Vanessa Bryant Pregnancy And New Boyfriend! No, They Are Just Rumors. Her Latest Photos Are Proof.


Vanessa Bryant, the widow of America’s NBA legend Kobe Bryant, has recently been showing up in all the news headlines, and people cannot get enough of the scoops about her. One of the biggest rumors circulating online is about Vanessa Bryant Pregnancy but all these are just fake rumors and have nothing reality in them.

Vanessa Bryant started off her career as a model and featured in various music videos of music icons such as Snoop Dog and the like. It was on the sets of one such video shoot when Vanessa met Kobe Bryant, and the couple instantly fell in love. After only six months of dating, the couple, who were much in love, got engaged, and then in April 2001, they finally got hitched. After a couple of years, in 2003, they became parents to their first daughter Natalia Diamante, and then they were blessed with three more daughters, Gigi, Bianka, and Capri over the next years. In a very sad turn of events, in January 2020, 13-year-old Gigi and her father Kobe Bryant, died in the Calabasas helicopter crash, along with seven more people, leaving behind Vanessa and their three other children.

Apart from working as a model, Vanessa is also a well-known Mexican-American businessperson and philanthropist and founded the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation alongside her husband in 2007.

What About Vanessa Bryant Pregnancy?

Now, Vanessa Bryant has hit the headlines once again, after Klay Thompson shared a heartfelt note of thanks to Kobe Bryant while receiving his ESPY Awards. He dedicated his award to Kobe and his daughter Gigi, and the entire Bryant family. Vanessa responded to Klay Thompson’s kind words via her Instagram and thanked him – and that is when her followers on the social media platform noticed some change in her.

Vanessa Bryant

The public noticed that Vanessa Bryant had gained some weight, and it was showing on her, which is why they noticed. When public figures and celebrities gain weight, the first suspicion that comes to mind is whether they are pregnant or not. So naturally, in the case of Vanessa too, people have started circulating rave speculations that Kobe Bryant’s widow is perhaps expecting a child. 

However, there is no evidence to support such claims made by the public or any official statement from Vanessa Bryant to indicate that what people are saying is even remotely true. Her gain in weight can be attributed to natural reasons, which can happen to anyone and anybody – so rumors that she is pregnant are practically baseless.

Vanessa Bryant's Picture From October

What further set the rumor mills rolling is a photo of Vanessa alongside Michael Jordan at an All-Star game, where they were seen hugging each other. This picture sent the people crazy as they started bombarding it with mean comments and speculating that she looked pregnant. But fans and followers of Vanessa Bryant were prompt in jumping to the scene and rubbishing off such comments, invalidating everyone who said that she appeared to be pregnant.

She was attending the game to present Chris Paul with the first-ever “Kobe And Gigi Bryant Advocacy Award”, and looked stunning in an all-black outfit. Later on, after the award ceremony was over, she posed with Chris Paul and his daughter Cameron for photographs. She was also seen sitting and smiling, beside the former agent of Kobe Bryant, Pelinka.

In the recent photos posted by her, she can be seen on vacation mode, with her children, somewhere in Italy. According to some sources, the place where Vanessa is seen on a holiday with her daughters perhaps bears some significance for their father, the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant. 

Vanessa Bryant Flaunting Ageless Baeuty

The adorable pictures shared on social media reveal the stunning locales where they are vacationing – it is a picturesque village somewhere in Italy. From the captions Vanessa wrote for her photos, it is known that the name of the Italian village is Reggio Calabria, a place where her late husband used to live when he was roughly 8 years of age. 

Rumors About Her New Boyfriend

There has been intense curiosity about the personal life of Vanessa Bryant, especially her love life, after the tragic death of her husband Kobe Bryant. People have been looking for hints and indications to know if she has started dating after the tragedy. 

There have been many linkups to many other famous people involving Vanessa Bryant, and there seems to be no end to it. However, sources close to her say that she is not currently dating anyone, though there were rumors indicating turbulence in their marital relationship while Kobe Bryant was alive. Kobe was accused of sexual misconduct, which had created a rift between him and Vanessa.

Vanessa Bryant With Her Daughter

But Vanessa is very much into preserving the legacy that she and her late husband had built over the years. She is dedicated to raising her daughters and being with them, and eventually, if she decides to date someone, we are sure that her fans will be delighted beyond words!


  1. <strong>Is Vanessa Bryant Pregnant?</strong>

    No, she is not pregnant.

  2. <strong>Is Vanessa Bryant dating someone currently?</strong>

    These are all false rumors she hasn’t been dating anyone.

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