Simon Cowell Son Illness. From Being Autistic To Suffering From Cancer All Are Just Fake Speculations.

Simon Cowell With Son Eric Cowell

We all know Simon Cowell from the famous American show “America’s Got Talent”. Having appeared in several television reality shows as a judge, he has been actively working for more than 40 years. Coming to his personal life, he has been clearly a well-settled family man. Simon has married Lauren Silverman and has a son named … Read more

Jenna Ortega Plastic Surgery. Has The “Wednesday” Actress Undergone cosmetic Transformation For The Role?

Comparison Picture For Jenna Ortega Plastic Surgery Speculation

Jenna Ortega is a well-known American actress known for playing Young Jane in the CW comedy series Jane the Virgin. The actress has also played Harley Diaz in the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle. This was the role for which she rightfully won the Imagen Award. But ever since her career took off … Read more

Is Trace Adkins Dead Or Alive? Rumors Surfacing About His Illness, Cancer, And Stroke.

Trace Adkins Dead Or Alive Rumors Surfacing

With his rich vocal quality and realistic narratives yet a larger-than-life presence on stage, Trace Adkins is also famous as a performer whose contributions have altered the landscape of country music. Born in January 1962 in Louisiana’s Sarepta, Adkins was profoundly passionate about music from his early childhood and was influenced much by the rich musical … Read more

Keith Urban Illness, Prostate Cancer, Accident & Death Rumors Decoded.

Musician Keith Urban

Known for his soul-stirring compositions that are major chart-toppers in global music lists, Keith is also a guitar maestro, vocalist, and songwriter. With smash hits to his credit like “Somebody Like You“, “Making Memories of US” and “You’ll Think of Me“, Keith Urban is also the recipient of highly prestigious accolades like four Grammy Awards … Read more

Trace Gallagher Illness. His Eyes And Update On His Leaving FOX.

Trace Gallagher With Wife Tracy Holmes-Gallagher

Lately, the media landscape has been buzzing with more than just breaking news. Whispe­rs have transformed into pressing que­stions surrounding the seasoned journalist, Trace­ Gallagher.  People have been talking about the changes in his eye color, which has even made the viewers suspicious of a possible illness he might be suffering from.  What’s the ongoing … Read more

Steve Magnante Illness. Speculations About His Brain Infection- Encephalitis And Health Update.

Steve Magnante Illness

Steve Magnante is a highly revered name in the world of automotive journalism who is known to have started his professional career in California as an associate editor at Chrysler Power magazine. He is one of the most famous automotive journalists in the USA and is also widely hailed as an automotive historian, car builder, … Read more

Chuck Todd Weight Loss, Illness, Parkinson’s Disease, And Speculations Of Leaving “Meet The Press”

Chuck Todd Weight Loss

Chuck Todd is one of the most prominent names in America’s television journalism circuit, being the present moderator of NBC News’ hugely popular show “Meet The Press”. But that is not all Chuck is known for, for he is also the political director of NBC News and the chief host of their coverage of politics. … Read more

Freddy Dodge Illness, Weight Loss, Cancer Rumors, & What Really Happened To Him.

Freddy Dodge Illness

When you mention Freddy Dodge’s name, it immediately stirs up a vision of adventure and gold hunting. Freddy Dodge, the Colorado Man, is all too famous for his role in “Gold Rush”, where he helps mine owners in their struggles to increase their gold haul and procure their stake from the profit. Many individuals and … Read more

Greg Gutfeld Illness. Is He Hospitalized? Suffering From Cancer?

Greg Gutfeld Illness

Those of us who closely follow American politics and news must have already heard of “Gutfeld!”, also known as “The Greg Gutfeld Show” that airs on channel Fox News. This late-night talk show is hugely popular because of its political satire genre and discussions on American news, and also because it is presented by none … Read more