Dagen McDowell Illness, Weight Loss, And Health Update. Cancer Rumors And Medical Condition.

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There is a lot of speculation about Dagen McDowell Illness and her health. People also noticed that the Fox News journalist might have lost some weight. Speculations about her suffering from cancer seem just rumors and have no truth in them.

Public figures’ lives are always under close scrutiny, and sometimes it’s hard to tell when people are genuinely concerned or just being intrusive. One person who has been in the spotlight for this is Dagen McDowell, a Fox News personality. 

In this article, we’ll look into Dagen’s weight loss, trying to separate what we know for sure from what might be just guesses. Let’s discuss the possible reasons for weight loss, rumors about her health, and her controversial comments on President Joe Biden’s health. 

Dagen McDowell Illness. Is She Sick?

Back in February 2020, there was news about Dagen McDowell, a well-known personality on Fox News, that she needs to take some time off from her work at the network due to personal reasons. This happened at the same time her husband, Jon McConnochie, filed for a divorce, which made things even more complicated.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, many people started wondering why McDowell left so suddenly. Some sources, those close to her, hinted that she might be dealing with breast cancer and going through treatment.

The timing of the announcement, coupled with her absence from television since February 11, 2020, has fueled the belief that there may be some truth to the cancer diagnosis rumors. However, both Dagen McDowell and Fox News have not provided any official statements to address the speculation. All these speculations might be just rumors only.

Times of Uncertainty and Facing It With Strength

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding her health, Dagen McDowell has maintained a private and dignified stance, keeping the details of her situation away from the public eye. And while her health situation remains private, it is essential to remember that celebrities and public figures are human too, with lives filled with ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs. 

Did She Lose Weight?

After Dagen lost her mother to lung cancer, she went through a noticeable change in her appearance, which left many curious about the reasons behind her weight loss. People speculated whether it was due to health problems or emotional struggles.

Being a well-known American anchor comes with its own challenges, especially when dealing with personal tragedies. Dagen has always taken care of her image, even during tough times. Her mother’s battle with cancer deeply affected her, and she has looked different since then.

She is active on social media, sharing updates with her followers. After her mother’s passing, she posted her mother’s final words on World Cancer Day, expressing the pain and loss she experienced.

So all in all, currently there’s no confirmation that her weight loss is caused by a medical condition. It’s possible she made lifestyle changes to cope with the emotional impact of her mother’s passing and prioritize her health.

Is She Suffering From Spondylitis?

Concerns have been rising about her health, according to which she started experiencing unusual symptoms that caught people’s attention and made them wonder about her well-being.

It seems Dagen has been feeling extremely tired and experiencing discomfort in her lower back, which has been affecting her daily activities. These symptoms have led to speculation about what might be causing her health issues.

Some sources have suggested that she could be dealing with spondylitis, which is an inflammatory condition that affects the spine, neck, and other joints. But it’s important to note that this hasn’t been officially confirmed; it’s just a possibility that’s being talked about.

What’s surprising is that she doesn’t have any family history of illness, so the idea of having an autoimmune condition has come as a shock. If she is indeed dealing with spondylitis, it would be a significant challenge for her, but she’s known for her resilience and determination.

In response to her health struggles, reports say that McDowell has been looking into different treatments and therapies. One option being mentioned is regenerative medicine, particularly platelet-rich plasma injections, which could help promote cellular regeneration in the affected areas. While we wait for official statements from McDowell or her representatives, let’s be respectful of her privacy and approach these speculations with sensitivity. 

Remarks on President Joe Biden’s Appearance and Health

During a segment on Fox News’s Outnumbered on July 21, 2023, Dagen made some remarks about President Joe Biden’s appearance and health. She jokingly compared his choice of shoes, worn during a formal business event, to “bedroom slippers” and “wearing a speedo and flip-flops to a funeral.” She further expressed her belief that the White House is not being honest with the American people and accused them of underestimating the public’s intelligence.

In her comments, Dagen McDowell raised concerns about President Biden’s age and implied that his behavior and appearance might be related to dementia or Alzheimer’s. She referenced her own experiences caring for elderly family members, suggesting that this gives her insight into understanding what she perceives as signs of cognitive decline in the President.

It’s important to note that these remarks were met with controversy and divided opinions, as discussions about a public figure’s health can be sensitive and speculative. While some viewers may agree with McDowell’s observations, others may view them as inappropriate or disrespectful.

As the public, let’s also remember that speculating about someone’s health based on appearances alone is not a reliable or responsible approach. Evaluating a person’s well-being should be left to qualified medical professionals, and it’s crucial to treat public figures with empathy and respect regardless of political opinions.


In the end, Dagen McDowell’s story reminds us that public figures are just like any of us, dealing with personal challenges and health issues. While there’s been a lot of talk about her weight loss and health, what truly matters is treating her with sensitivity, and respect, and giving space for official information to come forward. 

Amid all the ongoing curiosity about her situation, let’s remember that we all share the human experience, of facing ups and downs in life. As we send our well-wishes and support to Dagen, let’s also use this moment to encourage a more empathetic and understanding conversation when discussing the personal lives and health of public figures.

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