Lele Pons Plastic Surgery! She Confidently Accepts Her Nose Job.

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YouTube sensation Lele Pons never fails to amaze her fans and followers. She has ended all speculations about Lele Pons Plastic Surgery by sharing her nose job details on her social media accounts.

Lele Pons is the high school Vine icon who later became a YouTube sensation and captivated the imagination of every school-going teenager. But thanks to her immense talents and ravishing good looks, she rapidly evolved beyond her “high school Viner” tag to become a global icon worth several million dollars.

Born Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese in June 1996 in Caracas, Venezuela, this famous YouTube star first shot to fame on the micro-video website Vine before it closed its doors in 2016. On Viner, she was the woman with the maximum number of followers and was also the third-most followed artist with a whopping 11.5 million followers. She was the first artist to have reached a billion loops on Vine and gained widespread recognition and popularity for her self-deprecating skits.

After Vine was no longer available, Lele Pons extended her massive popularity on YouTube further, by developing comedy sketches. She currently has at least 18 million subscribers following her on YouTube. Lele is an artist of many talents, and she has acted in TV and movies and music videos, released her own music compositions, and has also been the co-author of a novel.

Her current YouTube Original docu-series, “The Secret Life of Lele Pons”, which offers a glimpse of her personal life, is a smash hit among young audiences. Lele is also the host of a Spotify podcast called “Best Kept Secrets With Lele Pons”.

Extremely famous for her characteristic slapstick humor, Lele Pons has recently created a major buzz among her fans and followers for supposedly going under the knife! How much of this is true or is it just another celeb hoax? Let us find out in this post today.

Lele Pons Plastic Surgery. She Openly Talks About Her Nose Job.

Her ability to take a step back and laugh at herself has hugely impressed her audiences, which catapulted her to instant stardom. But apart from being super confident about herself, Lele has also been pretty much open about her personal life. There were some speculations, during the year 2015, about this Venezuelan-American actor and singer, that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Now, matters like plastic surgery are very common among celebrities and public figures, but it is hardly discussed in public. But Lele Pons has been quite contrary in this respect – she has openly talked about opting for a cosmetic procedure with her fans and followers. She said that she opted for a nose job, i.e., rhinoplasty, one of the most common procedures chosen by many actors and celebs. 

Lele has been very clear right from the beginning that she has had a nose job to alter the shape of her nose and enhance how it looked. And she has been very firm in making people understand that she has got work done to her nose purely for her own happiness and the decision was totally hers. 

While social media went rife with rumors, saying this and that about this gorgeous YouTube sensation, many of her fans have taken it in a positive stride. The confidence she displayed in embracing change and remaining comfortable in her skin indicates her influence on self-acceptance and beauty. Some social media users feel that deciding to opt for a nose job has been pivotal in her evolution as a person and artist; it indicated her decision to take charge of her life and be more open to change.

Lele Pons
Image: Instagram/Lele Pons

Of course, scrutiny also followed closely behind the appreciation, and the social media star was bombarded with criticism and comments. But Lele has amazingly weathered all the backlash and stood strong and tall to see through them all.

Facelift, Botox, and Her Comments On Speculations

Loved and admired for her outlandish pranks and slapstick sense of humor, Lele Pons is also reckoned for being honest and open with her massive, global fan base. When she posted her photo on Twitter, flaunting her nose job, she instantly invited significant backlash with rave speculations from social media users.

Recently, after she posted another photo where she looked every bit, the glamorous blonde beauty, the public could not help but notice her glow-up. But they also took to post comments that questioned how many more cosmetic procedures she had undergone to get that look.

The public has been constantly battling whether her changed appearance is a result of plastic surgery or puberty. But as per some sources, a bit of both is responsible for the stunning looks of the 21-year-old social media superstar. While one user asked how many surgeries she has had, another commented that she looked very different, while someone else wrote that she had spent a fortune well to get that face. 

But Lele remained calm and strong while clearing the air saying that the only surgery she has had is a rhinoplasty. And she also posted a series of her before and after images, “exposing” her rhinoplasty. 

She has also mentioned a shout-out to her plastic surgeon, Dr. Kassir, who reposted from Lele and also quoted what Pons had to say about getting a nose job. She said that she went on to do something that had been her dream since her teenage days, and finally, she got a nose job. She also encouraged readers and her fans to do what made them happy. 

While the public has backlashed at her with allegations of multiple plastic surgery procedures like a facelift and Botox fillers, Lele has only admitted to one procedure – rhinoplasty, and said that puberty was responsible for all other transformations and her glam!

Confident Diva!

Only those who are supremely confident about themselves can come out in the open, flaunting their nose job. This says a lot about Lele Pons and beautifully highlights her self-confidence. She can no longer be defined by her fortune and fame as a social media sensation but as a whole new brand of courage and glam. Pons’ openness about getting a nose job has tremendously influenced her fans and multiplied her authenticity, making her a relatable and real role model.

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