Eugenia Cooney Weight Loss. Struggle Against Anorexia And Death Rumors.

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Eugenia Cooney weight loss is a trending topic on social media platforms. Suffering from Anorexia, Eugenia suffered from the thought of becoming fat and avoided eating much.

Eugenia Cooney is a 29-year-old American Content creator, YouTuber, and a famous social media personality. She was born in Massachusetts. She graduated from elementary school in Connecticut. She faced constant bullying during her childhood. Later, she shifted to New York to pursue her Modelling career. Having started her YouTube channel in the year June 2011.

She creates beautiful cosplay, affordable shopping hauls, and beauty tutorial vlogs for her fans. Her subscribers are around 2.13 million on YouTube and 679k followers on Instagram. She was also nominated as the Youtuber of the Year at the 12th Annual Shorty Awards in year 2020. In this blog, let us glance through her journey of overcoming her mental fears and inspiring her fans with a positive attitude toward life.  

Is Eugenia Struggling With Her Health?  

Eugenia’s health talks have always been a trendy topic among her fans. Few of them express concern about her, and others troll her with negative comments. She has a lean body with a thin appearance. Initially, she looked fine, but later her body weight shreds rapidly. She was not ready to accept her health challenges. Her videos promote the idea that she loves her body and that everyone should have a size like her.   

Petitions circulated the social media to ban her from YouTube. Her content misleads the younger audience. The Petition that was launched on received around 20,000 signatures. All her videos displayed more than 50 % of her body and pictures. This created fear among parents of young girls. People with the same disorder are horrified by how she presents her body. No serious action was taken against her by YouTube officials.  

However, as soon as she understood her deteriorating health condition. Eugenia decided to quit YouTube in February 2019 for six months. All her fans were worried about her being dead as she suddenly disappeared. Later, she revealed suffering from Anorexia after she returned.  

Eugenia Cooney Weight Loss. Her Battle Against Anorexia

Anorexia is a physiological eating disorder. In this condition, Individuals undergo a fear of weight gain. They avoid eating food, perform intense workouts, and find dangerous ways to lose weight. The medical ailment is associated with extreme weight loss, malnutrition, flaky skin, fragile hair, and lower food intake. This health issue can impact the mental and physical ability of a person.   

Eugenia returned to social media after a short break in July 2019. She also appeared in Shane Dawson’s documentary The Return of Eugenia Cooney. She shared about her rehab experience. Her primary focus is on getting psychiatrist therapy and taking care of herself. In the document, she also explained how her parents were worried about her health. The journey from ignoring her health to prioritizing the importance of food. It was all very challenging for her. Eugenia says she is happy and healthy like before.   

Eugenia Cooney Transformation
Eugenia Cooney Transformation Source: Instagram / Eugenia Cooney

Is Eugenia Cooney Still Alive? 

Eugenia is alive and active on Social Media Platforms as of 2023 reports. She continues to show a positive side of her personality. Her journey is filled with hatred and controversy. She has become a changed person ever since she arrived back from rehab. Choosing to freely discuss her mental illness and being open-minded, promoting self-care no longer concerns her.

Eugenia’s Response To Criticism 

Eugenia is a kind personality. Body structure and shape are no longer a topic of shame for her. A well-balanced diet has now been an essential part of her life. Eugenia denies fostering any eating disorder. Critics blame her for supporting unhealthy life standards in her videos. She has always responded to her haters with a great attitude.  

Significance Of Mental Health 

Anorexia and other eating problems can contribute to anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsion disorder. The symptom of Mental illness is hard to understand. Eugenia’s fans should also treat her situation with empathy and care. Despite all the criticism, she chooses to embrace love over hatred.  


Eugenia Cooney’s war with Anorexia is complicated. Accepting her struggle with her mental condition was challenging for her. But she has moved a step closer to the healing process. Her decisions are firm and rigid. Anorexia must be dealt with with immense support, understanding, love, and care for a speedy recovery. As she ought to take proper care of her.

Eugenia continues to motivate her fans. She has set an example to prioritize physical and emotional health. Having the determination to conquer obstacles is her top-notch priority. She is now encouraging young women to seek support when in need. Eugenia’s sickness should be used as an experience to spread well-being and mental awareness among women.

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