Vince Gill Illness. Did He Die? Kidney, Stroke, And Health Update

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There are a lot of rumors going around about Vince Gill illness and even some are speculating that he died. But let us clear the clouds of doubts and rumors around Vince Gill’s health. But he is fine and not dead in 2023.

Vince Grant Gill is recognized as one of the well-known American country singers, musicians, and songwriters. He has gained fame nationwide for his exceptional talent and is honored with numerous accolades. Vince had a fair share of triumphs and challenges, including several health issues that impacted not only his personal but also professional life.

When Vince’s fans recently noticed his absence from consecutive music festivals and awards, they wondered what happened to him. They were worried and, thus, wanted to know about his whereabouts and why he was not attending music events, concerts, and awards. In this article, we will shed light on Vince Gill’s health struggles and how he overcame them. We will also learn the truth behind his death rumors and how he is doing now.  

Who Is Vince Grant Gill?

Vince Grant Gill” the American country singer, is famous all over the country for his musical and vocal abilities. In childhood, his parents encouraged him to pursue a music career, and during his formative years, he learned to play several instruments.

He was first recognized in the 1970s as the frontman of the ‘Pure Prairie League,’ the country rock band. And over a decade later, in 1983, as a solo artist. Two years later, in 1985, he produced his debut album, ‘The Things Which Matter.’ 

Until now, Gill recorded over 26 studio albums and 49 singles, of which 20 albums and 40 singles charted on the U.S. Billboard as Hot Country Songs. Moreover, he sold 26 million+ albums in his lifetime and garnered many prestigious accolades, including 22 Grammy Awards. 

Vince Gill Illness. Is He Suffering From Any Illness?

Over the years, Vince has struggled with various minor and severe health-related challenges. Due to his health issues, he has to time and again cancel his music events, concerts, and award shows. Moreover, his medical conditions impacted his well-being to a great extent. 

Here are the health challenges that Vince Gill has gone through in the last decade:

Kidney Stones And Infection

In 2018, Vince couldn’t attend and perform at the 52nd Annual CMA Awards with Ricky Skaggs. 

On the red carpet of the award night, country star brothers Osborne shared with Ben Aaron and Kellie Pickler that the performance schedule shifted and revealed the reason behind Vince Gill’s canceled performance. They told Kellie and Ben that Vince was hospitalized because of a health concern associated with the kidney. 

And after an hour, the news about his hospitalization hit the headlines. On hearing the news, his fans got worried about the country singer and desperately wanted to know exactly what kidney issues he was going through.

He had kidney stones, which caused him significant discomfort and led to hospitalization and canceling the upcoming performances at the end of 2018. 

Vince Gill With Wife Amy Grant

A few days after Vince’s hospitalization, his daughter, Jenny Gill, posted an Instagram story sharing her dad’s health update with his fans. She revealed that he is still in the hospital and has also acquired a kidney infection. It further complicated his health condition and required surgery. Due to Gill’s medical situation, he will be unable to perform at a series of shows, including the CMA Awards performance.

Heart Health Issues

In 2020, he was diagnosed with a congenital abnormality, which restricted the normal blood passage from his lungs to his heart. His fans were shocked to learn about his heart condition and prayed for the well-being of the country singer. He took some time off from his music career to recover and returned to the stage with a bang. 

Did He Die?

According to recent reports, some rumors about Vince Gill’s death news are circulating on social media, creating commotion among his fans. However, after some research, it was confirmed that these rumors were baseless and false. Vince Gill is healthy and alive.

The leading media portals haven’t been able to find the source of these baseless rumors. But many speculate that the death of Daniel Lee Martin, another country singer, might have triggered them. Some people might have mistaken Daniel for Vince Gill, and thus, the rumors about Gill’s death swirled on social media.

His Health Update 

Vince Gill is now alive and healthy and continues to entertain his fans with his record-breaking performances and music. This year, he turned 66 and has a studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Gill is currently living in his Nashville home with his wife, Amy Grant, a Christian pop singer, and his two daughters Corrina Grant Gill and Jennifer Jerene Gill. Talking about Gill’s future plans, he has several tour dates lined up this year around the U.S.


Vince Gill’s personal and professional journey is a testament to his resilience. He overcame many odds to become a successful career, including several health challenges. Gill didn’t let his kidney-related issues and congenital abnormality take a toll on his career. Despite these health setbacks, his love and passion for music prevailed. Vince successfully returned to the stage and is winning his fans’ hearts with exceptional performances. 

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