Journey Of Brooke Schofield Weight Loss & Weight Gain And Her BPD Issue


Everyone is talking about TikTok star Brooke Schofield Weight Loss. She has been looking amazing. Previously people have fat-shamed her for gaining a a little weight.

With the rise in the content consumption of TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram reels a new category of celebrities is coming up. The content creators are getting more fame than some of the Hollywood celebs. The sudden spotlight shift had made numerous people go viral overnight. One such name is Brooke Schofield, whose acting talent and unique content made her a TikTok star. Brooke got everyone’s attention from movies like Leave Him in The Dust. 

The Instagram celeb loves all the stardom, however, fame has some dark sides too. Brooke was mocked for being fat and people body-shamed her online. She went on a weight loss transformation to shut all the mockers. Now, everyone is intrigued by knowing the process behind such impeccable transformation. Fans want to know more about it whereas the haters believe she used ozempic to get such a result. In today’s article, we’ll try to find out the real reason behind her weight loss journey. We’ll also shed light on the Borderline Personality Disorder of Brooke. 

Brooke Schofield Weight Loss. The Dramatic 20 Pounds Weight Loss Transformation

The sudden weight loss of Brooke shook all her followers. About five months ago, her pictures blew away everyone’s mind when she uploaded pictures looking slimmer than ever. As expected, the transformation got her plenty of compliments which somehow triggered her. Anyways more on that later, but first we’ll decode the fitness secret behind Brooke’s transformation. 

People believe that she lost around 20 pounds of extra fat which made her feel lighter and look more radiant. She went from a chubby and bubbly girl to a slim, toned Instagram model within one month. The sharp and defined jawline along with other facial features helped her get endless praise from her Instagram followers. 

Everyone was asking for her workout regime, diet plan, etc. unaware of the fact that the sudden weight loss was not a healthy one. Brooke didn’t lose weight willingly in fact it was the reaction of her body to tackle stress. 

Brooke Schofield

The reason behind stress was her recent breakup. She was together with the Chicken Tendies singer Clinton Kane. Brooke exposed Clinton on a podcast as she confirmed that her ex was cheating on her. She also said that Clinton lied about her family members being dead just to get some attention for his new release. He even lied in some of the interviews to get attention. 

The end of their relationship was dirty and completely messed up which left Brooke with scars for life. She was broken and left alone as the breakup was horrifying. The stress resulted in Brooke starving herself for a month straight which resulted in a weight loss. The heart-wrenching reason behind the weight loss is what made her anxious about all the compliments she was receiving. 

The weight loss must be appreciated but it is better to forget about it as soon as possible. All the praises made her more insecure as despite being back to normal she is afraid of gaining even a single pound again. She started believing that people only love her because of this weight loss which is why she said:

“Don’t Talk About Anyone’s Weight”- Brooke

Brooke uploaded a video talking about the downside of praising someone’s weight loss journey. Through that video, she appealed to her fans as they should be careful while commenting about someone’s appearance or body. Brooke has always been transparent, thus she would have shredded everything if it was a healthy weight loss. 

Despite all the talks, there are a few speculations about the consumption of ozempic tablets that boosted her weight loss. People are asking her questions like: 

Social Media Influenecer Brooke Schofield

All Natural Transformation?

The eyebrows were raised at the weight loss transformation and people were mean enough to call it a product of ozempic or an unnatural weight loss. Brooke saw these remarks and acknowledged them with a tweet. She was not dealing with all the nonsense and cleared it out that she is not an ozempic. The only reason behind the transformation was her heartbreak. 

Everything to Know About Borderline Personality Disorder of Brooke Schofield

Borderline Personality Disorder is usually seen in movies as being intoxicated, making physical relationships, and high drama is what attracts the youth. However, for the people struggling with BPD, it is more than just a movie trend. 

BPD is highly misinterpreted and there is a lack of awareness about such a painful psychiatric issue. Teenagers and Adults are more likely to suffer from BPD. If someone is suffering from BPD, their thoughts, feelings, and actions would have a negative impact on their life which makes it tough to have good relationships. BPD is responsible for 9 to 33% of suicides, which is a terrifying number

Brooke Schofield accepted that she is suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder on a recent episode of a YouTube podcast- Just Trish Podcast. She went on to say that her mother and sibling are also struggling with the same issue. 

Thus, it is clear that Brooke is struggling with a BPD issue but is brave of her to talk about it on an online platform. 

Final Takeaways

The journey of Brooke has been inspiring and she is getting love from her fans across the globe. With a massive fan following, Brooke is destined to keep growing and do better in the endeavors of life. With or without the weight loss, Brooke will always be a superstar.

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