3-Minute Shower Hack For Toenail Fungus. Dr. Kimberly Langdon’s Kerassentials Review, Ingredients, And Cons.

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3-Minute shower hack for toenail fungus created by Dr. Kimberly Langdon MD is helping many in treating foot fungus across the world. This after-shower routine has been created using potent oil and natural ingredient formula.

Put your hands together and clap louder! Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to those breaking nails and dull skin. Imagine the best version of you with glowing, bright, and healthy skin. Going all over the place to take care of your skin and hails and still not seeing any results? Always dropping your jaws at the number of times your nails break? 

Then listen, this shower routine is the one-stop solution that you definitely need! It is a United States oil-based shower routine that helps fight fungus and supports healthy skin and nail growth. Now, you can grow your nails back, look better, and have that dazzling smile! 

Skin expert, Dr. Kimberly Langdon discovered a hidden “Antifungal Shower Routine” that attacks the potential root cause of skin and toenail fungus infection. Dr.LAngdon discovered that foot fungus has nothing to do with outside influence, instead, it’s coming from a disturbing mutation of the fungus. After a lot of research, she created this “Antifungal Shower Routine“.

What Is A 3-Minute Shower Hack? Kerassentials For Toenail Fungus.

Listen, it’s not your fault at all. It’s sometimes in the genes to have healthy skin or not! The fungus that causes damage to your skin and nails thrives and somehow manages to the best of its abilities to survive. 

According to the official website of Kerassentials, it is proven by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even if one uses antifungal medications to prevent the growth of fungus for years together, it will still be a disaster and the fungus grows back – even if there is a slight residue! 

Whatever remains is actually dangerous, it multiplies, expands, and grows its way back! Now, if that is the problem, there has to be a promising solution! That is ‘Kerassentials’. The formula of Kerassentials is life-changing. One can easily stay itch-free and healthy for years to come! Flaunt that nail paint and let your skin shine with pride!

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So What’s Actually in Kerassentials That Makes Miracles Possible? Ingredients Details.

Kerassentials is an oil-based product. Every drop of Kerassentials is precious. The richness of Kerassentials has a story to tell. It is made of 4 special high-quality oils. It also includes a powerful mixture of 9 oils and minerals.

Kerassentials Ingrdients

It includes,

  1. Lavender Oils: This oil supports the nail keratin and promotes the health of the skin. It also helps fight against strong fungi.
  2. Organic Flaxseed oil: This oil is the secret behind having healthy and glowing skin. Organic flaxseed oil boosts natural skin immunity and helps reduce inflammation. It promotes healing and smoothens the skin.
  3. Almond Oil: This oil helps in protection against infections and supports nail growth.
  4. Tea Tree Oil: This is a safe and effective product to use because it has strong antifungal properties. This not only prevents fungal growth but also curbs the growth of the existing fungi.
  5. Lemongrass Oil: This is known for its healing properties. Lemongrass oil is anti-inflammatory and helps prevent inflammation. It reduces the redness and swelling and serves as a shield for the growth of fungus.
  6. Aloe Vera: This is always the secret behind glowing skin. It helps in protecting the skin from damage and adds adequate moisture to the skin. It soothes the skin and adds to the glow. For nails, it hydrates them and prevents breakage.
  7. Tocopheryl Acetate: As the name suggests, this is a stable source of Vitamin E. It protects the skin and prevents skin aging. It promotes skin elasticity and adds to the health of the skin.
  8. Undecylenic Acid: This is a fatty acid derivative that is important for the growth of healthy skin and nails. It prevents the growth of fungus and boosts the life of nails and skin. It prevents the breakage of nails.

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How Does This Shower Hack “Kerassentials” Work?

Kerassentials works by ‘targeting’. Let’s hit straight at the bull’s eye! Kerassentials work by targeting the underlying cause of toenail fungus. This oil-based formula eliminates the fungal spores and helps in preventing further growth. Unlike other antifungal preparations, Kerassentials work not only by stopping the fungal activity but also by removing it from unhealthy nails.  This mechanism of action also helps in leaving the nails clean and clear.

Besides working on fungus, Kerassentials also help in reducing acne scars and blemishes, it helps in healing by its anti-inflammatory properties. With Kerassentials, it’s also time to forget the wrinkles and skin tags. Aging is slowed down and glow is added. What’s stopping you from being sweet 16 forever?


Health Benefits Of Kerassentials.

Kerassentials come with a wide array of health benefits. These are lasting for a lifetime and the results are clearly appreciated.

  • Pay attention to the color of your nails. They reflect internal health and what’s going on inside your body. Those black lines on your nails have a story to say!
  • Should you neglect the minor nail infection, remember small things cost you a lot! Even if it is just a simple toe infection, pause and take care. A stitch in time saves nine. If nail fungus is left untreated, it might also cause you difficulty in wearing shoes and you might slip and fall in the pain. Ideally, a simple nail infection should not cost you that much! Isn’t it? 
  • Nail breakages? Not anymore! Kerassentials formula has essential oils like tea tree oil and Undecylenic oil that help in nail health by preventing cracking or splitting of nails. Therefore, nail breakages are essentially reduced! 
  • No more facials or cleanups to make your skin look younger! Ladies, stop investing so much in those chemicals that only add a temporary shine. Kerassentials has your back. This formula helps in healing the skin and helps repair damaged skin. Not just that, it also increases skin tone and elasticity and makes you look younger!

