Joy Reid Weight Loss, Keto Gummies, Surgery Updates, And Cancer Rumours.

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Many want to know the reality about Joy Reid weight loss gummies. Recently we have seen a lot of advertisements in which it is claimed that Joy Reid has lost weight using NTX Keto Gummies. But all these claims seem fake. Read more to know the reality.

A Sensational political columnist, the author of the famous book titled “The Man Who Sold America: Trump and the Unravelling of the American Story” and the host of the prevalent American national show MSNBC ‘The Reid Report’, Joy Reid emerges as an influential figure in the Media Industry. Joy-Ann M. Lomena-Reid was born on December 8, 1968, in New York City.

Having started her Journalism Career in 1997, she decided to quit her business and endeavor as full-time media personnel. She has also been honored with Carol Jenkins Visible and Powerful Media Award for her exceptional work in 2018. Furthermost, she has also been teaching students at Syracuse University in Manhattan on subjects like media, race, and gender equality. Recently, she’s been under controversy for her Keto Weight Loss rumors among the press and her well-wishers. In this blog, let us discover some of her struggles with her weight loss regime and rumors that spread beyond her imagination. 

Joy Reid Weight Loss. Did She Really Lose Weight? 

Habitual demeanor in front of the television influences people to stay relevant concerning looks and health details. In 2016, Joy Reid felt she had gained a lot of weight, which reached over 141 pounds. She felt the need to take care of herself and look better. As per her recent social media post in 2018, She mentions following a healthy lifestyle. She exercises twice a week under the advice of an expert wellness coach. Having lost around 20-25 pounds. She has set a remarkable goal for all her fans. 

Her diet mainly comprised of protein, low carbohydrate, and fat intake. Things hampering her journey, like processed food, sugar, and preservatives, were eliminated by her. She focused on additional activities like brisk walking, deadlifts, muscle training, skipping, running, and swimming to reduce weight more efficiently

Joy Reid Weight Loss

However, a video circulated the social channels which showed CNN host Anderson Cooper interrogating Reid about consuming NTX Keto gummies. A link was also shared that led to a Facebook post and a company called Keto Bites. This company started selling Weight loss gummies in Reid’s name to reach a flourishing business. Let me clear the air for those of you who are unfamiliar with NTX Keto gummies.

What Are NTX Keto Gummies? Did Joy Reid Use Them? 

NTX keto gummies are jelly-like candies made of Apple Cider Vinegar. These gummies claim that these food supplements are manufactured to encourage ketosis, which burns fat and aids in weight loss. Creators also claim that gummies also help decrease the overall cholesterol level and boost immunity and metabolism rate and they are 100% vegan and natural. But these NTX keto gummies have no scientific proof for supporting their claims.

Any weight loss product becomes potential when you bind it with a nutritionally balanced diet, workout sessions, and healthy living standards. One should consult a healthcare professional before consuming such products. As few ingredients may not be suitable for people having various medical ailments. But none of these claims of the gummies are medically proven and might be just marketing gimmick.

So, what you can do to lose weight? To lose weight it is important to focus on what you are eating and how active you stay throughout the day. And to boost your weight loss journey you can try some proven methods like this Ancient Mediterranean Ritual for weight loss that ancient people have been using for centuries. You can watch the below video to know more about this unique weight loss method that has been helping people in their weight loss journey.


Joy Reid denies engaging in Weight loss gummies. Later, she also shared her prior updates on weight loss on her Facebook page on January 30, 2018. She also revealed it on one of the episodes of her Tv shows back in 2021. 

Also, the reality of the video posted back then was also confirmed by Joy. A CNN investigative representative called the image “unreal.” Cooper and Rein’s facial expressions were synced up artificially. The interview between Cooper-Reid never happened in the first place. Later, the official website claiming Joy Reid Keto Weigh loss gummies was also proven fake. 

Is She Ill And Suffering From Cancer? 

According to the news reports and the latest information, Joy Reid is not sick. She has no signs of ailment. Her viewers can watch her on ‘The Reid Out’ and the weekend talk show ‘AM Joy’. She also actively participates in political disputes and entertains her audiences with her wit.

Also, there stand rumors about her. There is no valid proof that suggests that she is suffering from cancer. But since her mother died due to breast cancer when she was just 17 years old. Joy Reid was later brought up by her aunt.  

Did She Sustain A Weight Loss Surgery? 

In 2017, Joy Reid faced lashes for her old post surfacing online on her blog website. This post targeted the LGBTQ community with resentful comments. She did not believe that the post was written by her. But on the investigation, she was found guilty as the vlog was from her own website. Instead of apologizing, she started defending herself, saying that hackers had tampered with the site. The post sent hatred against gay people and defamed the former governor of Florida, saying that Charlie Crist is a gay who married a woman just for political relations.  

Joy claims that the post was endured to spoil her image and defame her. This conflict ignited a spark and led to the fake rumors of her Weight Loss Surgery to shred her extra pounds. Despite the persisting speculation, MSNBC supported her and remained by her side. They believed the writings did not depict Joy Reid’s professionalism and originality. It was just a mouse trap to exploit her.


Joy Reid’s life story is truly eloquent. She has set an example for millions of people on how to take charge of their health. Even though her journey is filled with criticism and hatred. She continues to stay strong and inspire women with her open-minded attitude. Joy believes in responding to her spectators intellectually through reality checks.

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