Anna Nicole Smith Weight Gain & Loss, Drug Addiction, And Death.

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Anna Nicole Smith weight gain recently became one of the most searched topics after her Netflix documentary premiered. The 90s diva’s life has been documented in the movie from her ups to her down to her drug addiction and to her death.

Highly regarded as the Playboy playmate, the late American model and actress Anna Nicole Smith is known for living alive with her own ups and downs. But behind the headlines and controversy was a human story of struggle and perseverance. 

Anna Nicole battled with personal and professional setbacks, and her weight often reflected these struggles. In this discussion, we will take a closer look at her weight gain and Weight Loss journey and everything and between you might want to know about!

How She Gained Weight? Anna Nicole Smith Weight Gain.

Anna Nicole Smith’s weight gain began to affect her career and personal life when she gained around 70 pounds and reached her heaviest at 225 pounds. She was clearly having a hard time with the challenges that came along with weight issues. This had a major impact on her personal as well as professional life. 

Anna first got her break in Hollywood when she won the Playmate Of The Year title in 1992. At that point in time, her weight was around 155 pounds. But it was not too late when things started to take a drastic turn for worse in her personal life. In the next 4 years, she gained significant weight and reached almost 225 pounds.

In many of her interviews, the actress has shared that it was a pretty hard time for her since she was not doing well enough in her professional life and was looking for something that could make things even bigger and better for her. 

It was around that time when even her husband passed away, she got into a legal dispute with her stepson regarding his will, making things even worse and hard to deal with.

Rising From The Flames!

Eventually, her hard work paid off, and in December, she won VH1’s Big Makeover of ’04 award. It was a renaissance for her when she returned to the spotlight, endorsing her weight loss brand TrimSpa. She even made a comeback after an impressive weight loss and was back, bigger and larger than life but smaller than ever in size!!

Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss

Anna Nicole Smith was known for her curvaceous figure and often made headlines due to her fluctuating weight. While she was a public personality who never shied away from sharing her struggles with body image issues, it is obvious that things might start to dwindle a bit on several instances where she lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Her weight loss journey was the talk of the town when she made a stunning appearance at the Heatherette show during New York Fashion Week in 2004. The model-turned-actress flaunted her svelte new figure in a revealing halter dress, causing a stir among the audience and the media.

The star attributed her dramatic weight loss to TrimSpa, a dietary supplement she was promoting then. In her E! special, Anna Bares All, Smith revealed that she had lost an astounding 69 pounds with the help of TrimSpa.

Her hard work paid off as she was awarded VH1’s Big Makeover of ’04 in December. The accolade recognized her transformation and efforts to improve her health and appearance.

Despite the controversy surrounding TrimSpa’s effectiveness and safety, Anna Nicole Smith remained a spokesperson for the product. She credited it for her successful weight loss journey, which earned her recognition and admiration from her fans and followers.

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Her Drug Addiction

Anna Nicole Smith’s struggles with drug addiction are well-documented, and according to an alleged friend of the late model, her dependence on prescription drugs started after she underwent breast implant surgery. The friend, identified as “Missy,” claimed that she met Smith when auditioning at a Houston strip club and that the future Playboy model “reminded me of an emu trying to fly.

Missy went on to say that Smith believed that breast implants would help her start a modeling career. But many people believe that right after the surgery, she strongly depended on some of the strongest painkillers like Valium, Xanax, Lortabs, Vicodin, and Klonopin.

In addition to her addiction issues, Missy revealed that she and Smith had a romantic relationship that ultimately ended their friendship. Missy claimed that Smith had become “an egotistical monster” and “a full-blown drug addict.” 

She shared that the actress was always consuming prescription drugs, and there was probably nothing she could do to stop it. Missy also strongly claimed that the actress began consuming too many drugs and always struggled to find a way around it.

Anna Nicole Smith’s Death

As we previously saw, Smith’s addiction added many difficulties to her life. Still, things took an ugly turn when it ultimately led to her tragic death in 2007, as she died from combined drug intoxication at the age of 39. 

She was found unconscious in her hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, on February 8, 2007. A private nurse who was also the wife of her bodyguard had started CPR before the ambulance arrived, but Smith was pronounced dead shortly after reaching the hospital. 

The toxicology report outlined several pieces of evidence clearly stating her consumption of multiple drugs, namely muscle relaxants, pain relievers, and anti-anxiety medications. The primary drug was found to be the potent sedative chloral hydrate, which she reportedly used to combat a 105-degree fever.

Anna Nicole Smith’s death was ruled as an accidental overdose by the Seminole Police Department in Florida. If we go by the details of the coroner’s toxicology report, it becomes clear that the actress already had a bacterial infection and the flu when she died, which possibly is a result of the strong influence that combined drug intoxication might have created.

Dr. Joshua A. Perper, the medical examiner and a key figure in the investigation, revealed that he found multiple traces of numerous other drugs in her body. The primary drug was the powerful sedative chloral hydrate she had taken after experiencing a 105-degree fever.

What Happened After Her Death?

Following her death, there was a dispute between her estranged mother and her partner Howard K. Stern over where she should be buried. Her mother came forward and claimed that the actress’s body must be buried in Texas, where she was born, while Stern had an opposite view. 

He stated that the actress always wanted to be buried in the Bahamas, where Daniel, her son, was buried. Ultimately, Smith was buried in the Bahamas next to her son.

After her death, Stern shared, “She was everything to me, literally everything. My whole world.” Smith had reportedly talked about death frequently and had a premonition that she would die young, like Marilyn Monroe, whom she idolized.

Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me” Documentary

Netflix recently released a documentary on Anna Nicole’s life. Ursula Macfarlane the director of the movie has tried to show the real Anna Nicole Smith in this documentary. Anna was born Vickie Lynn Hogan on November 28, 1967. The documentary takes you through the ups and downs of Anna’s life.


Anna Nicole Smith’s entire weight loss journey and its impact on her life ultimately led to her sad demise. As things went up and down, what’s worth considering an inspiration is how she fiercely battled through personal struggles and emotional turmoil to achieve her goals and make a comeback in the entertainment industry. 

This determination to lose weight and her endorsement of TrimSpa made her an inspiration to many. This is probably why, despite her untimely passing, Anna Nicole Smith’s legacy still lives on, motivating others to chase their dreams and never give up!

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