Who Is Ivy Queen From Puerto Rico? Male, Gay, Transgender, Or Just A Plastic Surgery Effect?


The legend of reggaeton from Puerto Rico, Ivy Queen, has recently been in the news for her massive award wins in 2023 – she won Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro Legado Musical Al Genero Urbano award as well as the Icon Award at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

In her recent talk with “People” magazine, when asked about her plans for the New Year, Ivy Queen said that she said that she wants to do a little bit of everything she wants because she plans to make things happen this year and not just keep them in a bucket list.

One of the richest reggaeton artists in the current times, Ivy Queen, reportedly had a net worth of 10 million USD back in 2017. She is known for her unique musical style, categorized as reggaeton, which is essentially an urban music genre with roots in Caribbean and Latin music. However, she is also a specialist in other genres of Latin and Spanish music, including salsa, hip hop, bachata, and merengue – she is hailed as the “Queen of Bachata” as much as she is the “Queen of Reggaeton“. 

Who Is Ivy Queen From Puerto Rico?

Ivy Queen” is the professional name of Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodríguez, who is a globally famous rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor from Puerto Rico. Born in March 1972 in Añasco, Puerto Rico, Ivy Queen is considered one of the stalwarts in the reggaeton genre of music and is also hailed as one of the greatest Latin musical artists of all time.

Ivy Queen’s parents relocated to New York when she was very young; and she was raised there and completed her schooling there before securing admission to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, where she studied music. But she started her career with “The Noise” in Puerto Rico, which was essentially an all-male group – she went there after turning 18 years of age, after being invited by DJ Negro.

With the band, she delivered her first ever song titled “Somos Raperos Pero No Delincuentes“, in 1995; she launched her debut solo studio album titled “En Mi Imperio” the next year. This album was quickly chosen for distribution by Sony Discos in 1997, and since then, there has been no looking back.

However, she only shot to stardom in 2003, after collaborating with an independent record label to launch her third studio album, titled, “Diva“. After that, several of her albums, namely, “Diva“, “Sentimiento“, and “Flashback“, earned Platinum and Gold record status, awarded by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Her seventh launch, the studio album named, “Drama Queen“, launched in 2010, featured a track in the top ten single named, “La Vida Es Asi”. Her next album, “Musa”, received a Grammy nomination in 2012.

One of the most famous reggaeton artists with the highest net worth, Ivy Queen also hosts the original podcast on Spotify, named “Loud”. In this podcast, she discusses the origin and history of reggaeton along with several other eminent Latin music artists.

Details About Her Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become very common among celebrities and public personalities – but very few of them acknowledge or admit that they have resorted to cosmetic enhancements. However, Ivy Queen is not among those celebs – she is a queen and has candidly talked about going under the knife.

Back in 2013, when she was asked in an interview, “Mnet’s Beatle Code”, about speculations regarding her plastic surgery, the reggaeton icon confessed to it and talked about her experience. After her confession about undergoing plastic surgery, she shot to every news headline, intriguing people all over the world and generating further curiosity among her fans and followers.

She said that many people would ask about her face, so when the host of the interview, MC Yoo Sang Moo asked if she underwent plastic surgery, she remarked, with all honesty, that “I can’t claim I didn’t“. But she added that not all her facial structures are cosmetically altered because one could spot her double eyelids even in her childhood photos. So, as per the reggaeton superstar, though she did get some work done on her face, it is not like she entirely changed her face through plastic surgery.

Ivy Queen is often asked about her plastic surgery, so in another interview of hers, she said that she does not like to wear the same look for a very long time. That is why she wants to keep evolving and experimenting with different new looks all the time. It is not that she does that out of fear or some negative feeling about herself, but she insists that people should not feel embarrassed about changing themselves.

Rumors About Her Being Transgender

The world hails Ivy Queen for her distinctive appearance and voice quality, which is also why people often doubt her gender identity. Also hailed as La Diva, the Queen or even La Caballota, Ivy Queen is often suspected by the public to belong to the transgender community. 

Rumors about her gender identity mainly stem from the fact that she is the sole Queen in an ultra-macho reggaeton world, and her powerful lyrics of songs blend beautifully with her tough and unconventional image. Besides, she has been a staunch and open supporter of the LGBTQ community, who, she says, is “a huge part of my career“.

The Queen is never one to hide herself behind a façade – in a recent interview, she addressed rumors about her being transgender. She mentioned that she was married to a man for 11 years, which should speak about her sexual orientation. Moreover, she said that she thinks and raps like a man because thinking from a woman’s perspective would not be ideal in her line of work.


Reggaeton is one genre of music that traditionally consists of male artists that rule the entire landscape. But Ivy Queen is globally recognized as the “only significant female reggaeton rapper”, as per Job Pareles, an eminent journalist with the New York Times.

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