Redditers Are Speculating About Kali Uchis Weight Gain & Plastic Surgery. No, She Isn’t Pregnant.

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A lot of changes have been seen in Kali Uchis in recent years and that’s there are a lot of speculations about Kali Uchis weight gain and plastic surgery. Some even are speculating that she might be pregnant but all these are just social media people’s speculations.

Kali Uchis, born Karly-Marina Loaiza, is a hugely popular Colombian-American pop star, also recognized for being a multi-talented songwriter, singer, music producer, and video director. She gained major attention in 2012 when she released her debut mix tape, titled “Drunken Babble” and shot to stardom instantly. From sleeping in the backside of her car to working with iconic musicians like Snoop Dogg and Gorillaz, Kali Uchis opened her genre of music to a wider base of international audiences. 

Shortly, in the following years after her smash hit debut, Kali Uchis launched her first EP “Por Vida” in 2015, and then “Isolation”, her first studio album in 2018 which garnered her tremendous acclaim. She has several accolades under her belt, namely, two Billboard Music Awards, and an American Music Award, and she was also nominated for the Latin Grammy Award. Since her debut in 2012, Kali has collaborated with eminent musicians across a diverse range of musical genres and worked with reputed record labels to create a stellar career totally on her own accord. 

Uchis says that she is deeply influenced by 1960s music which is characterized by a blend of R&B, early soul, and doo-wop. Kali is also known to enjoy jazz and is an avid admirer of Mariah Carey, Salma Hayek, Selena Gomez, Shakira, La Lupe, Ivy Queen, and Celia Cruz.

Kali Uchis announced a brand new period for her music in July 2023, along with her brand new single “Muñekita” for her new and upcoming music album. 

Now, very recently, this award-winning pop musician has been a hot topic of discussion among her followers, for seemingly having gained weight. Let us find out more about Kali Uchis’ weight gain transformation in this post below.

Kali Uchis Introduction

Name:Kali Uchis
Birth Date:July 17, 1994

Kali Uchis Weight Gain Transformation Over The Years

In several of her latest public appearances and photos, people have noticed that Kali Uchis has gained a significant amount of weight. And this has triggered a wave of speculations about what might be the reason behind her gaining so much weight.

Kali Uchis In Pink Outfit
Kali Uchis In Pink Outfit Image: Instagram/Kali Uchis

The personal lives of celebrities have kept their followers and fans intrigued for the longest time, who want to have a slice of juicy news or gossip about what might be going on with them. And the slightest change in the external appearance of celebrities is strong enough to generate rave comments and never-ending speculations across social media. The same is the case with Kali Uchis, who seems to have gained weight and has come across as noticeable to her fans and followers.

But little do people pause to understand that often the makeup, lighting, or outfit worn by a public figure or their favorite pop star is responsible for the seemingly changed appearance of celebrities. We cannot deny that celebs have access to the best makeup artists in the world, which simply makes it easier for them to don different looks and outfits.

Needless to say just like we often put on weight or lose some pounds over the years, the same happens to celebs all over the world; after all, they are also human beings. So many followers believe that even if Kali Uchis has gained some weight, it is only a natural process; there is nothing suspicious or curious about it.

People On Reddit Are Confident That She Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

There is no stopping the rumor mills as the public loves to spread juicy rumors without batting an eyelid! While some of them have expressed their concerns about Kali’s health, others have straight-cut commented their suspicions that she must have gone under the knife.

As per some comments on her recent photos on social media, some users believe that they have never known her to possess curves, then how did she suddenly become curvy? Well, if not stick-thin, we can never really say that Kali Uchis has ever come across as hefty since she debuted in the music industry in America. And the sarcasm continues with people remarking that if you ask her, she will say that having beans and rice has made her gain weight. But they seem to be pretty sure that that is not the case, for she never had a curvy body, let alone a shapely butt. 

Here are a few people on Reddit commenting and speculating about Kali’s transformation with the help of plastic surgery

And just because Kali Uchis has not posted any full-body photos of her over the last few months, people have grown overly suspicious that she must have visited a great doctor to work on her. Some followers also seemed to notice some changes to her face and jawline, which prompted them to believe that Kali must have resorted to fillers and cosmetic upgrades.

However, there is no official statement or news-based evidence, where the American pop icon has addressed any of these speculations.

Kali Uchis Isn’t Pregnant But Bisexual

As if making her a target of plastic surgery speculations was not enough, many people have now raised conjectures that if not fillers, Kali might be pregnant. This new assumption started doing the rounds once people saw that in some of her recent photos, Kali Uchis seemed to be hiding her stomach, besides the fact that she has not posted any full-figure photos of herself in recent times.

However, any truth behind the speculations about a possible pregnancy also stands unconfirmed as of now, because neither Kali nor her spokesperson has shared any comments regarding it. And this comes as more intriguing than any other suspicion since Kali Uchis is known to be very open and honest with her entire base of followers and fans. She is currently in a relationship with rapper Don Toliver since 2020, and she has also openly talked about being bisexual.

Her long-time boyfriend Don Toliver has also not hinted anything about them expecting a child, which indicates that Kali Uchis being pregnant is just another celeb hoax.

Stylish Kali Uchis
Stylish Kali Uchis In Pink Outfit Image: Instagram/Kali Uchis

No Matter What! We Love Her

Kali Uchis has recently stunned her audiences with the launch of her latest album “Red Moon In Venus”, who cannot wait to get their hands on another of her mind-blowing music compositions. They love Kali because she is insanely talented and a brilliant musician who has reached for the stars from humble beginnings.


  1. Is Kali Uchis gay?

    Yes, she has openly accepted that she is bisexual.

  2. Is Kali Uchis pregnant?

    There might be some rumors about her pregnancy but Kali hasn’t said or hinted anything about her pregnancy, so, these are just rumors.

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