Padma Lakshmi Plastic Surgery 2023. Her Skin Routine Details With Before-After Pics.

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Padma Lakshmi plastic surgery is a topic that has a lot of speculations and rumors associated with it. Top Chef’s host Padma Lakshmi looks stunning even at the age of 52. Her age-defying beauty always keeps people intrigued.

Padma Lakshmi has been associated with Bravo’s “Top Chef” from 2006 to 2023. She recently left the show after 17 years of association. In these past 17 years, we have rarely noticed any change in Padma Lakshmi’s look. She looks as stunningly amazing as she was looking in the first episode of the show.

Her age-defying beauty is the reason behind people continuously speculating about her plastic surgery. No one can deny that Padma Lakshmi is one of the most beautiful women we see on our TVs. But did she really undergo any plastic surgery to maintain a young and beautiful look? Let’s find out everything about Padma Lakshmi plastic surgery in this article.

Padma Lakshmi Plastic Surgery Rumors Decoded

Padma never accepted anything about these rumors about her plastic surgery. Let us decode all the rumors with a detailed look at her facial features over time.

Her Forehead

Let’s start with her forehead. Upon checking Padma Lakshmi’s recent pictures and comparing them to her older version, we noticed a couple of creases on her forehead. And this is proof that she has not done anything on her forehead. All she has is a natural look on her forehead. So, probably there is no Botox.

Her Nose

Now, let us see more details about her nose. Over the years we noticed some changes in her nose. But these little changes over the years don’t mean she has undergone any surgery. Her nose has become a little thin over the years. But this change might be due to some nose trauma or even due to the natural aging process.

Padma Lakshmi Before After

Her Cheeks

We can say that Padma Lakshmi’s cheeks are her facial feature that hasn’t changed over the years. Her cheeks look the same. No fillers and no Botox.

Her Lips

Padma’s lips look a little bit different in her recent pictures if we compare them with her 90s pictures when she was young, then we can see a little change in her lips. Her lips look a little bigger. Her bigger lips might be due to some fillers. Or it is even possible to make your lips look bigger with some lipstick shades.

Padma Lakshmi plastic surgery is always a matter of big interest for fans and followers but the Top Chef host never revealed anything or accepted anything about this matter. But she openly revealed how she takes care of her skin.

Padma Lakshmi’s Beauty Care Routine

Padma looks so beautiful even at the age of 52. But she takes a lot of care of her skin. Padma Lakshmi has an off-camera routine for her beautiful skin. In an interview with SheKnows, she said about her skin routine,

"I have to say, the biggest thing I wear is sunblock. I have dark skin, and I don’t tan evenly, but I tan easily, so I try to keep sunblock on as much as I can. However, it does tend to clog your pores, so I do very simple things."
Padma Lakshmi Transformation

Padma Lakshmi further added that she put tea tree oil in a big pot of boiling water, put a towel over her head and she uses that to clean her pores. Then she uses ice water to close her pores before she put any moisturizer on at night, or any sunblock on during the day and that helps keep her skin clear.

Padma Lakshmi believes simple remedies are the way to go. Because they are easily accessible. The other natural thing Padma uses for her glowing skin is honey. She uses honey on dry skin to pull the impurities out of the pores. She said further that the suction and stickiness of honey will pull out all of the bacteria in the pores, and then you just put your head in the shower and it all washes away.

Why Did Padma Lakshmi Leave “Top Chef”?

Padma Lakshmi was hosting the show for almost 17 years. But recently she left the show. When asked about her leave from her long-running show, Padma revealed that she wanted to focus on her Hulu food show Taste the Nation.


In conclusion, we can say that the Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi has beautiful skin. She takes a lot of care of her skin. Over the years. Speculations about Padma Lakshmi plastic surgery are just rumors and have no truth in it.


  1. Has Padma Lakshmi Undergone Plastic Surgery?

    Padma Lakshmi hasn’t ever accepted anything about her plastic surgery. And her before-after pictures also say the same that she might have not undergone any plastic surgery.

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