Keith Urban Illness, Prostate Cancer, Accident & Death Rumors Decoded.

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If you are a fan of country music, you must already be a fan of Keith Urban, the famous country music mega-star. Recently rumors about Keith Urban illness have been surfacing on the internet and even some are speculating that he might be suffering from prostate cancer but all these rumors are baseless and have no truth in them.

Known for his soul-stirring compositions that are major chart-toppers in global music lists, Keith is also a guitar maestro, vocalist, and songwriter. With smash hits to his credit like “Somebody Like You“, “Making Memories of US” and “You’ll Think of Me“, Keith Urban is also the recipient of highly prestigious accolades like four Grammy Awards in 2010, 2009, 2007, and 2005, fifteen Academy of Country Music Awards, and the Grand Ole Opry in 2012.

Born in New Zealand in October 1967, Keith traveled to the USA and made his American debut in 1992 with his own band The Ranch. He made his solo debut in America in 1999 with an eponymous album that marked a stellar musical career that gained global appreciation and recognition, and he became the country music God for millions of fans worldwide.

Keith Urban Illness. Is He Suffering From Prostate Cancer?

What makes Keith Urban genuinely amazing apart from his work in the country music genre, is his contribution to any cause that he believes in. One of the many causes he is known to be an advocate of is the awareness about prostate cancer, for which he participates in various shows, campaigns, and meetings across borders.

In 2017, he was spotted by the paparazzi at Sydney Airport and, after that, appeared in the “It’s a Bloke Thing” luncheon organized in Toowoomba, which is known to be a Prostate Cancer Awareness Fundraiser/Campaign. His presence at the campaign sparked speculations about Keith Urban possibly being unwell, and the public jumped to the conclusion that he was probably suffering from the disease.

However, that is far from the truth – there are no reports or statements from the country music genius himself or his spokesperson indicating any such possibility. So, we can safely consider that Keith is not suffering from prostate cancer or any other known health condition to date. 

Creating awareness of prostate cancer is a cause that is very close to Urban’s heart since he lost his father to this ailment back in the year 2015. His grandfather and several uncles were also afflicted by this dreadful disease, which prompted him to advocate for the cause and generate more awareness about it among the people.

Keith Urban Illness
Image Credit: Instagram / Keith Urban

At Toowoomba’s fundraiser campaign, Keith Urban performed at a gathering of 500 people who had bought entry passes to watch him perform. In their 2017 campaign, the community contributed almost 1.53 million USD to the foundation, taking it to major headlines in Australia as the country’s most significant daytime fundraiser.

His Accident And Death Rumors

Very recently, there were rave rumors about Keith Urban’s demise that caught his fans and followers from all over the world, in deep sorrow and caused an outflow of heartfelt messages on social media. It all began when a certain Facebook page named “R.I.P. Keith Urban” caught the attention of Netizens and fetched almost a million “likes”. Everything written on the page seemed believable, starting from the ‘about’ section to its posts, immediately setting off a frenzy among country music lovers.

While some people genuinely believed that their favorite country music superstar was no more, others were still not ready to believe and kept an amount of disbelief despite feeling sad. Fake news about celebrities tends to spread like wildfire, and death hoaxes are not at all uncommon, but every time they create a lot of buzz that invariably spills all over social media, including Facebook and Twitter. 

The same goes for this unfounded news about Keith Urban because sooner than later, it turned out to be nothing more than a celebrity death hoax. Keith’s team and representatives confirmed in an official statement that he is one of the many celebs who have been victims of death hoaxes and is healthy and alive. They also added that the public must stop believing everything they see on the Internet.

However, a few years ago, Keith was actually involved in an accident in Sydney while he was riding his motorcycle, and a photographer started following him. Urban was riding to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when a random photographer started chasing him; trying to maintain his privacy, he tried speeding his bike only to end up skidding in an attempt to save himself from an oncoming car. Keith said that his “chaser” came to his help seeing his plight, and instead of clicking any photos, he assisted the singer.


Keith Urban is currently on his US Graffiti-U World Tour, which began in June of this year and will continue till mid-November 2023. If you are a fan of this musical legend, you too can watch him perform live on-stage when he is in your city; so stay tuned and book your tickets soon.

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