Vanessa Getty’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Decoded! Her Face And Wedding Details.


Vanessa Getty is a renowned American socialite, dedicated philanthropist, entrepreneur, and fashionista; she is also the founder of San Francisco Bay Humane Friends, a non-profit organization. Vanessa has garnered tremendous recognition for championing humanitarian causes by wielding her influence in collaborating with renowned fashion houses. Apart from her fashion sense and her philanthropist works, Vanessa Getty also remains in the public eye for beauty. Many accuse her of taking the help of plastic surgery.

Vanessa Getty was born in 1972 in San Francisco, to highly illustrious parents Claude Harman Jr. and Maryann Opperman. While her father is an Academy Award-winning actor and was previously the executive director of the San Francisco International Film Festival, Vanessa’s mother was an eminent professional ballerina and former model.

She is married to William Paul Getty, who is the son of philanthropist and composer Gordon Getty, and his wife Ann Getty. Vanessa and William Getty are proud parents to three children Veronica, Alexander, and Nicholas. 

Being a seasoned socialite and fashion icon, Vanessa is well-known for her highly sophisticated sense of style and party-hosting skills. Her fundraiser galas are highly coveted events that all A-listers in Hollywood and eminent socialites look forward to – getting an invitation to her parties can make someone the buzz of the town! According to Getty, she values fashion and personal style but not trends – she considers as best-dressed, those who certainly follow fashion but are not influenced by trends.

She is known for her exquisite collection of the most coveted designer labels and dresses and awes everyone with her stunning collection of vintage gowns made by reputed designers when she makes an appearance at formal events. 

Getty was nominated as an honorary co-chair of the Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco back in 2015. As a renowned patron of humanitarian endeavors, her contributions to the development of the Peninsula Humane Society are enormous. She has also made significant contributions and donations to the campaign of Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the USA.

Rumors About Vanessa Getty’s Plastic Surgery

Vanessa Getty has always been known for her impeccable sense of style and her gorgeous looks the 50-something fashionista owns a physique that many people can only dream of. However, she has recently come under the spotlight of public scrutiny and has been a target of rave rumors – people seem to be convinced that she has been under the knife.

Plastic surgery is no longer uncommon today – with celebrities and public figures showing the way to us. Consequently, the slightest change in how they look is powerful enough to trigger waves of speculations across the internet. But people often fail to understand why someone as stunning as Vanessa Getty would even feel the requirement to upgrade their appearance by opting for cosmetic surgery. Getty has been slammed by Netizens for resorting to plastic surgery procedures to achieve a youthful appearance and stall the process of aging naturally. 

And you cannot even point your fingers at what the public suspects, for, when you compare Vanessa’s before and after photos closely, you too can easily spot the clear changes in her looks. People suspect that she has gotten a facelift – her facial skin is completely devoid of any fine lines and wrinkles, which naturally appear as we age. But Vanessa’s skin looks curiously stretchy and plump, without signs of sagging skin or hollowness in the cheek areas. This can only be achieved by means of cosmetic surgery, i.e., a facelift. 

Speculations About Her Face

The changes in Getty’s face are pretty much obvious when you happen to notice her earlier closely and current images. Previously, she had a slim face, and there was a certain warmth to it – plus, her lips, especially her upper lip, were thinner. But now, if you see her latest photos, you will see how plumped up her cheeks look, making her face look somewhat swollen. And her lips appear much plump, which was certainly not the case before. 

These differences have been noticed by people who cannot help but believe that Vanessa must have got cheek and lip fillers as well as Botox injections to achieve that fullness in her face. And she must have done some “work” to open up her eyes, too, raising suspicions of blepharoplasty.

The public has been pretty unforgiving when it comes to their comments about the changes in her face – it is not a big deal for an elite socialite like Vanessa Getty to go under the knife. However, they feel that she has gone a bit too far with her facelift since her face now looks practically expressionless – instead of adding to her elegance and beauty, it has completely ruined her face.

Social media users have commented saying that it feels kind of “comforting” to see botched plastic surgery and realize that is totally a matter of personal taste. And in the case of Vanessa Getty, they have compared her look to a “cursed waxwork figurine”.

Her Wedding Details

Vanessa Getty and William Getty had a fairytale wedding back in 1999, in the picturesque setting of California’s Napa Valley. Bride Vanessa arrived side-saddle on a horse, at sunset, looking pristine in her form-fitting white matte satin wedding gown designed by Narciso Rodriguez. 150 esteemed guests attended their wedding held at the estate of Maria Manetti Farrow, with notable names such as Denise Hale, Mayor Willie Brown, and Richard and Judy Guggenheim gracing the occasion.

Their wedding was officiated by Judge William Newsom, who was the father of the groom’s best man Gavin Newsom. After the ceremony concluded, newlyweds Vanessa and William were taken away in a Hummer golf cart and returned at dinner time, where they danced, drank, and made merry with their guests. 

Vanessa met William when she was in the sixth grade and was walking with her then-boyfriend in a park when William suddenly popped out from behind a bush and asked her to be his friend. And without a thought, Vanessa had simply ditched the other boy for William and walked with him arm-in-arm. She said that both of them always knew in their hearts that they were meant to be together.

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