sMothered: Is Kathy Crispino Ill? Who Was Her Husband And Bonding With Daughter?


The Internet has been buzzing lately and asking if sMothered’s Kathy Crispino ill. She has entered her sixties and getting old makes people look a little different. This is the case with Kathy.

Mothers and daughters usually share an affectionate bond and immense love. However, a few bonds caught everyone’s attention as they were called “too close.” But is this true? Can a mother-daughter relationship be tagged “too close”? If you saw Kathy Crispino and her daughter Christina on the TLC reality show sMothered then your answer will be Yes. Kathy-Christina duo was called “MamaMia” and they certainly added a different flavor to the show. 

However, mother Cathy has been a trending topic just when season 5 of sMothered was about to be aired. The fifth season of the TLC reality show sMothered began on December 12, and Cathy Crispino, a former member of this show, became a trending topic. This is because of her health concerns and rumors that she might be suffering from an illness. In today’s article, we’ll dive into the ongoing hassle and try to bring the truth to you. 

What Is sMothered?

In sMothered, the conventional saying “like mother, like daughter” takes a bold turn as four extraordinary mother/daughter pairs push the boundaries of this phrase and their connections. These inseparable devoted women are a constant presence in each other’s lives, sharing their most challenging and thrilling moments and indulging in activities such as dressing in similar outfits, undergoing cosmetic procedures together, sharing bath water, and even sleeping in the same bed. 

These duos prioritize their unique bonds above all else, surpassing relationships with siblings and significant others, occasionally causing disruptions even for the most composed individuals. 

Things You Should Know About Kathy

Many viewers have been curious about the feelings of Kathy’s husband, who was Cristina’s father, regarding their relationship. Sadly, he passed away in September 2019 at the age of 76. The exact duration of Kathy and Joe’s marriage is unclear, but it seems they were together for a significant period. Despite Kathy having a strong bond with her daughter beforehand, Joe’s passing likely amplified the significance of Kathy’s relationship with Cristina.

Who Was Kathy’s Husband?

Kathy was married to Joseph Michael Crispino. Their happily married life came to an end with the demise of Joseph in 2019. Joseph was a businessman and Kathy fulfilled her duties as a homemaker and a holy and caring mother. The couple appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show twice first in 1990 and the second time in 1993.

Joseph was a hardcore sports lover, showcased his passion for sports, owning four televisions in his living room, and even had a pioneering Sportscaster machine that provided scores directly to their home. During an Oprah episode titled “Has This Husband Taken His Football Fandom Too Far?” Kathy humorously expressed her husband’s intense sports devotion as “ridiculous.”

Joseph’s passing on September 3, 2019, left behind three children – Cristina, Carly Crispino, and Paul Vossel – and two grandchildren: Croccifixio “Cross” Caramia and Ciamarie Bertolli.

Daughter Mother Relation

Kathy and Cristina are frequently spotted displaying high-end designer handbags, while Kathy, a mom on sMothered, proudly showcases a shining gold record on her wall, leading fans to speculate about her wealth. According to a Reddit user, Kathy’s ownership of expensive purses, with one valued at over $6,000, hints at a considerable financial status.

Additionally, her purchase of Christian Louboutin heels suggests a penchant for luxury items. While unverified, another Reddit source suggests that Kathy’s late husband, Joseph, might have worked as a managing musician, potentially explaining their affluent lifestyle in a lavish mansion.

Good Relationship With Son-In-Law

Viewers of sMothered often witness tense moments between Kathy and her son-in-law, Carlo. He isn’t consistently supportive of Cristina and Kathy’s close bond and occasionally desires more personal space. Despite the on-screen portrayal of their relationship, Kathy genuinely holds affection and admiration for Carlo off-camera. On his birthday, she expressed heartfelt sentiments on Instagram, stating, “Happy Birthday to the king of all Pizza! My favorite son in law Carlo !! Love you ❤️

She Loves Christina Dearly

The majority of sMothered viewers perceive the show’s cast as somewhat unusual. However, Kathy strongly disagrees with the notion that her relationship with Cristina is odd. In an interview with The Chicago Tribune, she emphasized, “There’s nothing peculiar about this. It’s simply our way of life. We share a very close bond, and I fail to understand why people find it so unusual for mothers to have such proximity to their daughters. I hope the show conveys that it’s not as unconventional as it seems; perhaps it’s more aligned with how things should be.”

Is Kathy Crispino Ill? Her Health Update

There is a trending topic about Kathy’s health update. The mom-turned-celebrity is in her sixties, and thus people are assuming that she is suffering from some illness. However, the truth is that she is doing completely fine. There is no issue with her health and she is enjoying her time with the family. In one of her recent Instagram posts, she posted a picture of a restaurant where she enjoyed an Italian meal with her family. This Instagram post itself is proof that there is nothing wrong with Kathy. 

Final Take

In conclusion, the captivating dynamic between Kathy Crispino and her daughter Cristina on TLC’s sMothered has invited both intrigue and speculation from viewers. While their exceptionally close relationship has sparked discussions about the boundaries within mother-daughter bonds, Kathy vehemently defends their connection as natural and reflective of their unique way of life.

As the show embarks on its fifth season, recent attention on Kathy, stemming from health concerns, has stirred curiosity among fans. However, clarifications assert that Kathy is in good health, enjoying moments with her family and dispelling any rumors of illness

Ultimately, while their lifestyle and close-knit connections might appear unconventional to some, Kathy hopes their story resonates as a testament to the depth of familial bonds, emphasizing that perhaps their closeness is more reflective of the ideal than the eccentric.

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