His Secret Obsession Review. Hero Instinct 12 Word Text For Women.


Here is your real His Secret Obsession Review for every woman who is struggling to get the love and respect from her relationship. relationship coach James Bauer is the creator behind this program that has helped plenty of women in their life. Hero Instinct and 12 Word Text of the program can help a woman psychologically in her relationship.

Hey there, are you tired of feeling like you just don’t understand men? Are you looking for ways to create a deeper connection with your partner or to find a new love interest? If so, “His Secret Obsession” by James Bauer might be just the book you need. This relationship guide for women claims to offer a new perspective on male psychology and relationships and to provide practical advice that you can put into action in your own life. But is “His Secret Obsession” really all it’s cracked up to be? 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the book’s main ideas and concepts, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, and offer my recommendation on whether or not it’s worth reading.

So, whether you’re single, in a relationship, or just curious about the male mind, let’s dive into “His Secret Obsession” and see what it has to offer.

What Is His Secret Obsession (Birds-Eye-View Summary)

Program Name:His Secret Obsession
For:Only For Women
Used For:To Help Women Make A Better Relationship
Creator:James Bauer (Well-Known Relationship Coach)
Program Includes:Ebook + Audiobooks
Available:Only Through Official Website
Short Summary Of His Secret Obsession Program
His Secret Obsession Program

In this relationship guidebook, Bauer offers some fascinating insights into the male psyche and how women can better understand their partners. He argues that men have a “Hero Instinct” that drives them to seek out meaningful experiences and to be admired and respected. According to Bauer, women who can tap into this instinct can create a powerful emotional bond with their partners.

But how can you do that? That’s where the book’s techniques and strategies come in. Bauer offers some practical advice on understanding men’s communication styles, learning to communicate in a way that men will respond positively to, and building up men’s confidence and self-esteem.

One of the key techniques presented in the book is called the “Respect Principle.” This involves showing appreciation and admiration for men’s accomplishments and strengths, which can help men feel valued and respected. According to Bauer, this can create a positive feedback loop that strengthens the emotional connection between partners and leads to a more fulfilling relationship.

The full program is a set of an eBook, and various audiobooks to guide a woman on how to trigger her man’s hero instinct to amplify his love for her.

Who Can Use His Secret Obsession

So, who exactly is “His Secret Obsession” created for? Well, it’s pretty obvious from the title that the book is aimed at women who want to improve their relationships with men. Specifically, the author James Bauer wants to help women better understand men’s psychology and emotions so that they can create deeper and more meaningful connections.

Now, the question is: Is this book appropriate for every woman? In a way, yes, absolutely. The book is written in a friendly and accessible tone that’s easy to understand, even if you don’t have a background in psychology or relationship counseling. The author also provides plenty of real-life examples and scenarios that readers can relate to, which makes the advice feel practical and applicable.

That said, it’s worth noting that “His Secret Obsession” may not be for everyone. If you’re already in a happy and healthy relationship, you may not find as much value in the book as someone who is struggling to connect with their partner.

But even if you are in a happy relationship, still His Secret Obsession can add more value to your love life.

Here is the list of situations for women who can use the guide.

  • For a woman who is in fear that she might lose her man slowly.
  • A woman who thinks her man is afraid of commitment and will never commit.
  • For a woman whose man is completely ignoring her even not responding to calls and messages
  • For a female who just broke up with her partner and wants to get back together.
  • Her man used to be a loving person but now he has turned cold and distant.
  • For a woman who feels that her man has lost interest in her.
  • If there is a man she likes, but doesn’t know how to approach.

NOTE: If you are facing any of the above issues then you can click below to watch the video and learn from the creator of His Secret obsession.

Hero Instinct In A Man

What Is Inside In His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession is a full program only for women to help them in making a better relationship with their male partner. The full program contains various audiobooks and an ebook. Here is the list of main programs you will find inside and these are the main ones that will help you in your relationship.

  • 1)- What Is Hero Instinct And How To Trigger It In Your Man?
  • 2)- 12 Word Text
  • 3)- The Message Formulas

1)- Hero Instinct

Hero Instinct is a primal desire of a man that is hidden inside every man but rarely a woman knows about this secret hidden biological drive of a man. This biological drive always stays hidden in a man until it is triggered by a woman. When this Hero Instinct of a man is triggered by a woman, it becomes for a man to resist that woman.

Hero instinct is like other feelings we have like hunger, thirst, S#x drive, and others. But when this hero instinct is activated in a man it becomes virtually impossible for him to ignore that woman.

James Bauer who created His Secret Obsession is the first person in the world to introduce Hero Instinct to the world. He introduced this term in his program His Secret first time. James has written about Hero Instinct and the practical ways to trigger it in his program.

2)- 12 Word Text

12 Word Text was created by James to help her friend and client Racheal. Racheal was facing a lot of issues in her relationship. She was in a sudden situation where her boyfriend left her without even saying anything and we know that many women go through this as Racheal had gone.

But James helped her in her situation. James didn’t advise her to meet another handsome man to try her luck. Instead, he helped her in getting back together with her boyfriend. James asked her to send a simple 12-word text message to her boyfriend.

