Kay Adams Plastic Surgery Rumours, Nose Job, Career, And Relationship Status.

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A beautiful sports reporter Kay Adams is often praised for her looks. She maintains her look and her figure very well. That’s there are many rumors about Kay Adams plastic surgery. Every now and then debate about her nose job arise but the NFL reporter never said anything about these rumors.

The internet is often overwhelmed with the news of famous personalities and entertainers. One such buzz is about the talented sports commentator Kay Adams. She is a prominent Television star and the former host of the popular show ‘Good Morning Football’ on NFL Network. Appreciated for her glorified body and beautiful figure. This 37-year-old journalist was born in Chicago.

She has been passionate about working in the media since her high school days. She pursued her major in communication at Missouri University. Later, she started her career as an in-game host for St. Louis Cardinals. Adams has also worked as an anchor for the DirecTV Fantasy Zone channel, FanDuel, and NBC Sports Network. In this blog, let us reveal her life odyssey, her battle with her job hunt, and the rumors about her personal life.  

Kay Adams Plastic Surgery Rumours. Did She Undergo A Plastic Surgery?   

Recently, a hot Bikini picture viral on her Instagram page showed her beautiful figure. Her fans took to social media to express their views about her face. Kay’s beautiful fluffy cheeks were now transfigured into a flat bony structure. She lost an enormous amount of weight.

Some claimed that she was undergoing emotional trauma and hence looked slimmer. The surprising fact is many believed the treatment went wrong, and she got an ugly look. But all these plastic surgery rumors are yet to be validated by Kay Adams. Her audience also felt like she has been doing her own make-up since the rise of the pandemic.   

Kay Adams Before After Pictures

Has Kay Adams Really Got A Nose Job Done?   

This question is still debatable. Nobody can pinpoint the exact cause of her change in appearance. Her nose looked different in her old pictures. Many people also presume that she must have undergone nose surgery to enhance her facial features.

It can also be possible that she always looked distinct, or it can be due to her nose job. Kay Adams has not made it clear, the real intentions behind her change. She continues to struggle in her endeavor.   

Kay Adam’s Professional career ended at NFL Network.   

Kay Adams announced on 13 May 2022 that she has left NFL Network ‘Good Morning Football’ after ending her 6 years journey. As per the reports, she earned around $ 80,000 per year. Kay stated she did not wish to renew her contract with the NFL Network.

Kay Adams also got an incredible offer from Amazon studio for Thursday Night Football while still working at NFL, which she rejected as she wanted to fulfill her contract and then move on to other offers.   

She left the job as she felt her work at NFL Network had been accomplished. She wanted to get out of her comfort zone and try something new. After this, she started a new career as a writer for a local news channel. She was excited to spread her opinions to all her channel viewers.

Later, she reappeared on Show, ‘Up and Adams‘ on FanDuel as they offered her an attractive salary. This channel featured studio coding combined with live sports.   

Kay Adams Before Transformation

Is Kay Adams Married? What Is Her Relationship Status?   

Danny Amendola was alleged as her former boyfriend. She was often spotted with the NFL player on various occasions. But as per Kay, she is still single. Kay Adams frequently humors her fictional partner on her social media account handles, which has left her fans confused about her relationship status. In her interviews, Kay mentions how men felt petrified by her. So, she has decided not to approach anyone in her life anymore.   

Kay Adams and Sham Charania’s Unique Chemistry on NBA   

Kay Adams is acknowledged for her soulful connection and witty commendable remarks with guests in the “Up & Adams” — Fan Duel TV’s flagship daily morning talk show. In one such live interview on the sets with the news reporter Sham Charania titled “Getting To Know Shams Charania,”.

He discussed how he established his glamorous career in the sports industry and social life and missed out on the fun in his life. Kay Adams laughed mockingly and replied “So when we have kids. No, I’m kidding! I’m totally kidding! When you have kids…” After finding her statement humorous she said, “I’m not even thinking about kids.

One of Sham’s fans congratulated them on having future kids. They almost flirted during the whole interview. This sparked their incredible chemistry, which fans admired.  

Sham has recently been in the news for reasons other than his breaking news. He has been trending on Twitter for his flirtatious comments on Kay Adams. Sham Charania wanted to credit Adams on the National Womens Sports Day. He beautifully said, “We’re both from Chicago, we’re both Aries, you’re a Missouri grad, that was in my top three (colleges),” FanDuel TV’s “Up and Adams.” “I didn’t go to Missouri. Your parents were immigrants. My parents were immigrants“.   

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He continued further “I just wanted to say, you get your flowers, just everything you’ve built, I have a lot of respect. I know yesterday was Women in Sports Day. Congrats on everything you’ve done, keep building. It was a big day yesterday, I just wanted to make sure you got your love, that’s all.” His fans were excited and wished to see more of their chemistry together.

Kay Adams and Sham Charania are two sports personalities respecting their work, or they love to go viral on social media platforms. They want to keep their relationship status a secret. Their fan thinks that if their affections are genuine, one of them should take the first step.   


The Admirable Kay Adams perseveres to amaze her fans with her whimsical persona. Her well-wishers adore Kay for her bold and straightforward nature. She is the finest example of beauty with brains. Despite all the rumors, she inspires women to achieve success and fame through tremendous hard work.

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