Jenna Lyons Plastic Surgery. RHONY Actress’ Eyelash, Teeth, Hair, Lips, Illness, And Rare Syndrome.

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People are talking a lot about Real Housewives Of New York City’s Jenna Lyons plastic surgery rumors. Her eyelash has become the center of the talks. Due to a rare genetic syndrome, she faced a lot of difficulties in her life.

From her debut in the prominent Real Housewives of Newyork to being an Iconic fashionista 55 years old Jenna Lyons perpetuates to be a legendary role model. She was a former president and creative head designer of J. Crew. Admired for her signature style, the beloved actress Lyons has recently revealed her life struggles.

During an interview at the Oprah Daily in April 2023, she narrated how her ugly look affected her childhood. Her worst experience was with her mates, who constantly bullied her. She was in constant limelight due to her appearance. In this article, let us look at her life journey and see what she has to offer to her fan and viewers. 

Is Jenna Suffering From Any Health Condition? 

In her second episode of RHONY, Jenna discloses how she was born with a rare genetic disorder known as Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome (Incontinentia Pigmenti). According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, it’s an illness that damages skin pigmentation, hair, and teeth. People suffering from the disease undergo critical neurological damage.

Jenna has a visible bald spot, blemished and pigmented skin, and no eyebrows or eyelashes. The worst affected part is her teeth. Her teeth are cone-shaped with gaps in her mouth. As a kid, she had no idea about her health condition. Her parents never bothered to reveal the truth to her. Until the day she faced the school assembly and knew that she was different from others.  

Jenna Lyons Plastic Surgery. Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery? 

Jenna Lyons is glorified for her signature glance featuring an open button, shirt, slicked hair, and thick large glasses. There are rumors about her getting plastic surgery. But it is still unclear as she claims to hide many of her secrets. She revealed her experiments with her looks during her first photoshoot with J. Crew. Ultimately, she described how the blend of her heavy glasses with slithery hair complimented her beauty and gave a crisper glare. 

The pictorial glasses helped her in concealing the scar behind her left eye. The genetic disorder was evident when she declined to participate in the lingerie at the RHONY show. All my teeth are fake. I paid a lot of money for them. My hair is also fake. I can take it off. It’s like a hat. It’s not a wig. My eyelashes are fake. I have no eyebrows and I also have scars all over my skin.” this was the statement made by her during the episode of the popular telecast. She always wanted to fit in, but her mutation inspired her to choose the fashion industry. 

Jenna Lyons Transformation

Jenna’s Endeavour With Her Teeth 

Jenna had a difficult phase of her life dealing with her teeth since childhood. It had been a torturous journey for her. She said her teeth bond during high school did not go well. Ultimately her teeth were shaking and weakening the roots. One of her dentists, Doctor Marion Brown, suggested she either get dentures or go for dental implantation. The dentures were a problem for her as she would have to remove her remaining teeth while her face would shrink. Later, she underwent implants. A bone graft was done, inserting four implants and folding them firmly in her teeth. 

She articulates that about 14 surgeries are performed on her teeth. Her upper teeth took her six years. Still, she is on her mission to get the rest of her abscissions done. The treatment was costly for her that even a house could have been purchased with the implant money. Eating is still a big task in her life. ‘I still can’t really eat a sandwich‘, she said in her interview. 

Jenna Lyons Before After

Jenna’s Fake Eyelashes And Her Lip Surgery 

Jenna’s eyelashes are unreal. In 2005, a salon technician insulted her by saying not being a good suitor for eyelash extensions. As she had no original lashes to even fit the elongation. Later, she shared her insight on the red carpet in an Oprah show. Her struggles with suitable eyelashes to look perfect for the event were never-ending.

She is also grateful to her make-up artist Troi Ollivierre who helped her to get a fake eyelash for the event and a few extensions. This marvellous idea turned into a boon for her. Soon she launched her first brand Love Seen in collaboration with her make-up artist. A brand that focuses on selling artificial-looking and organic eyelashes. There was a rumour about her lip fillers, but she says they are naturally fuller and unaffected by her disorder. 

Jenna Lyons Eyelash

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Her Relationship Status

Jenna married her husband, Vincent Mazeau, an artist by profession. Her relationship with him was complex. She came out as a lesbian. After the divorce, she dated Courtney Crangi, who is a businesswoman. Eventually, they both split apart.

Recently, she has been dating a photographer Cass Bird. She stated in her interview that she wants to keep her personal and professional life segregated. She also has a daughter named Beckett from her former husband.


Jenna Lyons is comfortable in her own skin. Even today, friendship is like a quest for her. She is still insecure about showing off her skin. Because when it comes to self-acceptance, the world is always in denial mode. When somebody offers to have a picture with her, she takes it as the biggest compliment.

Even though she has faced many obstacles in her life. She continues to amaze people with her journey toward a positive attitude. Being honest and not losing yourself in life’s excursions are two lessons you must take away from Jenna Lyons.

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