The message worked and her boyfriend returned to her by the same evening.

3)- Text Messages And Signals

Secret Signals is the segment where you find various secret signals that will give you a psychological upper hand in your relationship over your man. Here is a glimpse of secret signals that you gonna learn in His Secret Obsession.

  • ‘Private Island’ Signal: The man always stays devoted to that one woman who he thinks is the perfect lady and no one can be better than her. Private Island helps you and guides you on how to become that one perfect lady in your man’s eyes.
  • ‘Fascination’ Signal: This is an innocent angle signal which compels a man to think more about the woman. This signal is mostly triggered using text messages. James has so simplified the process so that, you will feel it is very easy to understand and even easier to execute in real life.
  • ‘Silent Action’ Signal: It teaches a woman how she can use her silence to attract her man more. This signal helps a woman in becoming more mysterious than a man always wants to solve.
  • ‘Damsel In Distress’ Signal: This signal activates a protection feel for a woman in her man. If a woman is getting ignored by her man then this signal is for her.
  • ‘Ex-Back’ Signal: As the name suggests this signal is for a woman who recently has gone through separation from her man but wants to rekindle her relationship with her Ex.

Apart from all these signals, there are many other useful signals that have been used in His Secret Obsession to help a woman. And apart from these 3 basic modules, there is a total of 17 chapters available in the program to learn from it.

His Secret Obsession is one of the best programs a woman can have. You can click here to learn more about His Secret Obsession from the official website.

About The Author: James Bauer

James Bauer is a relationship coach and author with over a decade of experience helping couples build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. He has worked with clients around the world, offering insights and techniques to help them understand and connect with their partners on a deeper level.

Bauer’s approach to relationship advice is rooted in a deep understanding of human psychology and the dynamics that drive romantic relationships. In “His Secret Obsession,” he offers readers a unique perspective on male psychology and communication, drawing on his extensive experience working with couples from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

While some readers may find Bauer’s advice helpful and insightful, others may find his approach overly simplistic or one-dimensional. It’s worth noting that Bauer’s advice is based on his personal experience and perspective and may not be applicable or useful for all readers.

As with any relationship advice, it’s important to approach “His Secret Obsession” critically and consider whether the techniques presented in the book align with your values and relationship goals.

Man Becoming Superhero

Strengths And Weaknesses

First off, let’s talk about the book’s strengths. One thing that really stands out is the author’s ability to explain male psychology in a way that’s easy for women to understand. I mean, let’s be real, men can be pretty confusing sometimes, but James Bauer does a great job of breaking down their thought processes and motivations.

Another thing that’s appreciable about the book is the practicality of the techniques presented. They’re not just theoretical concepts that sound good in theory but are impossible to apply in real life. Rather, the advice given in the book is actionable and can be applied to real-world situations.

However, the book does have some weaknesses. One thing that some readers might find off-putting is the somewhat gendered approach to relationships. The book is clearly aimed at women, and some of the advice given is very gender-specific. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it might not appeal to everyone.

Additionally, while the insights presented in the book are certainly interesting, some of them might not be entirely new or groundbreaking. If you’ve read many relationship advice books or blogs, you might find that some of the ideas presented in “His Secret Obsession” are things you’ve heard before!

How Is It Different From Other Relationship Guides?

When compared to other relationship guides aimed at women, “His Secret Obsession” stands out in a few ways. While some books in the genre focus on communication and conflict resolution techniques, “His Secret Obsession” takes a unique approach by delving into the inner workings of the male psyche. The book offers insights into male emotions and behavior, which can help women better understand and connect with their partners.

Another way that “His Secret Obsession” differs from other relationship guides is its practicality. Unlike some books that offer vague, general advice, this book provides concrete techniques and strategies that women can use in real-life situations. The book’s focus on actionable steps and examples makes it easy to understand and apply the advice to one’s own relationships.

Of course, no book is perfect, and “His Secret Obsession” has its limitations. Some of the techniques presented in the book may not work for everyone, and the advice may not be applicable to all types of relationships. Additionally, while the book’s focus on male emotions is valuable, it may not be as useful for women who are in relationships with partners who don’t fit traditional gender stereotypes.

But overall, after reading the book we can say a woman His Secret Obsession helps a lot and provides exceptionally amazing advice on the betterment of a relationship for women.

Couple Holding Hands

Cracking the Code: “His Secret Obsession” and the Psychological Theories Involved

So, in this section, we’re going to talk about the theories and models that the book “His Secret Obsession” is based on. Now, I know the word “theories” might sound a bit intimidating, but don’t worry, we’re not going to get too technical here.

Basically, the book is based on the idea that men and women have different emotional needs and communicate differently. This is something that has been studied by psychologists and relationship experts for many years. The book draws on some of these theories to explain why men act the way they do in relationships and what women can do to connect with them better.

One of the main theories that the book draws on is the idea of attachment styles. This is the idea that the way we form attachments with our parents or caregivers when we’re young can affect the way we form relationships later in life. The book suggests that understanding your partner’s attachment style can help you communicate with them better and meet their emotional needs.

