Joy Reid Weight Loss. Surgery And NTX Keto Gummies Reviews. Scam In Her Name.

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Joy Reid weight loss is a trending topic on the internet right now. People are searching a lot about her transformational journey. Her weight loss surgery rumors and the weight loss gummies scam in her name. There is a lot going on on the internet about the journalist.

Life’s journey can be tough, and sometimes the hardest battles we face are with ourselves. Joy Reid, a well-known media personality and national correspondent for MSNBC, openly shared her struggle with weight loss and the obstacles she encountered during her transformation journey.

You may have seen her lively presence and insightful commentary on screen, but her story goes beyond that. She has made significant changes to her lifestyle and even underwent weight loss surgery, showing incredible determination, resilience, and self-love.

Weight Loss Gummies Scam In Her Name. NTX Gummies

Recently, a disturbing scam involving Joy Reid and Anderson Cooper has been circulating on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Fraudsters have created a deep fake video and AI audio that falsely claims Joy Reid appeared on CNN to promote a “weight loss formula” and endorsed various weight loss gummies, including NTX Keto Gummies, Active Keto, and 1st Keto Bites. 

It’s important to note that Joy Reid and Anderson Cooper had absolutely nothing to do with these products or the promotion. The perpetrators behind this scam went to great lengths to deceive users. They created a fake Facebook website that mimicked the real platform, making it appear as though Joy Reid had posted about 1st Keto Bites Keto Gummies

This was the initial step of their elaborate scheme, designed to lure unsuspecting individuals into their fraudulent plots. In the third step of the scam, users were redirected to a website called, which turned out to be another deceptive platform. 

On this website, false claims were made, asserting that a medical journal had endorsed or written about Keto Bites Keto + ACV Gummies, further deceiving potential victims. Also, it falsely suggested that Dr. Mehmet Oz, a well-known television personality, was associated with the product, which was entirely completely false.

Both Joy Reid and Anderson Cooper have disavowed any involvement with the weight loss gummies scam, and their image and likeness were used without permission. The misuse of deep fake technology and false endorsements not only exploits the trust of celebrities like Joy Reid and Anderson Cooper but also endangers the public by promoting potentially unsafe or ineffective products.

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Joy Reid Weight Loss Journey

Joy has become an inspiration for many with her impressive weight loss of over 20 pounds after the 2016 election. Her weight loss journey was remarkable, considering that she used to be significantly overweight, weighing around 141 pounds before she began her transformation. 

In 2018, she kept her followers on Instagram informed about her journey to lose weight and other things happening in her life. By being open about her challenges and victories, she became more relatable to her audience, and they happily joined in celebrating her accomplishments.

Like any public figure’s weight loss journey, Joy Reid’s transformation has been met with both admiration and criticism. Some praise her for taking charge of her health and becoming a role model for others, while others may question her choices or methods. 

How Joy Reid Lost Weight?

To make sure she achieves her weight loss goals, Joy adopted a sensible and gradual approach, choosing to make small adjustments to her daily routine. To start, she focused on incorporating more vegetables and fruits into her meals, providing essential nutrients and fiber for overall health.

Realizing how important protein is for weight loss, she started eating more foods that are rich in protein. Alongside that, Joy opted for low-fat and low-carb food options to promote healthier eating habits. She also made sure to stay away from foods and drinks with lots of added sugars since they can lead to gaining weight.

Her diet plan included moderation with red meat, choosing leaner protein sources instead. Additionally, she prioritized hydration by drinking more water throughout the day, an essential aspect of any weight loss journey. She aimed for balanced meals by incorporating protein shakes, eggs, and vegetables into her daily intake, ensuring she got a variety of nutrients.

She also took a proactive step in her diet by decreasing the consumption of processed foods. Instead, she focused on choosing whole and natural foods, which are generally healthier and support weight loss efforts.

Workout Routine

In addition to dietary changes, Joy also adopted a well-rounded workout routine to complement her weight loss efforts. 

Walking: Walking became a regular feature of Joy’s daily routine. This low-impact exercise is effective for staying active and burning calories, making it an accessible option for most people.

Swimming and Running: For more intense cardiovascular workouts, Joy engaged in swimming and running. These activities helped elevate her heart rate, improve cardiovascular health, and boost overall fitness.

Strength Training: Understanding the importance of building lean muscle mass, Joy incorporated strength training into her routine. She used tools like dumbbells, elastic bands, or small weights to engage in resistance exercises. 

Her Weight Loss Surgery

In 2017, Joy Reid faced controversy when old posts from her blog, “The Reid Report,” resurfaced, containing insulting remarks towards LGBT people and accusations against certain celebrities. 

Initially, she said she didn’t write those posts and thought someone might have hacked her website. But, after looking into it, they found out that the posts were actually from her blog. This event sparked the emergence of the Joy Reid weight loss surgery story.

Amidst the scandal and criticism, Joy Reid maintained that the offensive words did not align with her beliefs and were alien to her. Despite facing widespread backlash, MSNBC, the network she worked for, stood by her side and supported her throughout the charges and media coverage. They believed that the old blog posts did not accurately represent the person and professional that Joy Reid had been during her tenure with the network.


Joy Reid’s weight loss journey is truly inspiring. She decided to focus on her health and went through various steps to achieve her transformation. Along the way, she faced challenges like her name being used in scams, but she stayed resilient. Her story teaches us the importance of taking care of ourselves and how personal transformations can be powerful. 

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