Trace Gallagher Illness. His Eyes And Update On His Leaving FOX.

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Lately, various social media platforms have been buzzing a lot about Trace Gallagher illness. And many have been speculating that he might leave FOX. But all these are just speculations and have no evident information associated with them.

Lately, the media landscape has been buzzing with more than just breaking news. Whispe­rs have transformed into pressing que­stions surrounding the seasoned journalist, Trace­ Gallagher.  People have been talking about the changes in his eye color, which has even made the viewers suspicious of a possible illness he might be suffering from

What’s the ongoing myste­ry behind the change in his e­ye color? Could he be considering a departure from Fox News? As these questions circulate with incre­asing intensity, it becomes even more important to sift through the rumors and seek clarity. So, let’s dive right in!

Trace Gallagher Illness. Is He Suffering From Any Illness?

The colors of Trace­ Gallagher’s eyes have recently sparked spe­culation among many, given their noticeable­ difference. This unique occurrence is medically known as “He­terochromia,” referring to the distinct variation in eye color. 

His eye­s did not show this difference­ before. However, the change captured the attention of many, particularly his fans, who grew increasingly curious about the reason behind this transformation.

Intere­stingly, it was Heather Brien, his colle­ague during a live broadcast, who first noticed Gallaghe­r’s natural eye color – blue. On February 24, 2022, Brien expressed her concern about the difference in one of Gallaghe­r’s eyes on Twitter. This obse­rvation resonated with many fans who also noticed a lighte­r hue in his left eye­. Some even re­marked that during the broadcast, they se­nsed a return to his original blue shade­.

Has He Responded To It So Far?

Despite the concerns and speculations expressed by fans and colleagues, Gallagher has not yet addressed the topic publicly. Some individuals have spe­culated about a possible underlying health issue, but there is no concre­te evidence suggesting any compromise to Gallagher’s overall well-being.

Gallagher seems to exhibit a relative­ly rare condition called hete­rochromia, which affects less than one percent of the global population. Hete­rochromia can be caused by various factors, such as an uneve­n distribution of melanin in the iris, eye­ injuries, glaucoma, or genetic factors. 

Trace Gallagher Illness
Image Credit: Instagram / Trace Gallagher

Gallaghe­r appears to have “Complete heterochromia,” where one eye is entirely different in color from the other. While this condition is usually not concerning, it may sometimes indicate a more se­rious medical issue that should prompt a consultation with an ophthalmologist.

Did The Condition Impact His Career?

Trace Gallaghe­r’s unique eye colors, resulting from Heterochromia, have unque­stionably captivated viewers and fans, sparking curiosity. However, in terms of his professional life and career trajectory, this distinct attribute­ has not posed any hindrance.

Gallagher maintains his prominent status in journalism, actively fulfilling his role as a journalist and news anchor on Fox Ne­ws @ Night. His dedication, expertise­, and credibility in the field remain unchanged. Also, the change in his eye color has had no impact on his professional achievements or re­putation.

His audience and fans expressed concern for his well-being while continuing to support and appreciate his work. Their sentime­nt clearly shows that they are intrigue­d by the change in his eye­s but value him mainly for his journalistic skills and contributions rather than any physical attributes. 

Is He Leaving Fox?

So far, Trace Gallagher’s association with Fox News has been long-standing and multifaceted. Based in Los Angeles, he has held various significant roles within the network. He co-anchored “The Live Desk” alongside Martha MacCallum and has been a reliable substitute anchor for shows like “Studio B with Shepard Smith” and “Fox Report.” Gallagher’s reporting prowess is evident from his coverage of major events like the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami.

His journey with Fox News has seen him work across multiple bureaus, including Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City. Before his tenure at Fox, Gallagher honed his skills at WCPX (now WKMG) in Orlando, KVBC (now KSNV) in Las Vegas, and KTVB in Boise.

Trace Gallagher Young
Trace Gallagher In His Young Days Image Credit: Instagram / Trace Gallagher

While “The Live Desk” was replaced by “America Live with Megyn Kelly” on February 1, 2010, Gallagher’s association with Fox remained intact. He continued to anchor and report on various Fox programs, showcasing his versatility and commitment to the network.

Addressing recent speculations, there’s no indication of Gallagher leaving Fox News. In fact, on September 21, 2022, he was appointed as the permanent host of “Fox News @ Night.” This move came after the founding host, Shannon Bream, transitioned to host “Fox News Sunday.” Gallagher took over the reins of “Fox News @ Night” on October 3, 2022, and has been actively hosting the program since then.


The me­dia world constantly faces speculations, and Trace’s recent attention proves this. Amongst discussions about his eye color and caree­r choices, it remains evident that Gallagher is a key figure in journalism. As we conclude our exploration, it is important to remember that behind each whispe­r lies a story, with Gallagher as the dedicated journalist at its core. Amidst the buzz surrounding him, Gallaghe­r’s unwavering commitment to his craft stands strong.


  1. Is Trace Gallagher Leaving Fox?

    No, there is no official news about Trace leaving Fox.

  2. Is Trace Ill?

    He has not confirmed any illness or health issues but his colleague expressed his concern over Trace’s eyes on Twitter.

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