Another theory that the book touches on is the concept of emotional triggers. This is the idea that we all have certain things that trigger strong emotions in us and that understanding these triggers can help us communicate more effectively with our partners. The book offers some techniques for identifying and addressing your partner’s emotional triggers.

Now, it’s worth noting that these theories are not without their limitations. For example, some critics argue that attachment theory is oversimplified and doesn’t account for individual differences. However, I think the book does a good job of presenting these theories in a way that’s easy to understand and apply to real-life situations.

What About The Ethical Aspects?

When it comes to relationship advice, it’s important to consider the ethical implications of the advice being given. In the case of “His Secret Obsession,” one potential concern is whether the book’s advice reinforces harmful gender stereotypes or promotes unhealthy relationship dynamics.

For example, some of the techniques presented in the book could be seen as manipulative or coercive, particularly if they involve withholding affection or using emotional triggers to elicit a certain response from a partner. On the other hand, some readers may find that the advice in the book helps them communicate more effectively with their partner and build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual reader to evaluate the risks and benefits of implementing the book’s advice and decide whether it aligns with their personal values and relationship goals. 

It’s also important to consider how the power dynamics within a relationship might be affected by implementing the techniques in the book. For example, if one partner is consistently using techniques from the book to control or manipulate the other, it could lead to an unhealthy or abusive relationship dynamic.

The book may offer some useful insights into male psychology and relationships. However, it’s important to approach the book’s advice with a critical eye and consider the potential ethical implications of implementing it in your own relationship.

Pricing And Refund

The full program costs you $47 and it is far less than one session you are going to pay to your relationship coach. Apart from pricing, it has privacy, you don’t have to answer anyone and no one will ask you anything. Whenever you get time, you can start learning techniques from the program. And the best thing is that you don’t have to wait for days for delivery as you get instant access to the digital program.

The program comes with 60 Days refund guarantee. There are rare chances that you will feel that His Secret Obsession is not for you. But still, if you feel so after purchasing, then you will have 60 days time to get the refund.

As a promoter of a better life for women in every aspect, we highly suggest you must own a copy of His Secret Obsession. It has helped a lot of women around the world in difficult times. You can use the below button to buy it from the official website.

His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession Program
  • Program For Every Woman Who Wants To Make A Better Relationship With Her Man. James Bauer Who Is The Creator Of ‘His Secret Obsession” Has Years Of Experience As A Relationship Coach. Throughout His Career, He Found Some Basic Issues In Almost All Relationship Faced By Women.
  • Then After Years Of His Experience, He Reached On A Conclusion That How A Woman Holds The Key To A Better Relationship But She Doesn’t Know About This Secret Key.
  • He Wanted To Tell Every Woman That A Woman Has A Key To A Successful Relationship. Her Teachings Can Reach Every Woman Of The World, That’s Why He Created His Secret Obsession.

Final Words: His Secret Obsession Review

All that being said, “His Secret Obsession” offers valuable insights into male psychology and relationships. The book is well-written, and engaging and offers practical advice that women can use to improve their relationships with men. It’s not perfect, but no book is. Overall, it’s definitely worth a read if you’re someone who’s interested in improving your understanding of men and relationships.

Overall, it is a fun and informative read that offers some useful tips and tricks for improving your relationship with your man. Whether you’re in a long-term committed relationship or just starting to date someone new, the insights and techniques presented in the book can help you create a deeper emotional bond with your partner and make him feel like the hero in your life. 

So why not give it a try? Your man (and your relationship) might just thank you for it!


What Is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession Is A Relationship Program Created By James Bauer For Women Only. It guides Women On How To Make Their Relationship A Better Place For Them With Using Tips And Tricks James Has Developed After Years Of Experience.

What Are 12 Words That Trigger A Man’s Hero Instinct?

12 Word Text Was Created By James Bauer To Help Her Client In Her Relationship. 12 Word Text Is A Set Of Phrases That Trigger A Man’s Hero Instinct. “You Always Make Me Feel Special And I Can Not Live Without You” Is An Ideal Example Of 12 Word Text.

What Is Man’s Secret Obsession?

Men’s Secret Obsession Is To Get Loved And Appreciated By Her Loved Ones And His Inner Desire Is To Provide For And Protect The Ones He Loves And Cares.

What Phrases Triggers Man’s Hero Instinct?

Can You Please Help Me In Clearing This Work I Am Stuck At“, “You Treat Me A Way That No Man Has Ever Treated Me Ever“, “I Don’t Know Why But When I Am With You I Just Forget About The Time” Are Some Examples Of Phrases That Triggers MAn’s Hero Instinct.

Where To Buy “His Secret Obsession”?

Only Buy From The Official Website.

What If I Don’t Like The Program?

There Are Very Rare Chances That A Woman Doesn’t Like His Secret Obsession. But Still, If You Don’t Like The Program, You Can Get A Full Refund Within 60 Days.

How Many Days For Delivery After Purchase?

His Secret Obsession Is A Digital Product So You Don’t Have To Wait For Delivery. You Get Instant Access.

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