Reddit Says Letterkenny’s Michelle Mylett Underwent Plastic Surgery!


One of the most gorgeous Canadian actors of today’s times, Michelle Mylett shot to instant stardom after portraying the role of Katy on “Letterkenny”, the popular comedy series on Crave. 

Michelle Mylett kickstarted her acting career with the film “Antisocial“, which was released back in 2013. Over time, she acted in various other films, such as “She Stoops To Conquer“, and “The Drownsman” to name a few notable ones. Apart from being a part of films and TV projects, Michelle is also a cast member of the full-motion video game launched by Wales Interactive, titled “The Complex”. 

The actor has recently been in pop news, talking about her long-standing association with the hugely popular Canadian sitcom “Letterkenny”. In her recent appearances on TV and social media, as Michelle talks about her experience, the audience seemed to have noticed some changes in the way she looks and started gossiping – more on this topic shortly!

Who Is Michelle Mylett?

Most people will recognize Michelle Mylett as the protagonist, i.e., leading lady, of the smash, hit Canadian sitcom named “Letterkenny”. Born in January 1989, Michelle Mylett is a Canadian actor, who grew up in the picturesque town of Ladysmith located in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

After completing her schooling, Michelle bagged her first job working as a cheerleader for the BC Lions, in the Canadian Football League. She got her first break as an actor in 2013, in the horror film “Antisocial”, and then went on to star in many other films such as “El Camino Christmas”, “She Stoops To Conquer” and “The Drownsman” in the lead role. Mylett has also starred in supporting roles in other movies, such as “The Strain“, “Ascension“, “Was I Kidnapped“, and “Lost Girl“, to name a few. 

Her work can also be seen in several independent feature films, such as “Buckout Road” where she stars opposite Evan Ross and Danny Glover, and “Goliath” where she plays the lead role of Violet. She has also been a part of a film directed by Cody Callahan, which belongs to the “Antisocial” franchise. She has also been a part of several TV projects, like, “Bad Blood“, “Four In The Morning”, and of course “Letterkenny”, that brought extensive fame and popularity to her. 

As per sources, Michelle Mylett currently resides in British Columbia, Canada, with her pet doggo, named “Clementine”.

Has She Undergone Plastic Surgery?

As we mentioned a while back, Michelle Mylett has recently been in the headlines along with her costars, talking about “Letterkenny”, as it draws to its final closing season. Now, this sitcom has been hugely popular in Canada, and as its leading character, all eyes have been on Michelle, quite obviously, and people have been endlessly curious about her personal life.

But off late, something else about Michelle Mylett has caught the audience’s attention – changes in her before and after looks. And that is how the rumor mills have started rolling for Michelle once again, and that too, out of nowhere!

Social media users have gone above and beyond in spreading rumors about the Canadian star going under the knife. A few years ago, something she tweeted about being a “starving artist”, raised suspicions that she might be insecure about her physical appearance. This again, led people to speculate the possibility of her opting for cosmetic enhancements to feel confident about her looks. 

Michelle Mylett has a stunning physique and height that is perfectly proportioned, so the public is curious if she has always been that way or got her body sculpted by some plastic surgeon! People also seemed suspicious of her “duck lips”, saying that she might have got some work done on them, like filler injections

However, all of these suspicions and speculations remain unaddressed and unconfirmed as of now – the actor has never reacted or responded to any of these claims.

Her Role In “Letterkenny”

Mylett plays Katy, the protagonist in “Letterkenny“, the extremely hit Canadian sitcom that has been airing on Crave TV since 2016. Katy is the sibling of the character Wayne in this series and is quite a fascinating character who is highly confident and somewhat outspoken by nature. Katy, undoubtedly the fan-favorite character, shares a complex relationship with her brother, though she loves him dearly. She has a quirky and sharp sense of humor and is characterized by her superbly charismatic nature. 

The characters of Katy and Wayne are both extremely significant, for they truly set the tone of the entire series. Katy 

Michelle Mylett has garnered extensive critical acclaim for her portrayal of the character Katy in “Letterkenny“. At the 8th Canadian Screen Awards event in 2020, she earned a Canadian Screen Award nomination in the segment, “Best Actress In A Comedy Series”.

Starting with the horror genre of films and then moving on to thrillers and comedy films as well as TV projects, Michelle Mylett is one of the most versatile and talented actors in the present day. Her rise to stardom is well supported by her profound acting prowess, advancing gradually but steadily through her career path.

She Is Famous on Reddit

Over the years, as Michelle kept wowing her audience with one mind-blowing performance after another, she also kept garnering admiration from a huge base of fans and followers. She has been a popular topic of discussion on social media platforms, especially Reddit, where she even has a separate subreddit thread dedicated to her!

She posts these “ask me anythingdiscussion threads on Reddit, where her followers on that platform can post comments and questions for her to answer. This is a fantastic way of interacting with the audience and people appreciate such stuff where they can directly, almost chat with their favorite actors. Michelle is also seen to fulfill birthday wish requests of her followers, and generally casually engage with them. 

As such, she is famous on Reddit and extremely popular, for being in touch with her fans and followers.

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