized as one of the top K-pop artists in the world, Karina is the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s face of the “Tour Promotion Program”, which is designed to attract and assist visitors to the beautiful city of Seoul.

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Rumors About Karina’s Platic Surgery & Transformation

Stunning beautiful, and the owner of flawless facial features, Karina has often been a target of the public’s speculations about going under the knife. It is very natural for people to watch in disbelief when someone is blessed by such impeccable beauty that makes them look like a drawing. However, there have been countless times when Karina was a subject of suspicions and rumors – people felt that she must have resorted to plastic surgery, otherwise, how could a person be that pretty?

People have been mostly concerned about Karina’s nose – as per their observation, her nose seemed to appear much lifted, compared to her “old” nose. Now, it is a very common trend in Korea for people to go under the knife to get their noses perfected cosmetically. So many people believed that Karina, too, had done the same thing; like many others, she had also opted for a nose job to attain a more chiseled and raised look.

Apart from rumors about getting a nose job, the public has also been talking about the change in her eye area. People have posted Karina’s pre-debut and current photos and compared them to establish their claims about Karina’s alleged plastic surgery to alter the shape of her eyes.

If you closely notice her older photos and recent ones, you can see that her eyes seemed to look significantly “opened up” than before. Earlier her eyes seemed to be smaller compared to her eyes now, which has prompted people to start spreading rumors. Besides, some plastic surgeons have also voiced their comments on social media, calling out Karina’s face as “unrealistic”, which has added fuel to this fire.

However, there is no valid data or any official statement on the internet that even remotely points out the fact that Karina went under the knife. There are videos of Karina pressing her nose tip repeatedly, which is believed by Koreans to be the finest way to confirm that their nose is not the outcome of plastic surgery. Moreover, her fans have gone out of their way to defend Karina, rubbishing off her plastic surgery speculations, by posting many of her old and new pictures to confirm that her nose is now exactly as it used to be earlier. 

So, as of now, Karina’s plastic surgery rumors, spread by the public, are nothing but unfounded claims about the K-pop sensation.

Her Dating Life

If reports are to be believed, cupid has finally struck the bow at K-pop superstar Karina of the all-girl band Aespa, and Korean actor Lee Jae Wook. This news was first broken out to the world by “Dispatch”, the popular Korean news agency, which in turn confirmed the suspicions of her fans and followers who believed for a long time that something was brewing between the two of them.

As per the news report published by “Dispatch”, the duo met for the first time at the Prada fashion show held in Milan in January 2024. As they got closer after their first meeting, sparks instantly flew, and the duo started dating. Despite their extremely busy schedules, they managed to quietly slip out for dates in Milan, and even after returning to Seoul; Karina was even spotted near the “Alchemy Of Souls” actor’s house, one midnight. 

As soon as the news spread to K-pop fans all over the world, the individual agencies of both Karina and Lee Jae Wook also confirmed their relationship. They said that they are extremely busy professionals, but are taking their time to get to know each other better, so the public must respect their privacy. 

An insider commented that “it’s fair to say they fell in love at first sight” right from the time they met at the Prada fashion show.

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