Dagen McDowell Weight Loss, Illness, And Health Update In 2023.

Key Takeaways

Speculations about Dagen McDowell weight loss and her mental illness have been raised after she lost her mother to lung cancer.

The Fox News anchor, analyst, and journalist– Dagen McDowell is a famous face in the news world. Her precise financial and business analysis of the US economy makes her one of the finest analysts. 

However, her recent weight loss and health concerns were a popular topic among the netizens. There’s so much more to discuss about the business analyst which we’ll do in today’s article. From weight loss to hardships, we’ll unravel every truth of McDowell’s life. 

Early Life and Career

Dagen comes from Campbell County in Virginia. Her parents immigrated from Ireland for studies. She completed her diploma in 1987 from St. Catherine’s School and then went to Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem for further studies. Dagen landed her first job as a financial journalist. Since then she has achieved a lot in her anchoring career. 

She started co-hosting the Fox Business show along with Maria. The show got aired for 8 years from 2015 to 2023. For three consecutive years, she won the Cashin’IN challenge. She is a regular visitor in shows like Outnumbered, The Five, and Gutfeld. Her recent successful show is The Bottom Line alongside Sean Duffy. 

Dagen McDowell Weight Loss. How Did She Do It?

The Bottom Line anchor has been a trending name in the past few weeks. It all started when she lost her mother to cancer. The loss of her dear one must have had an impact on her mental well-being. People are rather curious to scrutinize her new avatar. The spotlight is not always a good thing as it takes a toll on your mental health. Although she hasn’t developed any weight loss routine, speculations are that it is linked with mental health issues. 

The mental trauma is unbearable once you lose a loved one. Initial days are gloomy and it affects the health. There’s a direct connection between mental stress and weight loss. Mental stress demolishes the hormonal balance and affects the metabolic cycle. 

However, there are no personal words by her on the weight loss transformation. Weight loss could be due to specific lifestyle changes like regular workouts, healthy diet plans, etc. 

Dahen McDowell Illness And Health Concern

The weight loss of Dagen McDowell is being associated with health concerns. People believe she might be struggling with some sort of medical condition due to excessive mental trauma. Speculations are that she might be suffering from lower back discomfort. Some people believe that she might be suffering from spondylitis. 

However, she is regularly active on social media and shares every detail of her personal life. Sources confirm that she is doing completely fine and is healthy. The dog lover has been enjoying her time recently and is exploring places with her husband, Jonas Max Ferris. 

Thus, all the speculations are just baseless rumors. 

The Tragic Loss 

She lost her mother to lung cancer. This was the most tragic loss for her as she was very close to her mother. The cancer was on stage 4 and her mother used to be in immense pain. However, her mother taught Dagen to be resilient in any situation and face everything with a smile. 

She posted a picture of her momma on her Instagram handle was loved by more than 21000 people. In that post, she said that the cancer metastasized her spinal column and pelvis which caused her excruciating pain. But she was standing at the Patrick Henry’s Red Hill with a beautiful smile.  She celebrated life and said “What am I supposed to do? Stay in bed and wait to die?” 

Adding to it Dagen wrote “When the mother dies, a part of you dies with her” which tells about how difficult it was for the 54-year-old business analyst. The news anchor has fought her way out of this tragic incident. 

Dagen McDowell's Parents
Dagen McDowell’s Parents Image: Instagram/ Dagen McDowell

“Biden Is a Commander in Chaos”

On a recent show at Fox Business, she said Biden is a commander in chaos. There was a poll that asked people If the elections were held today who would win between Biden and Trump. Trump got 10% more votes than Biden. The show discussed the challenges Biden might face in the upcoming elections. 

Rescuing Dogs And Cats

Apart from anchoring, Dagen shares a deep love for dogs and cats. Her Instagram bio reads “I will read to your dog before I speak to you” which tells about her love for dogs. The social media handles are filled with pictures of her dog. 

She is also a part of the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control, an organization helping and rescuing the paws. They go door-to-door and rescue the animals in need. Their motto is to adopt animals rather than buy them. Dagen believes it’s better to adopt a helpless cat or dog rather than buy an expensive breed. 

Dagen McDowell is a true inspiration for today’s world as she fought all the odds.

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