Steve Magnante Illness. Speculations About His Brain Infection- Encephalitis And Health Update.

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Automotive journalist Steve Magnante is seriously ill. A lot of speculations have been raised about Steve Magnante Illness. He has been battling a brain infection condition called Encephalitis

Steve Magnante is a highly revered name in the world of automotive journalism who is known to have started his professional career in California as an associate editor at Chrysler Power magazine. He is one of the most famous automotive journalists in the USA and is also widely hailed as an automotive historian, car builder, drag racer, and television host with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

Born in July 1964 as Stephen Preisach Magnante, Steve discovered his passion for cars as young as when he was in junior high school. Apart from a short stint as a trainee at a retail pharmacy in 1989, the majority part of his professional life has revolved around cars. With massively deep knowledge about automobiles and YouTube content that has captivated car enthusiasts globally, he is unanimously respected as the guru of automotive journalism. 

Steve Magnante Illness. Is He Suffering From Brain Infection? Encephalitis

Recently, there have been many speculations about Steve Magnante suffering from a serious health disorder called encephalitis. As rumors began doing the rounds, they sparked concerns among his fans and followers from all over the world. And this time, unfortunately, the speculations of the public were not entirely unfounded, for it was later confirmed by one of Steve’s close friends, Rick Debruhl, that he was indeed facing a serious ailment.

Encephalitis is a kind of brain infection that causes inflammation, and it can either be viral or bacterial in nature or even an autoimmune disorder. There might be no symptoms if the infection is mild, but in severe cases, encephalitis can prove to be fatal. The most common symptoms include seizures, hallucinations, loss of sensation, confusion, and extreme weakness, and must be treated immediately.

Sources close to the famous automotive expert said that they are lucky to have an excellent team of medical practitioners and healthcare providers taking care of Steve’s health condition. They also added that there is not much that his beloved fans can do at the moment, so they request privacy in this tough phase of their lives.

Steve Magnante has been associated with the smash hit show “Uncle Tony’s Garage” for the longest time now, as well as the extensive culture of automotive hot rods. These are some of the most stellar collaborations that have given rise to the creation of some incredible automotive content that gained high popularity among car enthusiasts and engaged them like never before. However, the absence of fan-favorite expert Steve Magnante raised questions among the viewers about his health and well-being. 

Steve Magnante Automotive Journalist
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As per some news sources, the team at “Uncle Tony’s Garage” tried to get in touch with him several times, but to no avail. They called him and sent text messages several times but there was no response at all. That is when they started getting concerned about what might have happened to Steve because it was highly unusual of him not to return their calls and messages. Consequently, they started suspecting that there was something wrong with his health until Rick Debruhl confirmed their apprehension and rumors.

His Health Update

Encephalitis can have very serious consequences,1Trusted Source✅ | PubMed Central | Trusted Data From The National Library Of Medicine (Government Authority) Go To Source even death if it is not treated at the right time, and in very severe cases it can hamper normal life activities. And when it affects someone like Steve Magnante, who frequently needs to engage in talk shows, auction sessions, and speaking engagements for his career this disease can have thoroughly debilitating consequences. 

After chasing some leads on this news and making hundreds of inquiries, we could acquire some idea about the current health status of Steve. We came to know that he had been admitted to the hospital for more than a month after suffering from a dreadful ailment. And its effects are so serious that, reportedly, it has left him in a condition where he cannot speak or talk at all. 

Steve Magnante
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This has come as extremely sad news, and his devoted fans and followers have been devastated on hearing the latest health update of Steve. It has saddened the entire automotive community, especially those who have known Steve very closely and those who have been following and appreciating his content for many years now.

His colleagues and friends have been talking about arranging fundraisers so that everyone who appreciates Steve’s undying enthusiasm and knowledge of automotive can contribute and show support to him and his family in these dire difficult times.


The long-term effects of encephalitis on the brain cannot be confirmed at the very outset, but we can only hope that car guru Steve Magnante gets on the road to recovery steadily and smoothly. If all his friends, peers, and followers can show some gesture of support during these trying times, it will cost them nothing but can prove to be optimistic for Steve and his family.

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