Sarah Hyland Weight Gain. Modern Family’s Haley Dunphy’s Pregnancy, Illness & Plastic Surgery.

Key Takeaways

People are curious to know more about Sarah Hyland weight gain. The Modern Family actress has gone through a lot of health issues in her life. Many people are even speculating that she might have undergone plastic surgery.

In Hollywood, people often talk about weight changes that catch public attention, whether they happen on purpose or not. One such notable story is about Sarah Hyland and her weight gain while working on ‘Modern Family’. 

But this isn’t a negative story; instead, it shows her dedication to her acting and her belief in body positivity. Let’s dive into the reasons behind Sarah Hyland weight gain, how she bravely faced the challenges it brought, and how she remained an inspiration to her fans by staying true to herself despite facing constant scrutiny and speculation.

Sarah Hyland Weight Gain: The Journey

One of the most surprising storylines in the later seasons of the beloved sitcom “Modern Family” involved Sarah Hyland’s character, Haley Dunphy, getting pregnant with twins by her on-again/off-again boyfriend and later husband, Dylan.

To fully immerse herself in the role and accurately portray a pregnant woman, Sarah Hyland committed to method acting, taking on the physicality and mindset of her character. In a candid interview with BuzzFeed, Sarah revealed that she went to great lengths to get into character. 

She not only wore a prosthetic belly but also a onesie to give herself a genuine sense of being pregnant. She took her role seriously, even joking that she felt like she was “eating for three” every day on set, fully embodying the mindset of a pregnant woman expecting twins.

Weight Gain During Filming

As a result of her dedication to method acting and embracing the role of a pregnant character, Sarah Hyland experienced a weight gain of around 20 pounds while filming the pregnancy storyline. 

The actress humorously recounted her daily realization when removing the prosthetic belly in her trailer, saying, “Oh no, what did I do?” Despite the temporary challenge of the weight gain, Sarah’s commitment to her craft and her willingness to go all-in on the role are admirable traits.

Concealing Weight Gain with Prosthetic Belly

During the filming of the pregnancy storyline, Sarah Hyland’s weight gain was effectively concealed with the use of a prosthetic belly. This allowed her to flawlessly portray her character’s pregnancy journey on-screen, ensuring a realistic and convincing performance for the audience.

Her openness about the challenges she faced during the pregnancy storyline highlights the vulnerability actors may encounter while taking on certain roles. 

Ultimately, Sarah’s performance as a pregnant Haley Dunphy left a lasting impact on both fans and fellow actors, which further solidified her place as a talented and dedicated performer in the entertainment industry.

Is She Suffering From Illness?

Sarah has faced significant health challenges due to a chronic kidney condition called kidney dysplasia. The actress has been very open about her struggles with a condition that required her to have two kidney transplants. During a candid talk with her co-star and on-screen mom Julie Bowen, Sarah shared how her health issues affected her while filming “Modern Family.” 

Because of her condition, there are parts of the show she doesn’t remember filming. She even mentioned episodes where she was so tired that she fell asleep during filming, and she couldn’t recall the scenes she had shot. Her kidney condition has made it tough for her to stay awake for long periods because it affects her energy levels.

Outside of her acting career, Sarah Hyland has been an advocate for raising awareness about chronic health conditions. As she embraces new opportunities, such as hosting Love Island season four, and prepares for her wedding to former Bachelorette contestant Wells Adams, Sarah’s journey remains an inspiration to many. 

Her courage in sharing her health struggles encourages others to stay strong in the face of adversity and highlights the significance of prioritizing health and well-being in one’s life.

Did She Undergo Any Plastic Surgery?

Social media users have been speculating about her undergoing a procedure to remove her buccal fat pads. Some have noticed a change in her cheeks, which appear more sunken in recent photos, leading to rumors of plastic surgery. However, a closer look reveals that the truth might be different from what the rumors suggest.

Natural Cheeks in Recent Pictures

Contrary to the rumors, Sarah Hyland’s recent pictures on Instagram show that she still appears to have the same round and plump cheeks she’s always had. This suggests that she might not have undergone buccal fat removal or any drastic plastic surgery.

In certain images where her face seems sharper, it appears that Sarah is using a trick employed by models to create a contoured appearance. By sucking in her cheeks and softly biting them with her molars, she can push her lips out and create a more defined cheek structure. This hack, commonly used by photogenic individuals, could be the reason for the perceived change in her appearance.

Did She Address These Rumours? 

Back in 2017, an article on her transformation over the years raised insinuations about plastic surgery. Sarah took to Twitter to respond, expressing her frustration at such speculation. 

She attributed any changes in her appearance to the effects of life-saving medication and criticized the impact such rumors can have on young girls’ self-esteem. Despite the rumors and speculations, it seems evident that Sarah Hyland’s cheeks haven’t undergone any significant changes. 

Her transformations over the years can be attributed to medication and health complications rather than plastic surgery. She remains true to her natural beauty, and her openness about her health journey serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding in the face of such rumors. 


Sarah’s weight gain journey clearly shows her strong dedication to her career and her impressive commitment to being true to herself. Besides her TV roles, Hyland is also a great role model for body positivity, reminding us how crucial it is to accept and cherish our bodies. 

Even though she encounters difficulties, she stays strong and keeps her sense of humor intact. This shows that she is more than just an actress; she’s a person of honesty and authenticity in both her on-screen and off-screen life. Her journey is inspiring, encouraging others to embrace their own paths with grace and strength.

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