Speculations About Blake Lively Weight Gain And Pregnancy After Appearing In Leather Dress At Taylor Swift’s Birthday


The reason behind speculations About Blake Lively Weight Gain. Recently Blake Lively appeared at singer Taylor Swift’s birthday bash wearing a black leather dress. She was looking beautiful but people noticed a slight weight gain in her latest appearance. This fueled the speculations about her pregnancy.

Blake Lively is perhaps best remembered for playing the role of Serena van der Woodsen in the long-running CW teen drama series “Gossip Girl”. Blake Lively, one of the most gorgeous actors in Hollywood, started her career with “Sandman” in 1998, directed by her father Ernie Lively, an actor. 

Blake has acted in various hit Hollywood movies and been a part of many television projects too she has bagged many prestigious accolades for her work as well. Apart from being an actor, Blake Lively is also a culinary enthusiast – she is a self-proclaimed “foodie and cook”, and idolizes Martha Stewart and Nigella Lawson.

She is keen on global cuisines and tries to immerse herself in cookery classes when she travels to a new place. Blake even attended a customized workshop that was conducted at the highly esteemed Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and wants to become a restaurateur one day.

Along with cookery Blake Lively also takes a great interest in interior decoration and hopes to establish her interior decorating agency someday. She appeared in “Elle Decor” magazine, where she talked about her experience of custom designing for her Bedford home. In 2021, she launched a line-up of non-alcoholic beverages, named “Betty Buzz”, and this year, i.e., in 2023, she launched a line-up of canned cocktails called “Betty Booze”.

In terms of her personal life, Blake and her husband Ryan Reynolds are proud parents to four adorable kids, the youngest being born earlier this year. She was seen supporting Barack Obama during the presidential election in 2008 and is also an ardent advocate of women’s issues and rights in health, justice, and education. Blake Lively is also known for being an activist in generating awareness about exploited and missing children, and efforts to enforce legal rules for tackling such social issues.

Black Leather Dress And Blake Lively Weight Gain

Blake Lively was very recently spotted, celebrating the birthday of her bestie, American pop icon Taylor Swift, and has caught the attention of the public again. Blake looked ravishing, and as per many people, she had seemingly put on weight. 

Like all of us, Blake Lively’s body weight has also gone up and down over the years, as is natural, especially when she was pregnant four times. The “Gossip Girl” actor has recently given birth to her fourth child with actor-husband Ryan Reynolds, back in February 2023. She has been candid about her body weight matters and has shared her thoughts with all her fans through her social media accounts and handles. Going by her posts and interviews, she gained a whopping 61 pounds after her second baby, daughter Inez, was born in 2016. 

Blake was unafraid to share details about her weight gain with her fans, and how she had to work hard to shed those 60 pounds after giving birth. It took her almost 14 months to get rid of the 60 pounds, along with loads of determination and dedication to work out after giving birth. She said that it also took two different physical trainers and an expert nutritionist to help her get back in shape, and she could not feel happier to have achieved her weight loss goals. 

Lively has been rocking her post-baby body, flaunting her ripped abs and strong legs – something that people can only achieve with sheer determination and extreme discipline. And there is no hint of her gaining weight anytime in recent days – minor changes in body weight are very much natural and can happen to anybody. Even if she has gained weight, it is too slight to become a matter of discussion and gossip in public forums.

Speculations About Her Pregnancy

Regarding celebrities, the least change in their physical attributes is enough to create waves of speculation across the Internet. So it is not unnatural or surprising that people will start spreading rumors after Blake Lively’s apparent weight gain. A mother to four kids already, Netizens are now suspecting that Blake is again expecting her fifth baby! Blake Lively gave birth to her fourth child in February of this year.

There are no recent updates about her expecting her fifth baby or anything like that, so all of these suspicions are based on unsubstantiated claims. 

But yes, when Blake and her husband Ryan did welcome their fourth child, they did it quietly, posting only an announcement on their social media handle to let their fans know of the good news. The couple confirmed that they were expecting a baby sometime in September 2022, snarking the paparazzi who were always following them everywhere! Blake Lively posted photos of herself, showing her baby bump for baby number 4, but they chose to keep it very low profile for most of the time throughout her pregnancy.

Her Leather Dress At Taylor Swift’s Birthday

More than suspicions surrounding her weight gain and speculations of pregnancy, Netizens have been smitten by Blake Lively’s latest appearance donning a sexy all-leather outfit with the highest-ever slit.

For all those who missed it, Taylor Swift celebrated her birthday yesterday with all her A-list gal pals, including Blake Lively, who was seen wearing a chic black leather dress with a super-high slit that showed off her knee-high showstopper boots. While Swift rocked a celestial glittery LBD, Lively went on to steal the show in her sleek all-leather midi dress in a tank silhouette, from the Michael Kors Collection range. From the super-high slit of her black dress peeked her striped tights and her breathtaking knee-high Christian Louboutin boots. 

Lively’s boots sparkled with embellishments of buttons and loops inspired by designs from the Victorian era. She chose to keep her look monochromatic, only accessorizing it with a gold bag from Chanel, gold jewelry on her wrist, and thick loops that were also in gold. She wore her signature blonde waves blown out and down and her deep berry lipstick completed her full-on party ensemble.

The besties were seen having a great time together, with singer-songwriter Taylor Swift celebrating her 34th birthday in New York City.

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