Is Trace Adkins Dead Or Alive? Rumors Surfacing About His Illness, Cancer, And Stroke.

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Trace Adkins is an award-winning country music singer and performer who has earned deep admiration for his unusually distinctive baritone voice. A lot of questions are there if Trace Adkins is dead or alive. The country singer is the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax. He is completely fine and healthy.

With his rich vocal quality and realistic narratives yet a larger-than-life presence on stage, Trace Adkins is also famous as a performer whose contributions have altered the landscape of country music. Born in January 1962 in Louisiana’s Sarepta, Adkins was profoundly passionate about music from his early childhood and was influenced much by the rich musical legacy of his Southern background. He went on to become one of those American musicians who has left an indelible impression on his fans, not only for his deep voice but also deeply poignant lyrics.

He shot to fame with his debut country album “Dreamin Out Loud” which was launched back in 1996, and with the passing years, he belted out more chart-topping hit numbers like “Every Light In The House”, “I Left Something Turned On At Home”, and “No Thinkin’ Thing”, among others. 

Is Trace Adkins Dead Or Alive?

Now, very recently, social media has been abuzz with news about Trace Adkins’ death, which has taken all his fans and followers aback, to say the least. There are videos on YouTube and news everywhere saying that he possibly died due to some kind of accident in which his Dodge truck is believed to have crashed into another vehicle, causing fatal injury to the musician.

However, this is a complete hoax, and much to the relief of his fans spread far and wide, Trace Adkins is absolutely alive and kicking. In fact, in his 61 years of life, the country music legend has faced death so many times that he must have lost count of it by now, but he has luckily escaped every time.

Is Trace Adkins Ill?

There are no recent updates or news to suggest that Trace Adkins is currently suffering from some kind of health disorder. However, several years ago, there were reports that the country music star with a baritone voice had been struggling with his addiction to alcohol. In fact, he himself had opened up about his battles with alcohol abuse in some interviews and how he had to go to rehab to overcome his addiction and come clean.

In the past, Adkins had been in the headlines a few times for his lifestyle, and that had earned him some negative publicity with booze. He has openly talked about his alcohol addiction that pushed him to rehab not once but twice, supposedly leading him to divorce his first wife of 16 years and even lose his house to fire. He also became infamous for performing drunk at a children’s hospital, and that was majorly gross, not to say unfortunate enough, costing him his reputation, fame, and talents. 

Trace Adkins Performing
Trace Adkins Performing Image Credit: Instagram / Trace Adkins

However, the incident where he got into a heated brawl with an impersonator on a cruise ship in Jamaica was the worst, after which he realized the need to change for the better. Although he said later on, that he was under the impression that the impersonator was some kind of stalker, he acknowledged that that was his wake-up call. He sought professional guidance to quit alcohol and come clean after that incident and has been sober since then.

Is He Suffering From Cancer Or Had A Stroke?

Back in the year 2010, Trace Adkins was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 2, which is a kind of cancer that affects our lymphatic system. The lymphatic system controls the entire immunity of our body and how well it can fight against germs, so those suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma typically have impaired immunity against diseases. This ailment causes the lymph nodes present in our neck, groin, or underarms to swell up and requires chemotherapy and radiation therapy for treatment in most cases.

Adkins has been pretty candid when it comes to his private life, mainly about his battle with alcohol addiction and then his tryst with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He said that he had to undergo several rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, to which he responded well and was declared cancer-free by the year 2011. His experience with cancer left a profound influence on his work and life.

Currently, there are no further reports about Trace Adkins suffering from cancer after 2011 or some other known health problem. There are no reports about him suffering from a stroke, so we cannot comment anything about it.

While rumors about his death and illness did generate a tremendous amount of concern and sorrow among his fans, now that it is established that the baritone star of country music is all alive and healthy, it should make them feel better.


Although Trace Adkins had faced severe health problems and near-death experiences and battled various challenges in life, his strength and turning over a new leaf, make him an exemplary character.

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