What if you could grow younger every day?

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So, Can We Summarize All the Pros of Kerassentials at Once? Pros And Cons

Here are some pros of Kerassentials

  • The biggest positive factor that cannot be forgotten is that it is chemical-free and made of natural ingredients. So worries about adverse reactions can be kept at bay!
  • They are made under strict conditions with frequent monitoring. This oil is produced in a Food and Drug Administration-registered facility. It is a GMP-certified and GMO-essential oil that contains no harmful chemicals. It is always safe to use.
  • The ingredients are formulated by doctors and they are backed by medical research. Before coming into the market, they are all tried and tested by medical evidence.

There Are Some Cons Too. Let’s Get Real!

  • As user-friendly as this might seem to be, it is advised not to be used on pregnant and lactating mothers. Though it is mainly used for topical applications, it is advised that pregnant women not use this.
  • May not be able to work to its best abilities on extremely sensitive skin. If your skin or nails are really hurting, then a doctor’s advice is always recommended. In short, Kerassentials is not an alternative to a doctor’s advice. 

What Makes It So Special? Is It Worth All the Hype?

  • This is completely a natural product and that takes off the hazards of using chemicals on our bodies.
  • It is sourced ethically and it is an FDA-approved product.
  • This is a doctor-certified product.
  • Above all, there is a 60-day trial period and if your desired results are not achieved, your money is returned.

Now, isn’t that worth the hype really?

What Do Science And Research Have To Say About Kerassentials?

  • The first clinical trial is about the usage of Tea tree oil. It was examined for its effects on Onychomycosis. It is a fungal infection that affects the toenails.
  • The 2020 clinical trial was performed to know the effects of Vitamin E on nail health.1Trusted Source✅ | PubMed | Trusted Data From The National Library Of Medicine (Government Authority) Go To Source

The results of this study indicated that vitamin E and essential oil extracts of lime, oregano, and tea tree oil can be effective and safe for topical therapy of Onychomycosis, which may play an essential role in treating nail fungus.

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Pricing Of Kerassentials

Kerassentials is available in three packages.

  • 30-day supply – for $69 per bottle. This is a monthly package.
  • 90-day supply – for $59 per bottle which sums up to $177 in total for 3 months, for three bottles.
  • 180-day supply – this is the best package overall. This is for 6 months. Each bottle would cost around $49 which makes it $294 overall for 6 bottles.

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What Do the Users Have to Say? – Any Happy Reviews, Please?

Looks like this product works wonders. It really works. Several happy clients have used this product.

  • Ella is a happy client who gives a five-star to Kerassentials. She is enjoying her healthy nails and skin. She says that Kerassentials has literally saved her feet. Not just singing these words of praise, Ella is going the extra mile and is now highly recommending the use of Kerassentials to those who are dealing with nail fungal infections.
  • Brandon from Chicago is happy to see his nails finally fungus-free. He tried using many solutions but no wonder really happened with his toenails. He in fact even removed one of his toenails but was surprised to see the fungus growing back as the new nail grew. He was almost losing hope in despair when Kerassentials happened to him. There was no turning back after that and he absolutely loved his nails henceforth.


With enough evidence and research that is put into making this amazing product, Kerassentials truly looks like a promising solution. Nails are sometimes neglected and not enough care is taken.

However, that being said, poor nails also carry with them the potential risk of transmitting various infectious diseases. 

Why should one fall prey to such diseases at the cost of their health? Kerassentials for your healthy skin and nails are just one click away! Take action today because prevention is always better than cure and a stitch in time saves nine!


  1. How to use this product? The real way to use shower hack for foot fungus.

    This is a topical product, so apply it on the affected toenails or skin for external use only. One can apply this twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. Use the enclosed brush applicator, this can coat the nail. A cotton swab should be able to work the solution into the nail cuticle. 

    Use an emery board to smoothen the nails. This files the surface of the affected nail and allows the liquid to absorb more thoroughly.

  2. How many times should you apply this in a day?

    A maximum of 4 times a day on the affected toenails.

  3. What if the desired results are not seen?

    The results can differ from person to person based on the skin type. But, the official website promises the return of your money when there is no result, even after 60 days of daily usage from the date of purchase.

  4. Where can I buy this product?

    Kerassentials is available for sale on the official website.

  5. Any special precautions that you have to take while using this product?

    Shake the bottle well before use. Avoid contact with eyes. This is a non-edible product and not meant for human consumption. If ingested by mistake, drink water immediately and seek medical attention.

  6. Is there anything that one has to keep in mind after applying Kerassentials?

    Yes, always wash your hands after using this product, and avoid touching your face often. Allow enough time for the product to settle. Also, walking barefoot after the application of the product has the risk of increasing the infection. Allow the product to dry and always wear your footwear later on.

  7. What is the overall rating of this product?

    There are over 14,500+ reviews on this product and the overall rating so far is 4.7. This makes it a trustworthy product to buy and invest in.

Disclaimer: This article is just for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice.

Please read the full disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

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