Anne Hathaway Weight Loss. Diet, Workout, Ozempic & Nose Job Rumors, And Before After Pics.

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Anne Hathaway weight loss is a trending topic after she appeared at the Bulgari show in Venice and people noticed she is looking skinny in her new look. Anne Hathaway’s before-after pictures are evidence that she might have lost some pounds.

Recently Anne Hathaway attended the Bulgari Jewelry Show in Venice. She was wearing hooded Gold and Silver Versace dress at the event. Zendaya and Priyanka Chopra Jonas were also present at the event as they are also ambassadors of the luxury jewelry brand.

Anna was glittering in her golden dress but people noticed something else. Anna Hathaway was looking very skinny in this new avatar. People noticed Anne Hathaway weight loss at Met Gala 2023 event. The Met Gala event was held on 1st May 2023. After seeing Anne Hathaway’s skinny look in recent weeks people have started to ask if something is wrong with Anne Hathaway and what happened to her. Let us explore all the details about Anne Hathaway weight loss.

Did Anne Hathaway Really Lose Some Weight?

Hollywood celebs are often criticized for their risky health transformations. We often hear that some actors lost weight drastically to prepare for their roles or some actress gained weight to fit into their onscreen characters. Celebs lose and gain weight according to their roles and upcoming projects.

If we talk about Anne Hathaway weight loss, then we can say that she definitely has lost some pounds. Until now, Anne has not revealed any specific amount of weight has lost but she definitely looks skinnier than her previous looks.

Anne Hathaway Before After Pic
Source: Instagram/Anne Hathaway

But what might be the reason behind Anne Hathaway weight loss? No reason has been specified yet but there are possibilities that her weight loss might be linked to her upcoming projects. As far as we have researched, Anne is going to be started with two projects. One is “The Idea of You“, the movie is the story of a 40-year-old divorced mother who fell in love with a 24-year-old musician. There might be a possibility that the character of Anne wanted to lose weight in the movie to look young as her love interest is quite younger than her in the movie.

And the second movie is an upcoming epic pop melodrama “Mother Mary” revolving around the lesbian love story of a pop singer (Anne Hathaway) and iconic fashion designer (Michaela Coel). Anne is going to play a popular pop singer in her upcoming movie “Mother Mary”. There are chances that her role as a pop singer might require her to look a little bit skinny her pop singer role.

Apart from her filmy projects, we all know that Anne Hathaway always looks amazing and slim because is a quite health enthusiast and always follows a healthy diet and exercise routine. Her recent weight loss might be intentional and not just for her character or film but for naturally maintaining her health.

There can be any reason behind Anne Hathaway weight loss, but we are waiting for a hint from Anne Hathaway.

What Is Anne Hathaway’s Diet And Workout Routine?

If you are an actor then it becomes kind of mandatory for you to take care of your physique – your health. We have seen almost every celeb we regularly see on our TV sets is fit and healthy looking. But this fit and healthy look requires a lot of dedication. Dedication to eating healthy and staying active.

Anne Hathaway is well-known for her healthy lifestyle. Here are the diet and workout routines she follows to maintain her weight and health.

Anne Hathaway’s Diet

Anne Hathaway has tried her hands on a Vegan diet many times, failed, and tried again. Her vegan diet journey first started in 2012, when she was filming for her role as a Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. While preparing for her character, Anne Hathaway was on a diet mostly containing avocados, almonds, sesame seeds, dark chocolate, antioxidant-rich vegetables, dark leafy greens, ginger, turmeric, and whole grains to control blood sugar. She also added some plant-based meat alternatives to her diet like seitan and tempeh.

But her vegan diet journey ended in 2014 while she was filming for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar in Iceland by eating fish in a Reykjavík restaurant. But she continued practicing Yoga she started while preparing for her Catwoman role.

Anne Hathaway Transformation
Source: Instagram/Anne Hathaway

But again in 2022, Anne Hathaway started her raw vegan diet when she was filming for the AppleTV+ series “WeCrashed”. WeCrashed is a drama series about co-working space company WeWork’s founder couple Adam Neumann And Rebekah Neumann. The series is about how WeWork reached a valuation of $47 Billion in 2019 and suddenly crashed after the company’s financial fraud came to light.

While answering why Anne Hathaway opted for a raw vegan diet for her role, she answered that she was playing the role of Rebekah Neumann who was a passionate vegan. And to mold her into her character Anne started the vegan diet. But again her decision of going vegan was short-lived and as soon as she finished shooting for the series, she started eating meat and went off the diet.

Her Workout Routine

Anne Hathaway often posts pictures and videos about her fitness and exercise on her Instagram. According to Women’s Health magazine, Anne Hathaway opted for her trainer Ramona Braganza’s fitness plan Braganza’s 321 Training Method which includes cardio, circuit and core work, and resistance tools.

Anne practices Bikram Yoga. Apart from her yoga sessions, she also prefers to dance daily as her exercise routine, martial arts, and weight lifting.

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Rumors About Her Ozempic Use

Not much but there are some silent rumors about her Ozempic use. After her recent appearances, people are noticing Anne Hathaway’s skinny avatar and asking whether she has used Ozempic for weight loss. Ozempic is a type-2 diabetes treatment medicine that has been showing unintentional weight loss in its users. Because of the drug’s weight loss effect, many non-diabetics are also using Ozempic (Semaglutide). And also many Hollywood celebs like Gabourey Sidibe, Erika Jayne, Mindy Kaling, Khloe Kardashian, Kyle Richards, etc have been accused of using Ozempic for quick weight loss results.

But as far as we are talking about Anne Hathaway’s Ozempic use, nothing has been accepted by Anne Hathaway about Ozempic use.

Anne Hathaway’s Nose Job

Anne Hathaway always looks pretty and beautiful even at the age of 40. But she has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery for long. People have been questioning her about her evolving look changes over the years.

There were rumors that Anne Hathaway underwent rhinoplasty but Anne Hathaway denied all the rumors in 2008.


Anne Hathway a great actress and a beautiful woman always remains in the eyes of millions of people. Even a minor change in her look grabs the attention of her million followers and fans. From time to time, people have noticed different-different changes in her from her nose job to her weight loss.

Being an actress, it is very important for Anne to look glamorous and charismatic. But she is a human too and has desires and losing weight or gaining weight should not be entertained by us that much. But in the end, we would like to conclude that watching her on screen is a treat to our eyes and after losing some pounds recently she is even looking younger at the age of 40.

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