Are Dakota Fanning’s Plastic Surgery Rumors True? Equalizer’s Emma Gay Or Married?


Many of us remember Dakota Fanning from her role in “The Twilight Saga” from 2009 to 2012. But for many others, the mention of Dakota Fanning instantly reminds us of the child actor who delivered a terrific performance in the movie “I Am Sam”. Her acting skills not only brought much depth to the movie but also made her a child star in no time. 

Now a dashing blonde beauty, who is about to turn 30 very soon, Dakota says, that it has been tough for her to shake off her image of a “child star”. However, she has successfully “made peace” with this image of hers; that many people will still remember her as that 7-year-old kid in that movie, for the rest of her life.  

Interestingly, along with just feeling surprised at how fast “child star” Dakota has grown up, many people often tend to compare her before and after photos, trying to understand why she looks different now! And that is why Dakota Fanning has been a frequent topic of discussion among the public who feel that she must have gone under the knife.

Who Is Dakota Fanning? Emma Collins Of Equalizer 3

Dakota Fanning is an American actor who was born in February 1994 in Conyers, Georgia. Her rise to stardom was marked by her portrayal of Lucy Dawson, in “I Am Sam” when she was only seven years old. Owing to her brilliant performance in this drama film, she also gained a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award. She became the youngest person to ever be nominated in the history of the Screen Actors Guild.

She began her acting career professionally after appearing in a TV commercial for the brand “Tide” – this was back in the year 1999. But before that, Dakota would take part in various small plays and dramas as a kid actor at the Towne Lake Arts Center located in Woodstock, Georgia. But she bagged her first major acting job in a guest role for the primetime hit drama series “ER” that aired on NBC. 

Apart from “I Am Sam”, Dakota also garnered hue recognition and fame as a child actor in other films such as “The Cat In The Hat”, “Uptown Girls”, “War Of The Worlds”, “Hide And Seek”, “Charlotte’s Web”, “Coraline”, and more. She played mature roles in many movies that brought her widespread fame and popularity, such as, “The Secret Life Of Bees“, “The Twilight Saga“, and “The Runaways“.

She has also been a part of independent film productions, especially dramas, such as “Night Moves“, “Now Is Good“, “Very Good Girls“, and the biographical movie titled “Effie Gray“. She starred in the popular movie “Equalizer 3“, released last year, i.e., 2023, where she played the role of a CIA agent.

Dakota Fanning is the elder sibling of Elle Fanning, who is also an established actor in Hollywood – their mother was a former professional tennis player and their father was a minor league baseball player. She has starred in countless Hollywood films and won prestigious accolades for her amazing versatility as an actor. 

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Her Role In Equalizer 3

Dakota Fanning portrays the character of Emma Collins a CIA agent, in the 2023 action movie “Equalizer 3”, which is a highly anticipated role for her fans and followers. This time, in “Equalizer 3”, Dakota gets to share screen space with one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, Denzel Washington, as the two come together after their last project together “Man On Fire“, which was released almost twenty years ago.

Dakota’s character Emma, in “Equalizer 3” holds much more critical value to the film than the audience might expect, since they get to know her history with Robert McCall. Her identity is also disclosed in this film, rewriting the overall “Equalizer” franchise experience, and exploring her relationship with her parents.

Emma Collins, who works with the CIA, surprisingly turns into an associate of Robert McCall – and there is a twist at the end of the film that makes her character deeper and more enigmatic. As many have commented, her character is like a breath of fresh air in the movie, and the suspense has been well-contained, revealing near the end of the film. 

The way Emma’s character is built in this movie creates a lot of scope for Dakota Fanning to star in meatier roles in future projects.

Has She Undergone Plastic Surgery?

People who remember Dakota Fanning as the small kid who starred as Sean Penn’s daughter in “I Am Sam”, have often discussed how changed she looks now that she is all grown up. Many people fail to spot any difference in how she looks, except that her face will change and mature as she is no longer a kid. However, many others seem to have noticed a change in her nose shape – her nose now appears to be much sharper and chiseled.

In her childhood photos, her nose seemed somewhat broader – this difference has led people to believe that Dakota must have gotten a nose job or rhinoplasty. And owing to rhinoplasty, her face now appears different, especially sensual, enhancing her beauty by leaps and bounds.

However, the actor has never acknowledged or denied these rumors about her plastic surgery – she has never really addressed them at all! So, it remains shrouded in mystery – whether she really opted for a rhinoplasty.

Is She Gay Or Married?

No reports or information might suggest that Dakota Fanning’s sexual preference is anything but straight. She is a straight woman, as nearly all of her fans believe, and has been romantically linked to hot bods of Hollywood, starting from Henry Frye and Jamie Strachan to Freddie Highmore and Cameron Bright. Given that her rumored love interests have all been men, we have nothing to believe that she is gay.

In very recent news, she is said to have married her long-time partner in a secret and intimate wedding. Some time back, there was hush-hushed gossip about the actor’s engagement, and now some sources reveal that the couple has finally tied the knot.

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